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“It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way” Redux

So last year, I published a collection of essays (free for now) with commentary. They’re clustered around why are world is, in many ways, shit, and what a better world would look like.

I haven’t pushed it much at all, but there are a lot of new readers, and if you enjoy my writing, well, I’ve been writing online for 17 years or so, and these are my picks for some of the most important essays. There are also two essays never published anywhere else, one of which concerns how to evaluate your risk from climate change and the collapse of neoliberalism. (Said collapse having sped up since the book was published.)

Get “It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way” here.

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  1. Thomas B Golladay

    Looks like another coup in Mali is underway, even started in the same base as last time. “Sigh”

  2. Joan

    I got about a third of the way through the book last year and look forward to restarting it.

  3. Dan

    I read most of the book when I initially downloaded it and it remains on my desktop for quick reference, a rare feat for a piece of writing in my crazy world (meaning my crazy head). I normally would have filed it away by now.

    Thank you Ian. I hope to have a few extra dollars to give next month, as I haven’t donated in a while and I feel bad about that.

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