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Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide

Or should I say “suicide?”

Or perhaps he really did it and was encouraged.

I mean, I don’t know. But I do know that Epstein was, essentially, pimping teenaged girls to rich and powerful people, which is why he got away with it for so long, and why the first time they went after him, he got only a slap on the wrist.

Lots of important people are breathing easier today.

Feel free to use as as open thread as well.

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  1. A “suicide” attempt was reported a week ago. SOP would have him “under watch”, Restrained ironically with leather cuffs hands and foot to a hospital bed.

  2. KT Chong

    And no one was surprised.

    That was brazen. “They” do not even care anymore: “Yeah, we’re just gonna do it even though everyone already knows we will. Whatcha gonna go about it?

  3. one wonders if “the institute” was involved in epstein’s demise

  4. Temporarily Sane

    Not surprised he killed himself. A guy like Epstein wouldn’t have lasted very long in jail on a sex charge. He probably wasn’t very popular with his guards in pre-trial either. Maybe he was Mossad or CIA but just as likely he was a pampered pervert whose wealth and friends in high places kept him out of a jail cell until his luck finally ran out this year.

  5. Possibles

    This is the biggest bail out of the political elite since A.I.G.

    I don\’t think he was killed because of the elite\’s use of 13-17 year old girls for sex. I think the \”girls\” were used as a gateway. The real crimes involved sex with girls and boys much younger and snuff films were made of the encounters. Children thrown off of yachts. There was a reason he needed an island. I believe he was state sponsored and it wasn\’t American. I think it\’s also possible Epstein was the conduit for certain \”institutional\” investors to make money from the 911 attacks. There is no way in hell Epstein and his \”guests\” didn\’t share \”inside information\” wrt stocks,et al.

    When one asks how can our elite be so bad…..Think about this;do you really believe that our political elite cares more for American lives over Iraqi lives, et al? The people that brought you the crush of the 911 towers during daytime television are the very same people that brought you the bombing of Baghdad on television. They have no respect for any forms of life outside of their own. And sometimes even that isn\’t the case.

  6. scruff

    I used to believe that all people in the world were fairly normal, baseline people doing fairly normal predictable things. Sometimes a person would be more courageous than most, and that person would become famous, or rich, or infamous. But for the most part, I thought people’s behavior was pretty bland and mundane.

    Then one day I woke up and Putin had assassinated someone with radioactive tea, and I realized I was actually living in a Jason Bourne movie.

    I guess what I’m saying is… if you want me to believe that Epstein killed himself, get it right the first time when he wasn’t on suicide watch.

  7. coloradoblue

    I’ve said since his arrest that he would never stand trial. Whether it was suicide, or “suicide” or murder or getting off because a corrupt judge upheld the “no prosecution” deal from Florida…something was going to happen to keep his mouth shut.

  8. S Brennan

    Historically, in Europe, the near East & Asia groups of powerful people and people who are attracted to power contain within them a disproportionate portion of people who are pedophiles. The reasons should be too obvious to proceed with a pedantic explanation.

    That said, to the various “Stasi” organization prevalent throughout the present day western world, the “pedophile” is the most useful of personalities, easy manipulated, willing to betray any person, country or God, they are the ideal tool for today’s “security” apparatus. Witness how quickly Jeff Sessions was publicly brought to heel and made to roll over and lay on his back…and notice how few in the press seemed to notice this display?

    Until we render the “security” services into soap, we will bear witness to hapless children being forced into a nether world created for the pleasure of those who are sickened by the mental illness called greed.

  9. StewartM

    The word had been that the list of Epstein’s uh, “clients” would raise a lot of eyebrows.

    TS, how long anyone lives in prison is entirely up to your handlers. Normally someone like Epstein should not put into the general prison population, and if they were, then you would strongly suspect that prison officials wanted him to ‘disappear’.

    Ten Bears–the news sources say Epstein had been put on suicide watch, but then ‘was not on suicide watch’ at the time of his apparent suicide. If that’s correct, then why in the heck did that happen?

  10. Ten Bears

    Upon reflection … the guy owns an island and an airplane, inflated or no tons of money, and -reputedly – tons of dirt on some of the most powerful people of the world. Unlike our lynching of Kaddafi or Hussein, We the People never saw binLaden’s body, only reports of it having been dumped into the sea. We never saw Ken Lay, only reports of his convenient demise. It isn’t outside of the realm of possibility …

    Shit scruff, I’ve wondered which Ludlum for ten years now!

