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June 3rd and 4th US Covid Data

Our benefactor writes:

This is called the Memorial Day effect at the moment. The NYTimes, in my morning news feed, refers to the holding of new cases at about 20k on average as a good thing because of increased testing, an assertion that is not made in the actual referenced article. To quote, ” But the actual trend may be more encouraging. The number of tests being conducted has been rising rapidly in recent weeks — which means more virus cases are being uncovered than otherwise would have been.” This is the article.

My secondary source, The Guardian, was using Johns Hopkins data, but they seem to have ceased updating for more than 24 hours. I’ve switched to Johns Hopkins source data. Their data does not include U.S. territories, so it’s cleaner anyway. We’ve had lengthy power outages in the Philly region due to storms.

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Open Thread


  1. ProNewerDeal

    It has been ~2.5 months in the US since the COVID-19 pandemic started in North America.

    Any updated practical personal advice a person can do to
    Goal1 reduce infection risk
    Goal2 improve immune function to increase better health outcome probability should one get infected?

    I am a “prime working age” man in a US metro area, in the “normal weight” categorization on the CDC BMI Calculator, have no preexisting conditions nor taking any pharma. This is what I am doing now that presumably MIGHT help on these 2 Goals:
    1 I use a KN-95 mask (apparently the China-manufactured version of the N95 mask – a friend who is a social worker for a health care org gave him 5 & he gave me 2 of his 5) when going in public such as to the grocery store.
    2 Wear glasses when in public (although I have to occasionally remove the glasses for ~1 min because they fog up
    3 Wear disposable plastic gloves when in public
    4 Minimize public trips to what is required (such as the grocery store).
    5 I am eating a healthy diet, main meal is legumes with rinsed raw vegetable mix (for ex spinach, tomato, red onion, garlic, cilantro, brocoli).
    6 I take Centrum multivatim, 3600mg Omega-3 fish oil tablet, a combo Calcium600mg/Vitamin D3 1000 IU tablet (the combo from Centrum & this nets to 2000 IU Vitamin D3
    7 exercising by alternating running fast 1 lap/walking 1 lap on a neighborhood outdoor track for 3-5 miles at least 3X/wk.

    What else could I be doing to help myself with respect to aforementioned Goals 1-2?
    7 Purchase a plastic shield to wear over the face (still retaining the KN95 mask)?
    8 Any other daily vitamins?
    9 Any other vitamins/OTC pharma to have available to take on the initiation of any POSSIBLY COVID symptoms?

  2. Stirling S Newberry

    There are signs that numbers will go up. There are also signs that numbers have been fudged.

  3. S Brennan

    Yep Stirling; that is what was said of Japan and yet those who talked that shit two months ago have yet to show a shred of evidence.

    ‘cuse me while I scream RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA for the next 3.5 years.

  4. Carey

    Looks like the readership and commentariat here have all but disappeared, as this site’s
    COVID-19™ fear-mongering has been ratcheted up.. can’t imagine why.

    One death- two months ago- from the Dreaded, Deadly COVID-19 in my region (Central California
    Coast, USA), along with a few hundred positive tests for said virus. That one person who died in late March was over 80 years old, with multiple co-morbidities..

    be vewy, vewy fwightened! To whose benefit- as the huge Corporations take over all the small
    businesses that have been forced to close due to “lockdown” (that word is prison-speak, BTW;
    why was it, in particular, chosen?). The Corporate entities were not subject to “lockdown”, for
    some odd reason. None of the human costs of “lockdown” are even mentioned here. Odd..

  5. Carey

    Edward Curtin’s take on the present situation seems, in my opinion, to fit well with casual


  6. @ ProNewerDeal

    I would look into cyclic ketogenic diet, adequate zinc, selenium, and Vitamin D. Some people not only can’t take vitamin D, but have to avoid the sun (sacerdoisis, e.g.) Vitamin D from sunlight is better than from a supplement. Either way, you ideally should get your blood level tested. You can get different opinions about desirable dosage ranges from . Some people think high doses of Vit D without some vitamin K2 can be dangerous.

    My cousin’s secretary is taking hydroxychloroquine for lupus, but she had a negative reaction from one of the brands she took. ( I think she said plaquenil is OK).

    Chris Martenson, Ph.d., of peak prosperity has a new youtube, wherein he discusses hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic. There was a strong study out of India that showed it was very effective when taken well before exposure to covid-19. There was a weaker, but not totally useless study, showing that it didn’t do much when given starting a few days after exposure. In this latter study, the population was evidently quite healthy (who are therefore less likely to have bad infections, anyway), and only a few percent actually had verified covid-19 infection with a lab test. Search for “Too Much Damage Is Being Done By The Bungled Response To Covid-19” on youtube for details. Note that doctors (and my neighbor) have reported signficant benefits from hydroxychloroquine, even after bad symptoms have started. However, I also heard, second hand, from a doctor who quit an emergency room job in Brooklyn, that even asymptomatic patients can have significant damage to lungs. Unless contra-indicated, I personally would take hydroxychloroquine ASAP after exposure, and prophylactically if I was a frontline medical worker.

