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Sweden and Finland Sell Their Souls For NATO Membership


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – July 3, 2022


  1. Eric Anderson

    In re coordinated western economic might v. the rest of the world, see this piece in the Financial Times:

    Read in the context of a Cold War footing and the recent SCOTUS EPA decision re the “big question” doctrine? As I’ve predicted for some time now, the resource war has begun.

  2. Z

    Interesting …

    Jeffrey Sachs:
    “I chaired the commission for the Lancet for 2 years on Covid. I’m pretty convinced it came out of a US lab of biotechnology […] We don’t know for sure but there is enough evidence. [However] it’s not being investigated, not in the US, not anywhere.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from a lab outside of the U.S. though and that it didn’t “escape” the lab accidentally but was purposely deployed.


  3. Z

    More on Sach’s suspicions that COVID was lab created …


  4. NL

    @Eric Anderson
    So, the FT article basically says that America has become what America had claimed Russia was — i.e., a gas station with nuc-s — and that we should celebrate this. “… America has overtaken Russia as the world’s largest energy exporter.”

    Really? Not long ago we were all discussing something called the resource curse/paradox of plenty and poverty — which is when countries with plentiful natural resources are poor, have no economic development, are corrupt, etc, etc And celebrated Japan and the like, which was able to build an awesome economy without major natural resources.

    In this context, our descending from an industrial power and elbowing for space among the raw resource providers can hardly be characterized as resource war. To me resource war is when major industrial powers struggle with each other and colonize undeveloped but resource rich countries to ensure inflow of cheap energy and raw materials. We probably imagine that we could control industrial powers through energy flow. But that’s not how it works out in the end. There are many many — as the article points out — raw resource providers right now — Iran, Saudis, Venezuela, US, Russia, Canada, Syria, etc, etc — and fewer industrial powers. China and India do not pay the war premium for Russian oil. Europe and we do. The industrial powers will always find a way to bring the price of natural resources down.

  5. Eric Anderson

    There’s never been a resource war before. Those were simply wars of imperialism. This about which countries will be able to continue to live a first world lifestyle for another couple of decades, and which will live in the Stone Age. We’d like to put Russia, China, and the BRICs in the Stone Age while the western powers sit on top in ease and call the shots for their vassals.

    The trick is truly economic warfare to avoid nuclear warfare. Poverty creates rebellion and makes it difficult for the center to hold. Many small rogue nuclear states are a whole lot easier to keep your thumb on than 2 big ones. Fracturing Russia and China into multiple states is the end goal.

    And if you check my comment on Ian’s last post re NATO, you’ll get he context. I’m not cheerleading for the U.S. by any means. I’m just explaining what’s occurring.

  6. Z

    Hey, when you finally get around to writing out that $15 check this weekend to an increasingly impatient Speed Queen Nancy P (, who had to put down her glass of chardonnay five times! this week to log into her computer and hit send again, you ought to keep that checkbook open and pen ready for Ukraine.

    We all know the production team of Weekend at Biden’s is doing their very best but the $50 billion + and counting they’re sending to Ukraine just ain’t going to cut it and it’s only fair that we pitch in and pay our share. After all the war has done for us, it’s the very least we can do.

    As War Pimp Zelenskyy might say: Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for Ukraine!


  7. Astrid

    How is the USA going to live a first world life style if China and Russia (and the global South) are in the stone ages? The US doesn’t manufacture anything outside of weapons systems (and those with plentiful imported parts). It can’t do universal healthcare that every half decent country has managed. It can’t do gun control. It has a homeless problem that would be embarrassing for most third world countries. Its population is largely detached from reality, obese, and heavily medicated.

    It’s been getting by on its dollar hegemony and IP monopoly for the last 30 years. Maybe the European vassals could have filled in the gap left by China except, well, two cold winters without Russian gas and oil will kill off what’s left of European industry.

    What’s going to happen is that most of Eurasia (followed by Latin America) is separating from the US and the Anglosphere. And in time, they might even put up a beautiful big wall to keep the whities out.

    Where do you people get your news? Have you check the value of the Rouble lately? Or noticed that Ukraine is now drafting women and children, now that they even ran out of old men? Or that NATO has no more weapons to send? Meanwhile Russia has mobilized probably only 1/4 of its forces and seems to have plenty of artillery on hand.