  11. someofparts

    Builds a case for Epstein ties to Mega Group/Mossad:

    Point was made elsewhere the organized crime and state-affiliated undercover outfits find pedophiles easy to compromise and very useful.

    Is there any line left between deep state operatives and organized crime groups? It would surprise me if there were.

    Abandon all hope ye who enter here indeed.


    The elite are brazen, are they not? The message has been sent loud and clear for those who can hear. It’s a message that’s been repeated many times and in many ways. That message is this.

    There’s no moral order at all, there’s just this; Can my violence conquer your’s?

    I think I know the answer. Their violence can conquer your violence many times over and this latest message underscores that most basic fact. You can’t stop them until you march on them and root them out one by one and that would be a bloody adventure indeed. But it’s the only option available to hold them account and they know the unwashed don’t have what it takes, hence their violence conquers your’s.

    The law is in place to protect them and keep you in your place. It most certainly doesn’t apply to them, only to you.

    God Loves Violence

  13. Hugh

    Ooops! Posted this in the last thread by mistake.

    Epstein’s demise reminds me of the Stalin era story of the famous poet who committed suicide. Someone asked did he have any final message. Yes, came the reply, “Comrades, don’t shoot!”

  14. Chiron

    Did you know about the Franklin scandal and Craig J. Spence? The rabbit hole goes much deeper that that, Epstein definitely worked for a intelligence apparatus and there is many others pedophilia prostitution schemes for powerful people to get them tied together.

    Our chosen elite isn’t going anywhere without a fight.

  15. Ché Pasa

    Speculation and doubt were immediate and rampant upon the announcement of Epstein’s //suicide// this morning. Too convenient, no? We’ll never really know what happened, because likely no one who really knows will be willing to say, or if they are willing, they’re more likely to lie as to tell the truth, and even then, they won’t be believed.

    So what happened doesn’t matter, right? What matters is that he’s dead, and since he’s dead he’s not going to talk — and for a lot of people who matter, it looks like that’s what they wanted.

    What’s interesting to me right now is that somehow the protection he’d enjoyed for decades was suddenly removed by the DOJ. He was put in federal custody, refused bail, and was initially housed with a (former) cop (accused of murder, I believe).

    Why was his protection removed? Who put him on the path to his demise? Who wanted him dead and how much power do they have over prisoners in federal custody?

    Let’s not pretend that Epstein’s death was unforeseen once he was denied the protection he’d had for all those years. It was almost inevitable, whether he died by his own hand or not. In other words, the outcome was foregone. And apparently was desired by some still very powerful people.

    Jeffrey Epstein was never an ordinary procurer, adviser, compère, and whatever else he was to the global elite. There must be lots of ordinary ones. Epstein was clearly special. But…

    Not any more.

  16. DMC

    One has to wonder if Epstein had a “dead man switch” on a bunch of dirt that would go public in the event of his untimely demise. Someone as clever as Epstein evidently was wouldn’t have had a hard time conceiving of and constructing such a thing. If such a thing were “disarmed” in some way and the guilty accomplices KNEW it had been disarmed, then he’s suddenly “touchable”. I’d ask the talented Ms. Maxwell but I’d bet hard cash she’s going to be difficult to reach for a while.

  17. Z

    Epstein probably was running a blackmail ring and also probably had ties to Mossad. When he got into trouble in the U.S., Mossad stepped in and told the U.S. Intelligence that he was an informant and that they had information on U.S. politicians that they’d share with them then and into the future so the U.S. Intelligence told Acosta to back off, just like Acosta said.

    The U.S. Deep State and Mossad want to control the politicians and any information they can get that completely compromises politicians is extremely valuable to them. A lot more valuable to them than the girls that were victimized.


  18. someofparts

    S Brennan: Should have read your post before I put mine up. Jeff Sessions? golly

  19. Rick

    Did he or was he wacked?? The real questions are \”Where are the names? Who has the names? How many edits are there to the list? Which elite faction won or will win?\” The answers are blowin\’ in the wind. Such is the state of humanity.

  20. You know that democracy is dead and gone when the governing class no longer makes any attempt to make its lies believable. The only thing more blatant would be for the governing class to come right out and say, “Yes, we killed him because he knew things.”