    A counter point to vit D prophylactic against covid-19 is “Vitamin D: A rapid review of the evidence for treatment or prevention in COVID-19 (evidence based medicine)”. You can google this.

    They argue from an “evidence based medicine” perspective, where lack of same (which costs money, and can easily mean facing formidable institutional roadblocks) predisposes them to default to not making reasonable guesses about causality where high correlation is clearly evident, while chanting “no evidence”.

    I think they’re fools, at best. E.g., if I had to jump out of an airplane, I’d definitely want to be strapped to a parachute, and use it, even given an complete absence of double blind, randomized, ‘placebo’ controlled experiments. (I suppose a parachute with lots of slits cut into it would serve as an adequate ‘placebo’.)

    I’m aware of no mention in main stream media of oxygenating therapies. You can google my name + “hydrogen peroxide” for some info.

  7. Stirling S Newberry

    “Yep Stirling; that is what was said of Japan and yet those who talked that shit two months ago have yet to show a shred of evidence.”

    Florida and Mexico say otherwise.

    “‘cuse me while I scream RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA for the next 3.5 years.”

    Then you would be wrong.

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  8. Hugh

    Re the BLS job numbers report for May, like those of March and April, largely meaningless. What the May report shows is the effects of some of the re-opening. Someone I am surprised I have been agreeing with lately is Stephanie Ruhle. As she says, the increase in those employed is mostly coming in jobs where it is easy to recall workers (and where I would add there is pent up demand like dental and doctor offices). There are also workers who are being coerced to go back to work by yanking their unemployment insurance. It is also important to remember that in a normal year we would be well into the spring jobs rebuild and have already added two million jobs following the end of the year drop off. Those annual increases have largely been swamped by these unprecedented job losses. The real question is how many millions of jobs are gone for good, and with the coronavirus still around how many of jobs are going to stick around when the second wave of the virus hits again later in the summer and into the fall?

  9. Stirling S Newberry

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  10. Stirling S Newberry

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  11. Joan

    @ProNewerDeal, that’s a good system you’ve got going. I’d recommend occasionally eating some high-quality meat like chicken breast, if your diet allows. I find I have more strength to fight off a cold when I’ve got healthy protein in my system, at minimum eggs for breakfast. Ian recommended a bee product a while back that I already had on my shelf (Bee Propolis?).

    On the mental health side of things, if you can keep your stress down (I know that’s hard these days), that’ll help your body. Other than keeping an eye on things regarding your own safety, I’d largely unplug. Spend time outdoors, breathing in a forested area. Read that exciting book you’ve been putting off, things like that. Good luck.

  12. bruce wilder

    Places that seemed to blow up, like New York or Belgium, go quiet, but places like California or North Carolina climb and climb. I still have not heard a story that accounts for California or North Carolina.

  13. bruce wilder

    as horrible as the jobs numbers are, the great difficulty is the fragile structure of the economy: the businesses folding — whole sectors about to collapse.

  14. Zachary Smith

    You didn’t specify which of the Centrum types you’re taking, so I made a search. Turns out “Centrum Silver Men” is quite low in its claimed Selenium content. The “Centrum Adult” and “Centrum Men” types are probably adequate. Be careful not to overdose on Vitamin D. A fellow to whom I was suggesting a supplement looked at me as said “We drink about 5 gallons of milk a week.” I agreed he was fine with the Vitamin D.

    You didn’t mention owning a pulse oximeter. Since the panic buying of these devices is probably over, the prices and availability are likely getting to be reasonable again. There are still head colds and pollen attacks around, so it’s reassuring to be able to clip the oximeter onto your finger tip when you have a spell of coughing and/or just feel lousy. A dropping O2 level in the blood is something you want to address early.

    At the start of the epidemic I would have purchased an Oxygen Concentrator like I’ve seen used by elderly smokers and others with lung issues. The problem came down to needing a prescription, and I never could figure out a convincing reason except extreme paranoia to justify hitting the doctor up about it.

    Finally, since you have two masks, I’d keep one in a plastic bag well dosed with peroxide. When I switched them out the next day, the other mask would get the same spray treatment.

  15. Zachary Smith

    Regarding that Edward Curtin fellow, I looked over his content. The fellow wanted me to spend over two hours watching an interview with an anti-vaxxer nutcase. “No thanks” to the video, and I’m afraid that left me quite unwilling to trust Mr. Curtin’s judgement on other topics.

  16. ProNewerDeal

    Zachary Smith,

    The multivitamin is “Centrum Adult” – specifically the Wal_mart Equate pseudo-“generic” version

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