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The Ukraine Crisis Is Just a Chance to Acknowledge Choices Already Made


Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – January 30, 2022


  1. Z

    The bridge collapse yesterday in Pittsburgh … ironically hours before Biden was scheduled to arrive in the city to discuss infrastructure … illuminates so much, as does many of our “society’s” failures.

    Apparently funds from a state fuel tax meant for bridge repair went to state police instead. Imagine that? The public gets endangered so that the police can increase their ranks and get more equipment to physically subdue the public and protect private property.


  2. Z

    I came up with the idea back in 2008 or so that we ought to create a single issue third party around the simple unifying goal of electing candidates who would vote to publicly fund elections and then once we got that through and got the money out of politics we could fight it out fairly among the populace in true democratic fashion rather than have our rulers decide what’s best for them and then moving their political pawns into position to effectuate what they want.

    I shared this idea on Open Left and shortly afterward was bounced from the platform, though for supposedly other reasons and maybe so for all I know. Open Left was definitely hostile to third parties though and also strongly against organizing placing boots on the ground that would oppose the democratic party on any issues. Some of the people who headed the site were very much “In Obama We Trust” and I suspect toed the line that their large donors drew for them. That was a shame, the site had a lot of good writers and thinkers on it such as Ian, David Sirota, and Matt Stoller. Those were heady days back then when it seemed like the netroots movement had some power and robustness to it, but as Ian has pointed out in the past, it all quickly collapsed.

    Rahm, through the funding power of the “donor class”, and The Head PR Man for the Point Zero One Percent Obama, through the influence of his star appeal, put the kibosh on it. After Obamacare passed it was in shambles and never recovered. Ian has also pointed out that Google started taking a much larger chunk of the ad money which further empowered the “donor class” to pull the rug from underneath the sites that weren’t sufficiently loyal to the democratic party. The only sites that prospered from there were of the DailyKos variety that the large donors were willing to get behind.


  3. Chuck Mire

    A 25 year old bet comes due: Has Tech Destroyed Society?

  4. Z

    The statestream media is ramping up its efforts to convince its subjects that the “efforts” by President he/bipartisan Jo Biden and his handlers to pass policies that they campaigned on and the majority of the public wants is the reason for the Weekend at Biden’s show cratering ratings and not the fact that they haven’t actually passed them and are in many instances working to do the exact opposite.

    It’s no wonder we’re so crazy with the diverging forces of logic and propaganda creating such psychic fissures in our society and within our minds and the most available way to placate it is by drifting off into the meta-universe. At least in the imaginary world you can make things make sense if only for a while before you get back to the grind to survive.

    I suppose our rulers can play these games for a while, but eventually mass hunger is going to set in and when that happens propaganda and the distractions of the meta-universe ain’t going to suffice any longer.


  5. different clue

    Here is an interesting article about the Trucker Protest Convoy driving its way to Ottowa.

    After reading the article, I end up hoping the Truckers movement people being written about in the article will all go home peacefully after their demands have been received and then politely declined. Because if they try getting violent and invading the Legislative Bulidings, the same question will arise regarding Canada as has arisen regarding America after the Jan. 6th events . . . . whether Canada should be regarded as being vulnerable to a right wing coup. . .

    Here is the link:

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