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Listen to my interview with Jay Ackroyd

We covered the surveillance state, police incompetence, the reasons for the “shelter in place” order in Boston, and so on.

(As has been pointed out, this isn’t a good interview in speaking terms: I speak too fast and low, making it hard to make out what I’m saying.  Be forewarned.)


Speaking with Jay Ackroyd on the Security State Tonight at 9pm EDT


Closing Guantanamo


  1. Carol Newquist

    Haven’t listened to it yet. I will at some point today or tomorrow, but just wanted to note that the police are not incompetent when it comes to their true, yet unacknowledged, function. Yes, they serve and protect. But WHO do they serve and protect? Not me. You? If so, perhaps we’re not of the same class then. They serve and protect the Plutocracy by maintaining the social order. So long as that social order is maintained, the Plutocracy perpetuates.

  2. Carol Newquist

    And Jay, if you’re checking in, I will make myself available for an interview if you would like to do one with me sometime. Just let me know and I will give you my email, or Ian can furnish it to you. I promise I’ll make it an interesting 60 minutes.

  3. Celsius 233

    Well Ian, I got to ask; were you happy with that interview?
    I’m not talking the sound quality or volume.
    Were you satisfied?
    Frankly, I wasn’t.
    But, I’d be interested what you thought all in…

  4. Celsius 233

    I should add; Akroyd didn’t help; I thought he was totally lacking in critical thinking/questioning.
    He was far too acquiescent to your comments, IMO.

  5. After a little light editing the sound quality is a bit better and the horrid screetch is gone from the end. I see you’re on again this week and looking forward to it.

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