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A New Era Of Mass Armies Approaches


Weekend Wrap October 1, 2023


  1. mago

    Death by a thousand cuts
    was it the triple digit stabs in the back that killed
    dreams and the lives they sustain or maybe
    actual finger on the trigger gun to head
    self snuffed while snuffing family left behind
    it happens daily everywhere
    and I just got a taste of it

  2. StewartM

    Well, the government will keep going on for another 45 days. That is supposed I guess to impress us as proof we live in a functioning democracy.

    I see a good number of Kossacks on DKos freaking out over the Ukraine war funding not making it into the CR bill, despite assurances it will be brought up separately. I think that NOT including it is the first hint of sanity in at least some of the D leadership. I wouldn’t have risked pain over here for NATO expansionism there, and hope that this loss of support might encourage the Ukrainians to seek an actual peace (instead of outright “victory”)

  3. Chuck Mire

    Why Our Popular Mass Movements Fail:

    The wave of global popular protests that erupted in 2010 and lasted a decade were extinguished. This means new tactics and new strategies, as Vincent Bevins explains in his book “If We Burn.”

  4. different clue


    I do not know the relative numbers of the Ukranazi side in Ukraine as against the Ukranormal side in Ukraine. I suspect the Ukranormals vastly outnumber the Ukranazis in Ukraine.

    But the Ukranazis control the government and its policy in Ukraine. My intuition tells me (without any actual courtroom-quality proof) that the Ukranazis have informed Zelensky that they will assassinate him and every member of his family if he seeks any kind of peace on less than Ukranazi terms.

    If the Ukranormal majority wants some kind of peace negotiations with the RussiaGov it will first have to figure out how to defeat and disempower the Ukranazis in power in Ukraine. That will involve killing so many of them so fast that the few survivors ( if any) finally surrender unconditionally to the Ukranormals.

    And since it is the Ukranazis specifically which the forces of NATO EUFUKUS support, that means the Ukranormals would have to kill the Ukranazis into surrender or extinction too fast for NATO EUFUKUS to protect the Ukranazis and keep them in power.

  5. Z

    Wish we had this dude in charge back in 2009 instead of the pitchfork parrying Head PR Man for the Point Zero One Percent Obama …


  6. Z

    Lots of spinning tops lately in regards to Ukraine … aren’t there always?

    Poland and Germany are reportedly losing their patience with War Pimp Zelensky and his Kiev-caine Cowboys with Poland threatening to no longer allow military equipment to travel through their country to Ukraine (((which won’t happen))). War Pimp Zelensky’s trip to the U.S. supposedly wasn’t a success and we’re being told that the republicans might not continue to fund the Ukrainian cause (((ultimately about as likely to happen as Poland’s threats))). The U.S. also recently called for presidential elections in Ukraine in 2024. There are whispers … we see you, CIA! … that War Pimp Zelensky is being pressured by the West to negotiate for peace but that he’s stubbornly unwilling to do so. Some Ukrainian diplomat complained that Israel hasn’t done enough for Ukraine and insinuated that Israel favors Russia. Milley resigned. There’s been a flurry of unannounced visits to Ukraine from foreign leaders lately. There are reports of increasing surrenders by the Ukrainian military on the front lines, something I have heard before several times but has yet to have any tangible effect on Ukraine’s ability to continue to war so it’s hard to get an idea of the magnitude and impact of that, if any.

    In lieu of all of this, some intelligent commentators on Twitter seem to believe that the West, and the U.S. in particular, is beginning to see that the situation in Ukraine as a lost cause and is setting up to ease themselves out of this war and lay the blame for the fiasco on him. I believe otherwise. I see the West acting as if they are turning their back on War Pimp Zelensky because they want to distance themselves from his future actions, which the West will still be directing while they feign a lack of control over him.