    And, accepting the “open thread invitation,” voting for Elizabeth Warren puts another nail in the coffin of democracy, or at least in the second amendment. Rear about her plan at,

  21. I wonder why he flew (or was flown) back to New Jersey when he did and was snagged at the airport. What was it that caused his dance card to be yanked?

  22. Tom

    A big reason we have all these problems is because we can’t even have adult conversations anymore about Israel’s blatant interference in US Politics in violation of FARA and their numerous front groups registrations as 501c Charitable Organizations while raking in profits illegally.

    Question any of that and you’ll be tarred an Antisemite even if you are a Jew and tired of Zionist Ideology hijacking your faith (Leaving aside for now that God of the OT would approve of Zionism) to herd millions of Palestinians into open aired concentration camps.

    Yet we can’t talk about this as adults in a rational manner in most places without starting a major flame war that incinerates the place.

    We can’t even begin to address inequality between the sexes in a rational way because we can’t accept we have hard limits to our biology as this lecture series explains:

    Since we won’t accept our hard biological limits between sexes, we get divided by SJW and Identity Politics which are utterly destructive to our society instead of empowering individuals with the freedom of choice.

    Again this is where an UBI comes in. Give everyone a UBI and an adequate safety net, and they gain the power to say fuck you to the elites. Models don’t have to put up with Misogyny from Big Wigs as they got an UBI and can partner up with other women and pool UBIs to make their own gig. Women who want to stay home and raise kids can do so and that leads to healthier kids who in turn will vote.

    Of course because we can’t have an adult conversation on the issues, we can’t get there yet. We have to go through a series of Burn-the-House-Down Politicians after years of Lesser-Evils fucking over the working class. So we’ll get Marianne Williamson vs Trump, because she can connect, is willing to scrap and leave blood on the floor and she is manipulating the media to advertise for her.

    And don’t quote me the polls, the last few elections showed they are worthless, the sample sizes are too small, and the questions asked will skew the results assuming people answered honestly. After all, all the polls showed Trump Losing, but he won, and won where it counted.

  23. Herman

    It is possible that Epstein just killed himself because he was facing the rest of his life in prison. Not everything is a conspiracy orchestrated by the elite even given Epstein’s connections to rich and powerful people. But it doesn’t matter what the truth is because people will use Epstein as a canvas to paint their own preferred story. I can already see that people on the Internet are saying the Clintons, Trump and the Israelis had him killed depending on the conspiracy theorist’s ideology. Everybody gets to pick their favorite story.

    Epstein’s wealth and power probably had a lot to do with his getting away with deplorable criminality but the same is likely true of O.J. Simpson and a number of other rich and powerful people. Now that Epstein was exposed to the world and facing the possibility of what amounted to life imprisonment he probably decided to kill himself. No need for conspiracy theories about the Clintons or Trump or the International Jewish Conspiracy (this one never seems to die). Although conspiracies do sometimes exist they often don’t and simpler explanations will suffice.


    Frankie Five Angels

  25. Ché Pasa

    Except in this case, it’s not so simple. Starting with conditions inside the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan that mitigate against the suicide of inmates, whether on “watch” or not.

    Since Epstein’s demise, there have been numerous protocol and investigation based news stories that attempt to rationalize his suicide, pointing out that because he wasn’t specifically on official “suicide watch” when he died, it’s at least possible he was able to take his own life, though exactly how is not yet known or understood. Stories have emerged that he was in a single cell alone, in the Special Housing Unit, not under constant watch, and with limited though unspecified access to items which might have enabled his suicide. Those familiar with SHU conditions at MCC and other federal facilities dispute that suicide in SHU custody was possible, but because the public doesn’t have access to information on prison conditions in general, let alone the specific conditions of Epstein’s incarceration, speculation will run wild.

    Which seems to be the point.

    Of course it helps the speculators that Epstein’s death in custody happened on a hot August weekend when news-holes are still being filled with sharks and missing white women, and reporting of other (serious) news is largely in abeyance until After Labor Day.

    Of course there were those unfortunate massacres last weekend and the presidential blundering around trying to show grief and compassion, but… they’re old news, and this particular death in custody has already taken much of the national focus off all that. Whew!

    Remember Epstein was protected from any serious harm as a consequence of his various services — until suddenly and unexpectedly he wasn’t. I don’t have the timeline of events handy, but when Trump’s DOJ ordered his arrest on new sex trafficking charges and he was unexpectedly refused bail, that in essence was his death sentence — and he seemed to know it, to the extent we know anything about how he responded these new challenges to his heretofore charmed life.