  8. someofparts

    Been laughing a little bit this week realizing that even as our political leaders tell us that fighting racism is the biggest problem we face domestically, overseas they are partitioning the entire global economy into a division between white people and everyone else.

  9. NL

    Stories, stories we tell ourselves, our children and relatives, our co-workers, underlings, the masses, the elite (yes, the so-called elite also needs their stories to believe that they are the best and the brightest), etc. these stories are meant to present us as knowledgeable, confident, with a plan, meant to assure or to scare the audience or whatever …. in the end, we tell stories to affect and control behavior of the listener… for our purposes of course…

    “We’d like to put Russia, China, and the BRICs in the Stone Age while the western powers sit on top in ease and call the shots for their vassals.” — Sure, sure and what is the mechanism of this? How are we doing this or plan to do it exactly? Sanctions, freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, egging on Japan and Taiwan to attack China? Is that it? Is that what will break the back of China and Russia? Seriously?

    “Poverty creates rebellion…” — not here in the US…

    “I’m just explaining what’s occurring.” — No, you are just retelling me stories you have heard somewhere else that someone else told for some purpose. I heard them there too. The Russian oligarchy is telling their people exactly the same stories using the same maps of the wishfully divided Russia, except the idea of course is to harden the Russians against the West. My sense now is that Russia will not stop until the whole of Ukraine is under their domination. Some are calling for going all the way to Berlin, again — and guess what — look in Syria, we and the Russians are located side-by-side, we bomb the crap out of their allies and the Russians bomb the crap out of our allies. Recently, the Russians called us up and said that they will bomb our allies in al Tanf — and guess what… we told our allies to move further away from our base so that the Russian bombs would not hit us by mistake — ha ha ha — just Google: US confirms Russian airstrikes on al-Tanf base in Syria.

    And so here’s how things may go, we put our forces in Poland and the Baltics as a tripwire, and the Russians will call us and say — hey, we are about to hit Poles and Lithuanians, can you move to the side a bit, and we will move, cause not moving will cause a nuclear extinction. And before you all start telling me about NATO and mutual defense, etc, etc I hear some on our side are already re-reading the treaties for fine print… and contend that the members are under no immediate obligation to attack Russia, should it attack — say — the Poles — we could just offer the Poles military equipment — which is exactly what we are doing for the Ukraine…

    But I have deviated — kids — I will speak in tongues — to have a détente, you must have a war, and to have a war, you must have a détente — all in all, Bill Gates just bought more agricultural land in one of the Dakotas (you know, he is now the largest owner of agricultural land in the country) and Bezos and his girlfriend had fun like little kids in the Disneyland — life is good, the sky is blue and has never been clearer…

  10. Z

    The Ukrainian front line troops, who now are being replenished by conscripts who reportedly are being shoved to the front lines after a mere 5 days of training, are being used as human mulch at this point, a resistance to create distance between the Russian troops in front of them to slog through and the more valuable and less replaceable Ukrainian artillery behind.

    On that note, I have read rumors that Ukraine are deploying rear guards between the front line troops and their artillery so any folks on the front lines are stuck fighting because if they desert or flee they face fire from their own. There hasn’t been any confirmation of that but when I see a headline in the NYZ Times, the Grey Jezebel, our rulers’ paper of propaganda, about radio miscommunications between Ukrainian units that were resulting in friendly fire incidents I get suspicious this is the case. I just don’t understand why else the CIA would place an article in that filthy rag admitting to Ukrainian mistakes of that nature unless there was some larger purpose behind it: getting out ahead of any accusations of the Ukrainians using rear guards against their own.


  11. Z

    As we watch the geopolitical strategies of this situation in Ukraine play out between Russia and the West and Ukraine we are watching chess being playing against checker players. How and why? Because Putin is soberly making moves and pursuing strategies for the purpose of reaching long-term objectives while the West’s amphetamine freaks such as the lead stiff of Weekend at Biden’s and BoJo the Clown, along with War Pimp Zelenskyy and his Kiev-caine Cowboys, are playing for immediate dopamine pings.


