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Russia Begins To Systematically Destroy The Ukrainian Power Grid


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – March 31, 2024


  1. mago

    Seems we’ve reached pandemic proportions of nihilistic self absorption and snark, or is it just me?
    Happy Easter and resurrection time.
    While not of that faith, I do believe in renewal and the promise of spring.
    And basic human goodness. Hold true to that in this time of mud and muck.

  2. someofparts

    Test post

  3. someofparts

    I have been immersed in Turkish dramas lo these many months, which has led to comparisons with American media.

    First point is that I find I have an appetite, a strong one, for long-form media. Turkish dramas run a couple of hours each episode over many episodes. The narratives are about people and allow time for real character development as well as all sorts of twists and turns in the plot. So far they only thing that comes to mind in American media that satisfies my taste for long-form is Joe Rogan. I became part of his audience when the supported my man Bernie is the primaries. I really enjoy the way he will kick back and let a conversation run for two or more hours if the guest is interesting.

    The longer I spend enjoying the expansiveness of Turkish media formats, the more dissatisfied I become with the brevity and missing humanity in our American system. I think that in a system as saturated with long-established lies as ours, it becomes impossible to allow serious attention to literature or history. When I talk to my friends about the shows that interest them what they describe always seems a bit off key. They quality of the work will always be solid, with good production quality and performances, but always eventually discredited by being based on false history or a self-serving misrepresentation of current events.

    As I don’t need to explain to the folks who comment here, white settler colonialist cultures are in escalating decline while Asia is on the rise. I am curious to see if these things will be reflected in our respective media systems.

  4. Raad


    You too, friend

  5. Curt Kastens

    It should not really be neccessary to say this. But maybe a reminder is needed right now.
    It is much easier to solve a crime when you are the one that committed it.

  6. Chuck Mire

    Steve Bannon’s “flood the zone with shit” approach is destroying American democracy:

    Steve Bannon openly explains the MAGA Messiah’s and his followers playbook. It’s a long article worth reading to be totally aware of just how it works – unfortunately with the aid of mainstream media who treat disinformation the same as information by not filtering out the former.

  7. Curt Kastens

    The key to world peace for what little time humans have left on this earth is to give most of Alaska to the Chinese. Specifically the line between the border of the US state of Alaska and the Chinese special economic zone of Alaska would be a line startnig 6.2 miles west of the town of Cordova with a the line drawn in a north easterly direction 6.2 miles west of the village of Mcarthy and from there in a north easterly direction to the Canadian border.
    There is unfortunately a key reason that the US government will not deal fairly with the Chinese and give the Chinese, with certian security conditions applied, to the Chinese. That key is because with out Alaska the Chinese will be less likely to grant concessions to the Indian government to disputed parts of Tibet. The US would love to see India fight a war with China so that the US does not have to.
    The location of Sanity is quite a bit farther than 6.2 miles.

  8. Curt Kastens

    Shortly after sundown on April 30th would be a very appropriate time for the 40 most important European war mongers to be hung from bridges over the Rhein or Danube and burned alive. Maybe 80 so that there are 40 on each river. Wait maybe the Thames and the Seine should be included as well. That would make 160. But, for the Po, or is it spelled Poe in Italian.

  9. Curt Kastens

    Sundown on Äpril 30th 2024, wouid be a good time for troops from any NATO country to enter Ukraine. That’s what the tea leaves say anyways. And the sheep entrails as well.
    This move, at that time, will certainly lead to a decisive military victory.

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