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Being Human Alone: Maslow Was Wrong


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – December 17, 2023


  1. Chuck Mire

    How Texas medical providers are navigating the legal shifts in reproductive rights:

    (Segment from PBS NewsHour on 12/15/2023 where Texas is highlighted with an OB-GYN discussing the vague laws concerning medically necessary abortions)

    As you know, there are some states where Republican Politicians don’t pretend to be gynecological expert doctors as they do in Texas.

    Since Texas in cooperation with Florida flies migrants out of Texas into other states, why not have some charitable organization or NGO fly women that need an abortion, deemed medically necessary, out of Texas into another more enlightened state?

  2. different clue

    @Chuck Mire,

    It would have to be a highly secretive Underground Railroad type of operation. Anyone caught doing it would be severely prosecuted in the antibortion anti-humanrights states which persecute legal abortion. They might also be assassinated out-of-hand without any trial at all. So they would have to be very careful.

    Also, the probortion pro-humanrights states might start advertising themselves to the citizens of the antibortion anti-humanrights states as a more human-rights-friendly state to live in. They could start a slow silent brain-drain from the backwardite stupidite states to the modernian states. Enough years of that might reduce the population of the backwardite stupidite states enough to lower their congressional representation, shrink their economies, and speed the brain drain.

    It would be a slow silent change in the “correlation of forces”. The modernian states would become more strictly modernian, the backwardite stupidite states would become more strictly backwardite and stupidite. Backwardite stupidites from the modernian states would be encouraged to move to the backwardite stupidite states. It could be a slow steady setting of the stage for dividing the “United States” into two or more separate countries, hopefully through a series of “velvet divorces”.

  3. capelin

    “It could be a slow steady setting of the stage for dividing the “United States” into two or more separate countries”

    The Deplorables and The Affected, in other words.

  4. Altandmain

    Does anyone else get a laugh from the constant predictions of China collapsing?

    Last month, the IMF had to adjust upwards their growth targets for China.

    Coming to terms with the reality would mean coming to terms with the fact that Western style neoliberalism has been an utter failure and that the rich need to offer a better deal for the average citizen.

    Rather than do that, they lie. I suspect that this is going to continue until neoliberals face their 1991 moment.

  5. Curt Kastens

    I tried to go the Medium Page of Stan Goff today. I had not heard anything from him in quite a long time and was wondering if he is still in reasonably good health. He is a somewhat well known anti war activist. I got an error message when I tried to go to his blog. And underneath the error message was smaller print that said the site was under investigation or was found in violation of Medium rules.

    I wonder what that could be about. Stan Goff, a former US Army E-8, left Marxist circles quite some time ago. He converted to Catholicism shortly after that. I first came across his writings at From the Wilderness run by a former San Diego or Los Angelas Dective by the Name of Michael Ruppert who died about 10 or so years ago.
    For a while I was a regular at the web site run by Stan Goff called Feral Scholar. He eventually closed the site down.

    In his new Catholic persona Stan Goff did not seem like the type of person who would be found in breach of Medium’s blog rules. Though I must admit I have no idea what those rules are.
    Well I wish him the best in any case.

  6. mago

    You put your right foot in
    You put your left foot out . . .
    You do the hokey pokey
    And that’s what it’s all about. . .

    What if that’s what it’s really really all about?

    It’s all hokey and pokey for sure.
    A kid’s song maybe, but wtf, it’s all high school all the time in the US of A, and there’s no other world, right?

    Rape and murder, it’s just a shot away.

    Pontificate until the cows come home. Then do the hokey pokey, cause that’s what it’s all about.

    And just remember that everyone loves their mother. Or maybe not. It’s all kind of hokey pokey.
    Never mind. . .

  7. different clue

    Catholic? I thought Stan Goff had become Buddhist.

  8. UphillBend

    @Curt Kastens

    He’s still modestly active on Twitter.

    You can use this link if you don’t have a Twitter account.

    More substantially, his recent writings are in these related links.

  9. DanFmTo

    What will the U.S./Western powers do about the Houthis interrupting trade flows through the Red Sea? I can’t imagine they find it tolerable that the Houthis get to dictate whose shipping can go through that route.

  10. StewartM


    Does anyone else get a laugh from the constant predictions of China collapsing?

    I keep seeing Youtubes on this, but haven’t watched any, as the typical “economics” Youtube is neoliberal or Austrian economics BS. I suspect it’s about the real estate market collapse, which is being driven not only in China but also Vietnam by governments who correctly realize that an economy based upon flipping real estate is not only not a productive economy, but also a house of cards that will likely crash and damage the larger economy (like 2008). Moreover, they also realize that their people need homes in which to live, so they’re taking care of their people by bringing real estate prices down to affordable levels.

    Me, I tell people that the only hope for US business firms, driven by management whose only goal is to ‘manage by the stock price’ and who indeed uses the stock price as the sole indicator of success, is that they get bought out by either the Chinese or the Japanese. When a Western company buys another, it’s a bloodbath for the ordinary workers and their communities, while the upper management sails away using their golden parachutes. What I’ve been told by people who’ve experienced it is when the Chinese or Japanese buy out a firm, the ordinary workers and technical specialists are untouched—but it’s a French Revolution for the old leadership—first the executive team gets it, then over the next several years the ‘purge’ will continue down through the vice-president level and touching directors. Unlike our Ayn Rand-inspired business leadership, Asians actually respect the people who have genuine skills and don’t respect the bogus paper-rearranging managerial skills. That’s because their goal is to actually build better mousetraps, and not manage by the stock price.

  11. bruce wilder

    I see the U.S. is moving to confront the Houthis in Yemen over control of the entrance to the Red Sea. A coalition including Arab states is being assembled for diplomatic cover. The Eisenhower has been redeployed after an unimpressive few days in the Persian Gulf being guided about by Iran.

    Most of the leading container shipping lines have announced that they will not traverse the Rea Sea.

    Israel’s genocidal conduct in Gaza continues unabated, while Russia advances by inches everywhere along the front in Ukraine as funding and new arms runs low for Ukraine. A large party of European states in favor of a ceasefire in Gaza seems to be gradually emerging to confront the pro-Israel states.

    Interesting times.

  12. Curt Kastens

    Thanks for the links. Not a fan of soundbites.

  13. StewartM

    In other news, Americans are up to half an inch shorter:

    (There is a recent NYT article describing this, but it’s behind a paywall).

    Among the cited causes—increases in childhood obesity, and poorer health care (due to access, likely). It’s part of the (neoliberally-induced) US decline. The US is being used like a private equity firms uses a recent acquisition–it’s being ‘liquidated’.

  14. mago

    Could be that the good shop Eisenhower gets sunk by a Houti missle, and then times will become exponentially interesting.

  15. different clue

    Free Trade Globalization is a major cause of global warming. If the Houthis can cripple shipping in their area badly enough to reduce the amount of marine trade and shipping enough to cripple Free Trade Globalization and shrink the world economy by a meaningful percent, then the Houthis will achieve a fair amount of carbon skyflooding emissions reduction and will thereby contribute to making global warming less bad, even if that wasn’t their intent or concern.

    So here’s hoping the Houthis can “shut the fucker down” and KEEP it shut down.

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