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The Triumph Of The Good


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – October 8, 2023


  1. DMC

    Caitlin Johnstone sums up the state of US domestic propoganda rather nicely:

  2. Curt Kastens

    I wonder if any one else wants to share their story of how they ended up switching from being pro Israeli to be pro Palestinian.
    I will start. What got my headed down the path was that the Israelis started building settlements in the West Bank occupied territories even before the ink was dry on the 1991 Oslo peace accords. But that was just the first step that led me to get myself reeducated on the entire Palestinian-Israeli Conflict going all the way back to the beginning. Now I am completely disgusted by this entire so called Zionist experiment.
    But I am even more disgusted by the role of the British and American rulers in this history. The blood of a zionist is like table wine. The blood of a high ranking Englishman or American, especially from the military, will taste as delicious to me as ice wine. Well if you do not know how sweet that is it is almost as sweet as Maple Syrup. I hope that I can drink a böttle of it before the world goes up in flames.
    But if anyone of you readers get an opportunity to host a high ranking Englishman or American for Christmas make sure that you serve your wine with lots and lots of Saffron. Your guests will then have a really good time that will last in their memories until that day that they die.

  3. Curt Kastens

    Lets be honest Europeons. The EU is a terrorist orgonizaition. So is the German Government. Both of these massive institutions have revealed their true charchter in the past 2 years, which has been cleverly hidden, from me at least. since the establishment of these institutions in the last half of the 20th century.
    Actually I should not have been surprised considering who gave birth to these institutions. But I was under the mistaken impression that these institutions were home grown products. I should have also been more suspicious of these institutions based upon who their friends and enemies have been.
    Well at least i have the reconing of climate change to look forward to. The people leading these institutions are going to die horrible deaths and they are going to derive it.

  4. Curt Kastens

    The war between Russia and NATO will not be over until all US Forces leave Europe and NATO is disbanded or until Russia is at least implicitly taken over by NATO. As things stand now I give the Russians about a 20% chance of success which is much higher than I would have given them in Feb. of 2022. But if a major war breaks out between Iran and the US I would think that would increase the Russian chances for victory up to 25%. Then if the Russians are still fighting and the US goes to war with China I would put the chances of a Chinese/Russian/Iranian/Cuban/Palestinian victory at about 40%. Of course that guess work is under the assumption that the collapse of the planets environment does not kill all of them frist. Those estimates are also based on India not taking a mijor role for one side or the other and for Turkey continuing to play a role against one side then the other on a random basis, depending on which side of the bet Erdogan woke up on.

  5. Curt Kastens

    I deeply deeply wish that the Mexican Army would quickly begin an ivansion of the USA.
    If the Mexican Army commanders learn from what the Palestinians did the Mexican Army would be able to take over Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas before the US military even knew that the ivansion had started.
    The United States could not even call this ivansion an attack. Every American school child learns that the United States stole this land from the Mexicans fair and square. Fair and Square because we forced, that means at the point of a gun, made the Mexican leaders sign a treaty that recognized the American theft and brought and end to the war. But where I was born and raised, when I was born and raised, we learned that any treaty that is signed under duress is not worht the paper that it was written on. Therefore such a special military operation would clearly, if one is actually honest, be called a long overdue COUNTER attack. Peace without justice is not something to perspire to.

    Another thing that I deeply deeply hope for is that the Russians (and Chinese) can figure out how to over come the US sabotage of their strategic nuclear deterent, if they have not already.
    Or failing that that China and Russia can duplicate what the US has been able to do and aus schalten the US strategic nuclear deterence.
    That reminds me, years ago I read a claim by someone that wrote that on several sessions in the past either the US or the Russians had actually given the order for a nuclear attack of some kind and that these attacks were thwarted by non human technology. I passed it off as a bull shit story. Now I am only 99.8% sure that it is a bullshit story. I think that it was around 2005 that I read this claim. I no longer remember what the author said about when these incidents were supposed to have happened in which nuclear war was aaverted by apeparently non human interference.
    I did not believe in simulation theory in 2005. But what is the point in running a simulation if the ones running the simulation interfer with the conclusion that the stimulation is going to come to?

    over and doubt

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