    Whether he killed himself or not will probably never be known with certainty, but soon enough, it won’t matter. Summer has only a few more weeks to run, and After Labor Day, we can expect the shit to hit the fan for real. Strap in.

    The ride is going to get rough.


  26. ttu

    Convenience isn’t correlation.

    Someone with a serious personality disorder who is suddenly stripped of all the protections they’d built up over a lifetime, facing an ignominious, scandalous, fearful future might well make a quick decision to seek a quick and somewhat painless end. It could be argued that many people facing changes of this magnitude might act in a similar fashion: If Wall Streeters could kill themselves after 1929 then how much more likely for someone like this to do so? Especially when the rate of suicide in his age cohort has significantly increased.

    Apart from why, as to the question of how it happened there is a huge gulf between acting to bring about a result and not minding if it does come about. Negligence is always in the air, in a sense.

    I do not pretend to know what occurred but I will venture that the apparent collective rejection of suicide as a real possibility in this forum illustrates rather neatly just how poorly understood a catastrophic mental health problem can be.


    Compare & contrast the tremendous, miraculous actually, effort involved in ensuring Sergei & Yulia Skripal survived their Novichok poisoning against ALL odds with Jeffrey Epstein “suiciding” himself after being suspiciously released from suicide watch in one of the most, if not thee most, secure prisons in the DOJ incarceration system. The cameras that would have recorded his alleged suicide were conveniently, miraculously actually, out of order. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeffrey is in Israel right about now and that he didn’t actually commit suicide. Show me the body. Let it be examined by an independent third party of my choosing — someone I know isn’t compromised in any way and who can’t be compromised. You’re damn right I’m a doubting Thomas. How can anyone not be at this juncture?

    They’re this powerful and you think you can vote your way out of the chains they have you in? Epstein is proof, as if you needed any more proof, that American governance is owned by hook & crook and by virtue of that, the owners own you too. If Bernie bucks the ownership arrangement, his fate or anyone’s fate who would challenge it will be, would be, Epstein’s fate.


    I do not pretend to know what occurred but I will venture that the apparent collective rejection of suicide as a real possibility in this forum illustrates rather neatly just how poorly understood a catastrophic mental health problem can be.

    Excellent description of Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, however, the problem with your theory is, he’s still alive and kicking. Back to start you go.

    The quote above, fyi, is the official explanation of Epstein’s alleged miraculous suicide per the Democratic Party. “Nothing to see here, move along like the sheep you are or risk having your name added to the list of subversives to be monitored for potentially radical violent behavior.”

  29. Watt4Bob

    People are speculating that Epstein was killed to prevent his telling names.

    The problem with that explanation is that the names are already known, both from his ‘black book’ which was seized, the numerous photos that show the rich and famous partying with Epstein and of course the testimony of of numerous young victims directly involved.

    Let’s face it we already know who was partaking of Epstein’s moving banquet.

    What we don’t know is what was Epstein actually doing to make money, (money, lying as it does at the heart of this story).

    Epstein obviously had something going on beside blackmail because blackmailers don’t throw parties and make pictures available to public that document the same stuff they are threatening to sell.

    I’d say it was far more likely that Epstein’s ‘Hedge Fund’ was actually involved in money laundering, providing the creepy rich a plausible story as to where their riches come from, not from mob involvement, bribery, theft, gun running, and narco trafficking, but from ‘investing’ in that brilliant Jeffery Epstein’s hedge fund.

    Epstein may have been just another money laundering franchise, from what I hear the mega rich never have enough laundry facilities, and Epstein’s provided unique perks.

    The parties may have been just frosting on the cake.

  30. someofparts

    Someone who has seen the inside of the facility where Epstein was held describes conditions that make suicide impossible:

    Also, since this is an open thread too, check out this explanation of the vast differences in policies and political philosophy between Sanders and Warren:

  31. someofparts

    Also, Epstein was not running any kind of hedge fund. Some guys who actually do manage such funds figured out how he actually got his money:


    The Miami Herald giveth and then taketh away. Even the alleged good guys are not good guys when you get right down to it. As you all know, Julie Brown’s reporting on Epstein the past several years has been intrepid — what investigating should be and once upon a time was. But obviously the Miami Herald will only go so far, up to a point, a boundary if you will, and no further. In fact, it will help provide cover and containment for those who wanted Epstein silenced and more than likely had him silenced. The Miami Herald didn’t have to write this article. It undermines Julie Brown’s excellent investigative reporting up to this point and maybe that’s the point. All Julie Brown’s fearless hard work is now for nothing and it will be business as usual as it always is and will be. There can be no progress without justice and since we know there will be no justice, there will be no progress.