    I also believe that War Pimp Zelensky is not dedicated towards continuing the war but instead towards his self-interests and wants to get out of Ukraine before it collapses and he’s offed. In other words, he is looking for a personal exit plan. I believe the West is offering him one: if he can freeze the conflict by say, for instance, waiting until the winds in Zaporizhzhia blow heavily east and use the long-range missiles the West has provided him to bombard the nuclear power plant there to create a nuclear fallout and therefore force the Russians to vacate the area, then the West will make a huge diplomatic push to freeze the conflict due to their purported concern about the international ramifications of the fallout. Next door neighbor, U.S. toy poodle Poland, and other EU stooges will also be eager to push for this. India, still malleable towards the U.S., would join in. Then the U.S. plans to usher War Pimp Zelensky out of power and give him a plane ticket to Israel, which is the safest place for him to exile, where he will join his parents in their villa in Tel Aviv.

    Why do I believe this, or something similar, is afoot? The U.S. will not so easily give up on Odessa, which Russia has in their cross-hairs and where Larry’s and Stanley’s Asset Inflation Factory BlackRock plans to ship grain out of from the Ukrainian farm land that they bought up on the cheap in deals arranged by the U.S. State Department. Losing Odessa and landlocking Ukraine is the big ‘L’ that the Jewish Zionist Duo running the State Department, “I Ain’t” Blinken and Cookie Monster Kagan-Nuland, will not swallow. Of course, they have their pal, Count Sullivan, acting as an intermediary between them and the Lead Stiff of Weekend at Bernie’s to play to the Lead Stiff’s ginormous ego and get his/its thumb smudge on anything they do. Also, the way that Germany and Poland both started talking on the same note at the same time makes me suspicious that their messages are being coordinated. War Pimp Zelensky’s complaints about Israel, the country that perceives they have the most to gain and least to lose from regime change in Russia, also ring a false tone to me. Additionally, War Pimp Zelensky cares little about Ukraine and Ukrainians … if he did, he wouldn’t have endangered Ukraine with this war and wouldn’t have sacrificed so many Ukrainians in it … and wants to live to enjoy his riches but needs a pathway out.


  7. Curt Kastens

    The Palestinians have been suffering terribly. I can understand their desire to do something. But I fear that their decision to fight back does not come at a good time.
    I am sure that one of the arguements used by those in favor of attacking now is that there will never be a good time.
    But if they had waited to see how things play out in the Ukraine I think that there is a reasonable chance that the winds of change would have been blowing stronger behind them. They only had to wait another 18 months at most. I am not saying that the war in the Ukraine will be over in 18 months. But the effect of the war on western Europe will probably be clear in 19 months.

  8. Curt Kastens

    What you wrote above about the Palestinians waiting another 18 or so months does not make any sense. You wrote just yesterday or the day before that the failure of the Ukrainian offensive was so predictable that is must have been the intenet of the Pentagon leadership for it to play out that way. If that is the case the Americans have not yet shown all of their cards.
    If the Americans have other cards to play or other moves to make other than watching Russian steamroll over the Ukraine and the US plays those cards or makes those moves that means that the Russians might not be occupying Charkiv let alone Oddessa let alone Kiev therefore the winds of change will not reach to the middle east.
    There is another point that i would like to make to you though. If Iran gets involved with this conflict the Iranians will be less able to assist the Russians in the Ukraine by providing the Russians with weapons. The Iranians will need all the weapons they can make for thier own war. Yet it seems to me that the war in Ukraine is more strategically important than the war in Palestine. Therefore I would hope that the Iranians are smart enough to realize that the war in Palestine is a distraction.
    The Russians with the help of their Iranian allies need to first win in the Ukraine. Then they can turn their attention to colonialism in the Middle East. The King of Jordan is beef jerkey. There should be a coup in Jordan after the war in the Ukraine is settled.
    The mention of that coup reminds me of something else. It appears that there was been a massive humungous failure by the Israeli intellegence services to see this Hamas attack comming. That makes me wonder if this failure was faked just as much as the failure of US intellegence to know in advance about the 9-11 attacks was faked and Oswald’s assassination of President Kennedy and the attack on Pearl Harbor.
    At this point I do not suspect that the Israeli intellegence failure was faked. To suspect something one needs more evidence than one needs to wonder about something.
    I hope that you take my remarks under considerable consideration.
    Noah Fence intended indeed.

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