  12. multitude of poors

    This is what the Free Markets; Housing and needed Medical Care are Not Rights; Amoral AI beget; increasingly and terrifyingly—hideously slow, or sudden and violent, excruciating death ; as millions give up any hope: 07/02/22 Tattoo artist mom and three young children she downed before taking her own life when her husband shot himself dead at their home: Cops recover four bodies from Minnesota lake

    I’m going to bet the tragedy was centered around financial woes. But even if it wasn’t, countless of these increasing tragedies are. Never mind, billions for Ukrainian Nazis. The new holocaust is global; and as before (look up Shockley and eugenics) s receiving much support (however opaque) from California and Silicon Valley power brokers.

    There’s a reason why the inexplicably impoverished buy lottery tickets (nonetheless sickeningly arrogant people who imply they’re the sharpest tool in the shed still are so vile they hand out Darwin awards for buying lottery tickets when they’ve never lived a day of poverty in their lives and never worked so hard as many impoverished in their lives). Lottery tickets are their only possibility of ever getting their head above ground unless someone who’s had a far easier life Patronizes them for life; the odds of which don’t match up to lottery ticket odds, and even if they did many would find being patronized by a clueless wealthier person unbearable.

    The US is following California’s lead in how the non Meritocratic™ are dealt with, they’re nefariously culled while claiming otherwise. It’s expected and received of the Republicans but served up far more treacherously and nefariously by the Blue Party.

    Federal House Rep. Ro Khanna (and Gavin Getty Pritzker et al Newsom) wants to spread Silicon Valley all over the US, while people in their sixties (many who once actually had licensed professions) increasingly die of hypothermia in his Silicon Valley encompassing district.

    The Homeless, Renters, and those who desperately tried to own a home (even if a mobile home), so they’d never be treated like a renter again are increasingly being culled in Silicon Valley, which now has a predominance of renters (the likely majority being young, male H-1B visa holders who can’t vote for renters rights—a feature, not a bug, ). Mobile home parks are increasingly being destroyed in the area leaving the disabled; minorities (black and hispanic families and single females); and now close to, or retirement aged mobile home owners who predominantly live in them in terror.

    (Sorry no time to respond to any responses currently.)

  13. Chuck Mire

    The Nightmare Scenario SCOTUS is Plotting For the 2024 Election Takeover:

    It’s not far-fetched, and the Constitution does not mention the popular vote as the deciding factor for federal elections. The Republicans are exploiting the Constitutional loopholes to eliminate the traditional democratic process.

  14. Z

    If it comes down between The Lead Stiff of Weekend at Biden’s ego and him/it not placing the entire world at risk of nuclear annihilation I know which way I’d wager, though I might not ultimately be able to cash in on the bet.

    This is his chance for a presidential moment to redefine his reign of error, that profile on the cover of The Atlantic he’s been jonesing for under the heading of Biden Stares Down Putin and in italics under his flinty-eyed, overstretched face:

    “And I told Putin if you take one step west of the Dnieper I’m sending our boys in.”

    On the other hand, if things continue on their current course he faces a historically disastrous presidency and personal humiliation and will be almost universally known as a horrible president whose failures we’re all paying for now and will be for a long time.

    So, between the two you can imagine someone as drugged up and twisted by self-importance as Fourteen Hundred Dollar and Zero Sense Joe might reasonably migrate towards a position that personally facing world-wide humiliation might be an unbearable world for all of us and be willing to risk synchronizing his demise with all of ours.


  15. multitude of poors

    So venal, I can’t wrap my mind around it, after my post above, I discovered California Governor, Gavin Newsom, had run a July Fourth ad in Florida, for one inviting impoverished illegal immigrants to move to California—with its decades long ever exploding unsheltered homelessness of thousands of decades long residents, let alone newly arriving hapless immigrants—and he’ll provide them Medi-Cal while at least a third of Californians are on Medi-Call and major hospitals are not even admitting Medicare-Medi-Cal patients, let alone 100% Medi-Cal patients. 070422 By Katelyn Caralle, U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail California announces it will become the first state to give health insurance to undocumented immigrants – as Gavin Newsom launches ads in Florida telling voters to move to HIS state

    (I actually don’t even care for the Daily Mail; but the Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle/SFgate, and the Los Angeles Times are, of course, expressing no outrage whatsoever that I’ve witnessed.