    Epstein Suicide Sparks Fresh Round Of Conspiracy Theories

  33. someofparts

    It looks like they pulled the story from the AP wire, instead of writing it in-house.

    Also, the content of the story itself doesn’t entirely line up with the headline. They cite a number of prominent official sources, who are not conspiracy cranks, calling for an investigation.

  34. Hugh

    I suppose the best defense for how Epstein committed suicide is that we consider our institutions so degraded that if they f*cked up again none of us would be very surprised. On the other hand, if there was anything nefarious, either offing him directly or giving him enough rope to hang himself so to speak, all the conspiracy theories that are now going to abound provide a godsend to anyone wanting to muddy the waters and cover their tracks.

    There is a lot of material to work with because Epstein led a multiply impossible life.

    1. At the ripe old age of 21, he gets a teaching gig at a private school for the rich, Dalton in NYC (1974). He’s bright but has no degree. He’s to teach math and physics. He’s good in math but has no background in physics. He gets hired by Donald Barr, the son of the current Attorney General and Trump’s personal hatchetman. Stories of his interest in underage girls already are showing up. (Completely parenthetical, but still somehow appropriate, Epstein-Barr is also the virus which causes mononucleosis.) After 2 years, he’s canned at Dalton for unknown reasons (1976) but gets one of the parents from Dalton to sponsor him in a new gig at the investment bank Bear Stearns. Naturally, he has no background in finance either. In 4 years he makes limited partner and gets canned a year later for unknown reasons (1981). He spends the next 10 years in various shady, fringe, and in some cases, possibly intelligence related ventures. And of course while all this is going on the underage girl thing of his (and his clients?) continues.

    2. In 1988, he founds his namesake financial management company for clients with a billion in net worth and 3 years later (1991) lands his first and really own known big fish in the person of Leslie Wexner (Victoria’s Secret) who pretty inexplicably for a rapacious billionaire gives Epstein the keys to his financial empire. Again Epstein has no background in this kind of management and as the article that someofparts points out, there is no evidence of any investment strategy or really investments, i.e. management. And by this point, pretty much everybody knows about Epstein, his parties, and the young girls. You would think all this would raise red flags among his whole rich and privileged social milieu, not to mention law enforcement but this all goes on for another 14 years. Culture of impunity, much?

    3. Finally, in 2005, a parent comes forward with a complaint about Epstein concerning her 14 year old daughter. Where were the parents all these years you might ask, but where was everyone else really? The subsequent investigation (Palm Beach, Florida) took 13 months before Epstein was even charged at the state level. (If this had been almost anybody else, initial, placeholder charges would have been made within one to two weeks.) Epstein’s legal team was a who’s who of attorneys who defended powerful but sleazy clients: from wiki, Roy Black who defended William Kennedy Smith on a rape charge, Gerald Lefcourt (Michael Milliken), Alan Dershowitz (OJ and a sometime passenger on the Lolita Express), and Ken Starr (OK, a prosecutor). The chief of police brought in the FBI because he thought the fix was in with the prosecutor. However, as it turned out the fix was in also with the US Attorney Alexander Acosta as well (until this all blew up, Trump’s Labor Secretary). Acosta has said that he was warned off pursuing Epstein because he was “intelligence.” The rest we all know. Epstein pled to a minor state charge in 2008 and got 13 months of sham jail time, a year of probation, and most importantly a non-prosecution agreement with the Feds. This agreement broke US law because Epstein’s victims were not informed of it. But as no one in power saw them as anything other than convenient sex toys, that was unsurprising.

    4. Finally, we have Epstein’s belated arrest via the SDNY on July 6. He may or may not have tried to commit suicide on July 23, and apparently did so on August 10, some 18 days later. Re ttu, I do not know if Epstein had a diagnosable personality disorder. He was pretty clearly a sexual predator. I would agree that people who have acted with impunity, in Epstein’s case, for 45 years, his whole adult life can become depressed and suicidal when their power is taken away, when they lose their power to control others as well as lose control over their own life. This brings up several points. Epstein’s was a very high profile case with dozens of victims. So this kind of power loss dynamic should have been front and center with the people at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. This had to be only further re-enforced by the alleged first suicide attempt. Yet only six days after it, he was taken off suicide watch. What were they thinking? It certainly looks like they were giving him space to get it right. Or as I said at the top, like everything else in our society, nothing really works anymore.

