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Idiots get around to noticing that Dems may have problems in mid terms

Seriously. You read the mainstream press or even many blogs, and they notice things only after it’s too goddamn late to do much about it.

I covered this in January and April and July and August of 2009.  Yeah, I told you so is declasse, but goddamn it, I told you so.


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  1. Tom Hickey

    I don’t think that the Dem Establishment see it this way yet. For where they are looking, they see money to finance the campaigns. By practicing crony capitalism, they have garnered a lot of campaign donations and so far their coffers are fuller than the GOP. US politics is corrupt.

  2. nihil obstet

    This weekend the Democrats sent out an email asking that I pledge to vote in November, and forward the email to five friends, with instructions to forward it to five more and so on. I wondered if they had finally noticed that a lot of Democrats aren’t planning to vote this year.

  3. Oh, noes! The neo-con Democratic Party is going to lose some seats to the neo-con Republican Party!

    Holy More-of-the-Same, Batman!

  4. I think that this is something that has been obvious to many in Left Blogistan for some time. I realized by last winter that Democrats were in trouble, and had inklings since early Summer, 2009.

    I suspect that the people who didn’t see it were the ones whose jobs it was to not see it.

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