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Off To Victoria, BC

I’m leaving tomorrow for a 5 day trip to Victoria to see my father and help with some of his affairs.  Internet access will be intermittent at best, so posting is unlikely.  After that I’m back for a few days, then off to Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh from Thursday, leaving fairly early Sunday.  If you’re in either place during my stay, and would like to grab a coffee or some such, drop me a line.


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  1. CoyoteCreek

    Just visited Victoria for the first time a couple of months ago. My spousal unit and I declared that if we ever thought of moving to Canada, this would be the place.



  2. dude

    Happy and safe journey.

  3. ron and debbie webber

    Be safe Ian cause you know how bad their health care is up there, don’t you?

  4. OMG! Socialized medicine!!!

    Have fun while you’re there.

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