    In any case, none of these four things make any sense. Any one of the first three would be a catastrophe in our lives, but in Jeffrey Epstein’s world they were barely blips, at most nothing more than minor inconveniences. He simply passed from one phase of his life to the next. The only constant was his preying on teenage girls. In none of the descriptions of Epstein have I ever heard that he was charming, interesting, or engaging. Mostly I have only heard that he gave good parties, and that underage girls were at that them. So what I am left with as to the keys to his success are sex and money. They were the attraction, not him.

  35. If you want to see a picture of Donald Trump and Jeff Epstein, together, just

    1) go to
    2) type in : jeff epstein and bill clinton
    3) click the ‘images’ tab

    That’s right – the very first picture you’ll see is of Trump and Epstein. Bill Clinton first appears in photo #2.

    Meanwhile, on twitter, there is a claim that #ClintonBodyCount is being replaced with #TrumpBodyCount in the trending newsfeed;

  36. Ché Pasa

    Rumors continue to swirl around the strange life and (apparent) death of Jeffrey Epstein, one rumor being that he is still alive but in hiding, perhaps in Europe, perhaps in Israel, or… who knows where.

    One possible location for his hideout is rarely mentioned: Zorro Ranch, New Mexico. As it happens, we passed by it yesterday going to and from Santa Fe. In the daytime, there appeared to be an unmarked car patrolling the perimeter, something we haven’t seen before. On our midnight drive past the ranch, we saw the “hacienda” up on the mesa lit up like a grand party was under way, lights on in the staff village at the bottom of the hill as well. Obviously, someone is there, and something is going on, though there have been no reports of Epstein even visiting the ranch for years. But how would anyone know? The airstrip is hidden from view, and comings and goings aren’t announced.

    They say there’s a secure bunker under the gigantic main house. Who knows what might be stored there? Time might not tell…


    That’s interesting, Ché Pasa.

    Maybe Epstein’s Zorro Ranch is now a tourist attraction as is his Little St. James Island.

    Tourists Flock To Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’ In The Caribbean

    Maybe the Metropolitan Correction Center can turn Epstein’s former jail cell into a tourist attraction to help defray the cost of operating the facility and ensure such “negligence” and “incompetence” never happens again to such a high profile prisoner with Kompromat on those who rule the world. They can have Madame Tussauds prepare a was version of Epstein and have him hanging in the jail cell. How cool would that be? People would line up for miles to see it. Such is our world.

  38. Hugh

    Weirder and weirder. Jeffrey Epstein’s hyoid bone was broken. This bone is located in the upper front of the neck. If you act like you are going to strangle yourself, your thumbs are about where the hyoid would be. It is fairly weak and unsurprisingly often broken in strangulations. It is, however, extremely unusual for it to be broken in a hanging, especially of a man. This is because a rope or whatever is usually placed at the base of the front of the neck. Stick a finger in the hollow there and you are likely to feel a slight choking feeling. So this is the natural place for hanging/asphyxiating yourself. Also in males, the Adam’s apple (laryngeal prominence) will tend to keep a rope or similar implement from ascending above it to the level of the hyoid.

    The problem with Epstein’s “suicide” is that the oddities surrounding it keep growing. Taken off suicide watch, no cellmate, not checked in on, broken hyoid bone. If it was only one thing, OK, but here as the French would say, “On exagère.” It’s not that something was done wrong. It’s that nothing was done right, and all this with regard to someone who until his death was the highest profile detainee in the federal prison system.


    So, as it turns out, Epstein was not suicidal afterall and the first incident several weeks prior, where the media portrayed it as Epstein attempting to commit suicide when found unresponsive in his cell, was his cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, roughing him up. Tartaglione no doubt choked Epstein out while he was sodomizing him. How in thee f*ck can anyone in America, at this point, point a finger at Russia about anything. That’s pure projection. All of this Epstein high weirdness is making me sleepy. I think I’ll take a three hour nap just like the two substitute guards allegedly did who were in charge of watching Epstein’s unit when he strangled himself to death.

    Epstein Told Lawyers That Cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione ‘Roughed Him Up’

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