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How Appropriate that Acorn should file for bankruptcy as Dems take a bath

Dems abandoned Acorn, an organization which had relentlessly registered new voters, based on accusations which were outright lies.  Now Dems lose an election as an organization which had helped them for forty years goes under.

Democrats deserve these losses.  That’s not to say that every Dem does (Feingold, if he loses, for example), but they abandoned their own base, bailed out bankers and didn’t fix the economy.

You reap what you sow, folks.


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  1. B Schram

    I mourn for my home state if Feingold loses. He ran a clean campaign with no attack ads or family money, which probably hurt him. My paltry contribution and phone solicitation was a drop in the ocean. If he goes down it was due to his adherence to principles. I’m not sure which is more disturbing to me. Cut out your base and lose a fool, or lose with honor, what does that say about our current political environment?

  2. anon2525

    After almost two decades of lonely, principled votes, Feingold may lose because of his vote for the Medical-services Protection Act, a vote in which he voted against what he said he believed, shades of Kucinich. That Obama/Emmanuel strategy was brilliant, depending on what goals you think they had in mind.

  3. dude

    I did not vote today. I think the Dems did not deserve my time having let me down, so I return the favor. I do not believe the argument “you’re only hurting yourself if you abstain”. I believe the Dems need to feel the pain of losing their liberal supporters, or else complete their duplicity and become the twins of Republicans.

    As for the talk about Feingold, I am not a fan of his. I don’t care at all if he goes down. Grayson—that is another matter.

  4. Don’t forget about the Dems’ neglect of unions. Honestly, Obama must want to be a one-termer.

  5. Notorious P.A.T. — Or possibly an R mole.

  6. Formerly T-Bear

    Some excellent company for Cicero.

    The price of worship at the altar of Political Corruption.

    The tree of Liberty is watered again with the life-blood of integrity.

    The nation built upon ephemeral belief, like the house built on sand, will not endure the whirlwinds of adversity.

    *vox clamantis in deserto*

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