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Last Day of Fundraising Drive: $70 from an article a weekday

Our fundraising has gone very well, with $250 in recurring donations, and $5,180 in one time donations. Multiplying the recurring donations by 3, we’re just $70 from the second tier, which is an average of an article a weekday, and an average of two significant articles a week.

Thank you very much, when I started this I had no idea how much I’d raise.  I appreciate this immensely.

If you haven’t given, and like my writing, please consider DONATING or SUBSCRIBING.

Anyone who gives $500, can also talk to me about my writing an article on a subject of interest to them.

(The original article on the campaign is here.)

The fundraising drive will end tomorrow, I’m extending it just one day because we’re so close to the second tier.

The donation page will remain up after that.




Fundraising Update – $1,000 from an article every weekday


Fundraiser Succesful


  1. Celsius 233

    Ian, I worry about your projected schedule; as a writer I find it hard to believe you can both hold a schedule like that, and keep a high quality of content. But then, maybe that’s my personal limitation. 😉
    I’d be more than happy to see a couple of high quality threads a week, plus or minus, whatever works for you. I don’t come here for the social, I come for content. Cheers.

  2. Ian Welsh

    I’ve made a commitment and people have given me money based on my word. But note that I said “two significant pieces a week” and “something to read every weekday”. The “read every weekday” pieces will be lighter, generally simple observations or commentary on the news of the day or just something interesting I don’t go into in detail. I maintained this pace for a couple years at the Agonist, I can certainly do it here for 3 months. (I maintained a far more blistering pace at FDL, but it was too much and made me sick.)

    And do note I said “average” to give me wiggle room for illness, travel and so on. An average of an article a weekday can mean more than one article some days, and none on others.

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