    Meanwhile millions of us impoverished and increasingly facing our forced retiremment years™ on cement haven’t even received the $600 stimulus ( e.g. ) and won’t criinally won’t be recieving the Newsom Presidential Run inflation rebates ( ) because we’re to disabled or to poor to file a return, but inexplicably not poor enough to qualify for Medi-Cal [Medicaid], an insane level of poverty ( The limits for a 2 person household are particularly venal in a state where studio apartments can easily cost close to 2,000 monthly and more ). Inexplicably, according to the above [San Jose] Mercury News Piece, Single Return Filers can make up to $250,000 and receive something. Of course the Blue™ Silicon Valley Paper of Record (Steve Jobs favorite when he reigned), [San Jose] Mercury News is not disturbed by this glaring inhumanity at all.

    (Sorry again, as above, I have no time to respond to any responses to my comment my life has become an absolute terror zone that I see no way out of and no time or available resources whatsoever to take care of my health let alone the older 3 loved ones whom I feel morally responsible for), yet I could not help but to post this comment PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW HOW VENAL CALIFORNIA IS BEFORE YET ANOTHER OF ITS HORRID, VENAL GRIFTERS (e.g House of Inhumane Services Secretary and Grifter, Xavier Beccara; many are already familiar with vile Kamala and the predominance (3/8) of CIA Gang of Eight™ Reps from Califonia McKarthy, Pelosi, Schiff, along with House Rep. Ro Khanna (see my comment above) ARE ENTRENCHED IN DC. )

  16. Z

    Of course War Pimp Zelenskyy and his Kiev-caine Cowboys are talking big about taking back all the territories that they’ve lost, including Crimea. If they don’t maintain that stance, the question becomes: Why aren’t you negotiating a truce in order to save Ukrainian lives and potentially territory? And the obvious answer to that is: So the U.S. keeps paying us to take potshots at the Russian military at the expense of Ukraine and its people.


  17. Z

    An anti-war movement by women in Kiev … marches, protests, and whatnot … would probably go a long way towards shutting this war down. It could certainly create a lot of complications for the war pimps of Kiev.


  18. Z

    I hope the women in Kiev do that and strip The Uncrowned Queen of Ukraine Victoria Nuland down to her evil core and force her to get her Ukrainian minions to put down a women’s peace protest in Maidan Square so that the wicked witch can continue pursuing her dream to subjugate Russia. That ought to go over real well with the men, and women, that War Pimp Zelenskky and his Kiev-caine Cowboys are trying to force to the front so that they can continue their grift.

    Lots of other rumors rumbling around and who knows what all is true, Read one that Syria bombed an unacknowledged U.S. base in northern Syria, definitely with Russia’s blessing and possibly even assistance, on July 4th! that killed about 250 U.S. personnel and destroyed the base entirely. The next day the U.S. markets traded kind of crazy and I read some comment that they were stirring like something big geopolitically was going on in the background, something beyond Doped Up Bojo the Clown’s calamities. Read last night that the U.S. embassies in Kiev and Lvov were suddenly evacuated (same source as the one who wrote about the Syrian bombing). Today I read off another source that Ukraine is threatening to bomb the bridge to Crimea and airports inside of Russia.

    Again, none of this is verified and could all be bs, but these pieces have some logical continuity to each other.


  19. Z

    It’s starting …

    Women preventing the Ukrainian army to draft their sons

    Good on them!


  20. Ian Welsh

    As any perusal of social media will inform one, the primary supporters in the West of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are right wingers who share his social views.

    The left tends to think that NATO/US bears a lot of responsibility for the war, and that as Ukraine can’t win the war, a Finland/Austria neutrality deal should have been cut. People on the left, like myself, have been calling Putin a war criminal back in the second Chechen war (google “ian Welsh and Putin is evil” on my blog.) We just notice that he isn’t worse than various US/British and so on war criminals.

    Others have noticed that no one who isn’t a Western ally has sanctioned Russia, including the most populous countries in the world and virtually everyone in Africa and South America. Can’t imagine why folks don’t want to go along with the sort of sanctions which weren’t imposed on the US for Iraq.

    I’d also note a lot of folks seem to have missed the fact that Russia isn’t the USSR: it isn’t even remotely socialist. It’s anti-gay, conservative and Putin’s regime is allied to the Russian Orthodox Church, rather than being atheistic.

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