The horizon is not so far as we can see, but as far as we can imagine

My thought in two compendia

Oh, there’s more to it than this, but these contain core articles on:

  • Ideology
  • How character is created
  • How leaders are picked and molded
  • How the world economic system works to destroy democracy and create oligarchy
  • How we went from the great post-war liberal era to Gilded Age 2.0
  • How and when violence works
  • What types of economies are viable
  • How change plays out personally for those caught in it
  • What prosperity actually is, and isn’t (less obvious than you think)
  • What a good economy looks like
  • How previous economic solutions have worked, and why and how they’ve failed
  • The role of ethics and morality, and how they interact with economics
  • An explanation of why in terms of happiness or health or meaning, human history is not a march of progress
  • Why, specifically, it seems impossible to get the mass of ordinary Americans to take political action to save their own bacon;
  • and far, far more.

This is a political, economic and philosophical education. I’ll be putting out these compendia in e-book and/or .pdf form in a few months, with additional commentary, a few extra articles, and some proper editing.

But if you want to read them now, you’ll benefit.

The Role of Character and Ideology in Prosperity

Why the Economy Sucks for Most People

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The Venezuela edition of “imports will kill’ya”


The Greek Pivot East and the Future of Greece In Europe


  1. Roger3

    I would LOVE to see all of that in PDF format!

  2. Bruce Wilder


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  4. rblaa

    I would love to have the ebooks, and am willing to pay for them.

  5. Ian Welsh

    They’ll most likely be donation gated, but free for those who would rather not donate.

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