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Lambert and Corrente Need Help

If you value what Corrente and Lambert do, and you can afford it, consider tossing Corrente some money.  Blogging isn’t free, someone’s labor is always involved.  Corrente punches above its weight, the big dogs in the blogosphere may not link to it, but they definitely do read it, it’s sort of the guilty pleasure of many a-listers.  Ideas which start in Corrente do circulate out, and within Corrente there is a community which actually gets things done, as when they were the movers behind an alternate conference on the debt and deficit.

Times are hard for a lot of people, and if you don’t have the money, of course don’t give, but if you can afford it and you think Corrente does good work, help them out.


In Light of the Budget Deal: Obama’s Personality


Obama to Right Wing


  1. Thanks very much, Ian.

  2. Joe Beese

    Regrettably, I got banned from there during the primaries for mocking Saint Hillary. So while I give them credit for seeing through Obama long before I did, their server hamsters will need to get their kibble from someone else.

    Or as Lambert would frenchify it: Tant pis.

  3. Yes, Lambert does need help. He bans people willy nilly, and then he expects people to give him money.

    Carolyn Kay

  4. Ian Welsh

    I don’t think he expects people he bans to give him money. If you don’t like what Corrente does, of course, don’t give money.

  5. Formerly T-Bear

    Attention: when accessing the donate button, the pro-offered page does not display the usual security indications outside the address box. Being one who would play safe rather than sorry, I shied from entering password information and therefore continuing with a small donation, paranoia on the tubes being what it is.

  6. Corrente is the one that launched the Versailles meme, which I think perfectly explains what passes for contemporary American political culture. And Corrente has done more than any none econo blog to raise awareness of bankster misconduct. Many many many thanks to those who are able and so inclined to help lambert.

  7. Thanks again to Ian.

    I guess the world divides into two categories: Those who, when a blogger who depends on reader contributions faces difficulties, actively seek to prevent others from giving help, thereby seeking to deny that blogger food, fuel, and other necessities; and those who can’t imagine doing such a thing. Oddly, the first categorize themselves as being on the left. It’s a funny old world.

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