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What Happens To Israel If They Accomplish Their Genocide


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – May 12 2024


  1. “is it not the supreme exercise of power to get another or others to have the desires you want them to have – that is, to secure their compliance by controlling their thoughts and desires?” –Power: A Radical View

    “The Government of the modern state is nothing but a shill for the oligarchy.” –Karl Marx in modern parlance.

    Iraq had WMD’s
    Opioids are safe, effective, and non-addicting
    We won the Afghanistan war 10 years ago
    Vioxx doesn’t cause heart attacks
    Israel is defending itself
    How many times would the “experts” have to lie before you stop believing their dictates?

    “The colonized intellectual has invested his aggression in his barely veiled wish to be assimilated to the colonizer’s world.” –Frantz Fanon

    1. Multiple instances of individual fraud occurred
    2. An employee has a whistleblower case where she has documentation of systemic fraud occurring.
    3. In the documents the experts wanted to keep secret for 70 years, but had to release because of court order there are around half a dozen statistical anomalies showing systemic fraud occurred.

    Even then, in order to claim the Covid Vaccines were effective the clinical trials 1) Excluded the first 6 weeks of data 2) Excluded 80% of people with infectious symptoms 3) Excluded outcomes for people in the vaccine group and 4) Tested the placebo group more then the vaccine group.

    “Cumulative incidence of COVID-19 over the following 26 weeks was examined (For over 51,000 employees of the Cleavealnd Clinical health system).” “Protection provided by vaccination (analyzed as a time-dependent covariate) was evaluated”
    (Figure 2 and table 2 shows that Covid vaccines increase the chance of catching Covid in a dose dependent manner.
    There was a 1.91, 2.22, 2.69 and 2.94 times increased rate respectively of catching Covid for those who received 1, 2, 3 and 3+ covid vaccinations compared to 0 vaccinations.

    “We used COVID-19 data provided by the Our World in Data for cross-country analysis”
    “countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases ”
    “Across the US counties too”

    Here is why reading an entire study is necessary to understanding what it shows.
    Go to page 9-10 in the supplementary appendix 1. There was 4 groups: no-vaccine, 1 dose , 2 dose and 3 doses. Each dose was divided into 3 groups varying by the time after vaccination. There are variations but overall when compared to the non-vaccinated group
    those who received vaccines had higher rates of covid infections. This is despite page 4 of the supplementary appendix 2 admitting that the study purposely created misclassification errors by classifying vaccinated people who caught covid as “unvaccinated”

    “comparing both pre- and post-treatment periods.
    to determine the causal effect of the administration of vaccines”
    “a marked increase in both COVID-19 related cases and death due directly to a vaccine deployment”

    “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity.” ― Frantz Fanon,

  2. Z

    The Man!

    I wonder how many write-in votes Putin will get in the U.S. 2024 presidential election? I know of at least one …


  3. mago

    A banished comment I posted on the Israeli thread leaves me gun shy, but it’s not gonna stop me.

    Saw a link to an article about psycho tropic properties from toad skin secretions and took a little trip down memory lane to one night in Costa Rica after my chef shift when I was hanging out with the young security guard. Propped against a shed with a lone light, talking about affairs and the nature of things when my dog Sombra jumped on a toad and swallowed it whole.
    My buddy Tinko says, quick! get milk and lime.
    I jump up, sprint a flight of stairs and unlock the restaurant gate. Grab and cut a lime. Get the milk. Dash downstairs.
    Tinko has me hold Sombra’s jaws open as he pours milk and squeezes lime juice down her throat.
    We let her go. She convulses, coughs, hacks up the toad whole and still alive.

    Toads and some plants such as quinoa have a bitter coating called saponin to protect against antagonistic forces—insects and dogs for example.

    Anyway, that’s why toads are named sapos in Spanish.

    I guess you never know what you’re going to find on a toad’s back.

    So there was scorpion who hitched a ride across the river on a toad’s back, and . . .

  4. someofparts

    To go along with all of the most excellent data Oakchair posted above, I would add this. In a podcast featuring RFK Jr, he explained that a law was put on the books a few years back that exempted vaccine manufacturers from legal liability. Since legal discovery is the only way we can find out what tests on a new drug showed when that drug is produced by a private company it is a very big deal indeed when one of those awful companies is exempted from legal liability. Also pursuant to this stealthy evil change in our laws, parents are now obliged to give their children a giant list of vaccinations of very questionable utility.

    Related to Mago’s post, I’ve been online checking out destinations to relocate south of the border. One thing that really gives me pause is learning that if I don’t much like invasive and/or dangerous bugs in the US, I will REALLY not like the size and proliferation of them in habitats farther south. Fortunately, even though I may not need to learn a bit of Spanish to make my way around Mexico, it will still be very useful if I want to help local labor organizers right here in the US.

    And to carry forward the conversation in the last thread about Gaza deposing the leadership standing of left wing leaders who failed to take the righteous stand on this issue, I’ve noticed personally that our modern life is full of such defining moments for me. Russia-gate was one of those moments. I curated my blogroll like crazy after Hillary blamed Russia for her loss. Many sites that I had followed for years failed that test. Unions are another red line for me. That’s all I have to know about Musk, Bezos or Trump to shun and disdain them. Bernie was another red line back in the day. Trash my man Bernie and I am done with you. Now Gaza is another one. A pox on anyone who supports the Zionists here. Another bright red line for me is being a scab. At his website Max Alvarez posted a list of celebrities who did/did not support the writers’ strike. Turns out Matt Damon is a scab, and as much as I have enjoyed his work, that has ended now that I know he is a scab. Turns out Obama is a scab too, but I was done with him long ago within the first six months of his first term when he bailed out the bankers instead of the rest of us.

  5. Chuck Mire

    How the US Is Destroying Young People’s Future | Scott Galloway | TED:

  6. Curt Kastens

    It is being reported that Germany is going to announce in June that it will bring back the draft. Someone that I know says that there will be choice between community service and the military. But it is only a half step to remove that choice.
    If things change for the worse and draftees can not choose civil service I would advise moving to Ireland rather than risking ones life for the counterfit German Government.
    If Ireland were to deport draft refusers back to Germany, I would advise Germans facing the draft to go to Hungary or Serbia, maybe Slovakia.

  7. Curt Kastens

    So I am wondering, is the reason that the EU spewing such strident threats against Russia and always doubleing down on the amount of aid that it is giving Ukraine because the EU and European Members of NATO think that they have to stop the Russians in Ukraine because if the Russians take over Ukraine the will be very little enthusiasim among young Europeans to serve as cannon fodder for the current european leadership?
    I can not say if that is what the european leadership might be thinking because I know only 1 European under 19 years of age. But when it comes to Europeans under age 40 I am aquainted with 5 or 8 or 9 depending on how one defines aquainted. Putin may not score high favorability ratings among them. But neither do the major european leaders. Would any of you want to take manor risks under such circumstances?

  8. different clue


    Was this law for immunity-from-liability for vaccine-makers specific to the makers of
    mRNA para-vaccinoids for covid? Strictly and only?

    Or was this law written to cover every vaccine made for every purpose, even using the most classical sorts of dead-virus or attenuated-virus technologies?

  9. joe

    The use of the internet and the screen world can be much like that of any addictitive substance. One can become a junkie strung out on too much unconscious use of the screen. The mind body connection will warp and twist the body from this information as much as any toxic addictive substance. There are those that will use it to the point of causing illness and self harm. We must be aware of this and moderate our use and be thoughtful of our use of it. Special care must be taken by those who have the tendency to addictitve behavior.

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