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Merry Christmas

I hope you’re all having a good Christmas. I do little on Christmas, but did spend Christmas Eve with a good friend.


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Russia as an Enemy of the United States


  1. realitychecker

    Bless you, Ian, for all the good work you do. ((Ian))

  2. Webstir

    Merry Christmas, Ian. As I type, I am ever so grateful that I get to sit by the tree watching over a sleeping angel — my newborn son. Thank you so much for trying to make the world a better place for him.

  3. Merry Christmas – though I suspect that we are on the otherside of the “War on Christmas.” I for one am meeting a new little girl, a SO, her mama – and pushing out “The Lion, The Witch, & CS Lewis”

  4. someofparts

    Happy Christmas, end of the year and all of that. Thanks for this place.

  5. someofparts

    from Roy Edroso –

    “In the shortest term, in this very moment, you, my friends, who have a care for the world beyond yourselves and feel the lash of injustice even when it falls on others — wheresoever you touch the world or embrace your fellow man, you hold the true gifts of life.”

  6. Peter

    It is trying to snow here but will be 60 later, I love SW weather.

    Feliz Navidad!!

  7. nihil obstet

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and as Terry Pratchett would wish, Happy Hogswatchnight.

  8. I just sat down for the first time in eleven days (not really).
    I’m gonna eat myself stupid this afternoon, and then work on becoming even more clinically myopic ā€” my mother bought me a Kobo (we don’t Amazon in my family).

    A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and A Joyful Santa Brings Presents To Atheists Day to everyone, especially our gracious host!

  9. S Brennan

    Merry Christmas Ian, best wishes for the new year.

  10. Robotpliers

    Merry Christmas! With a toddler and an infant, this was a Christmas of half measures for us. Got the decorations out, but only managed to put up a few. Got the tree up, but no time for ornaments. Kids presents wrapped, but presents to each other unwrapped or in the form of IOUs. Exhausting but fun.

    Hope you and everyone reading has a wonderful holiday, and a happy new year.

  11. Willy

    In a rare Christmas day snow, every way off my hill has been blocked by abandoned cars. And Iā€™m stuck home alone with just the wife. But it sure is pretty out and none of those vehicles was mine. It’s a good day to suspend the Howard Beale routine and celebrate with the spiders:

  12. David H

    I spent Eve with good friends as well. Merry Christmas, Ian. Thanks for all that you do.

  13. Spring Texan

    Me either. I am reclusive on Christmas, by choice. šŸ™‚

  14. Spring Texan

    Enjoyed Jeremy Corbyn’s Christmas message where he emphasized that a lot of the things that make people miserable are not inevitable:

    “A better world is possible.”

  15. Steve

    Wishing you the best. Thanks for all you do.

  16. Al

    Good cheer to you this Winter Solstice and best wishes for the coming New Year.

  17. MojaveWolf

    A belated Merry Christmas and happy solstice & holiday season to you as well, Ian. And to the entire commentariat here.

    Or, as Susan Sarandon Christmas-tweeted: “Happy Everything to Everyone. May Kindness and Tolerance abound.” (for which she was roundly pilloried by a bunch of jerks, which I wish surprised me but only half-did).

    As mentioned in another thread, I’ve not been around much and don’t know when I will be able due to a whole bunch of life circumstances, but I do still read all the posts and try to keep up with the comments.

  18. realitychecker

    @ MW

    So sorry you’re having challenges now. Sending you all the positive energy I’ve got, amigo. You are one of the very good ones. ((MW))

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