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Happy New Year

I hope 2016 was good for you, and I hope 2017 is better.


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  1. V. Arnold

    To Ian and all; may this coming new year (2017) find you well and sufficient for your needs and occasional good cheer.

  2. I’ve been generally optimistic about Trump.

    However, this week I was reminded of the ‘chastisement’ that the world was warned about , via somewhat famous (at the time) Marian apparitions. (Regarding which: I read over 40 years ago, in “Fatima Prophecy” by psychic Ray Stanford, would be due to a “COSMIC solar event”)

    Dr. Paul LaViolette ( bio here: , has theorized and researched cosmic ray bombardments that have galactic (not solar) origin. See his predictions and supporting evidence here: (Note there’s a page 2).

    On Dec. 29, LaViolette uploaded an article that suggests that 2017 will be the most likely year of the fulfillment of the Fatima prophecy. LaViolette also believes that this will take the form of a galactic (or “cosmic”, as Stanford put it) bombardment.

    Ref: “Will a Superwave Arrive in 2017?”


    The plot PERHAPS thickens because Congress FINALLY has begun to address threats from “space weather”. (Previous efforts by Congress to deal with potentially CATASTROPHIC “space weather” threats to infrastructure stalled.)


    “For space weather, the White House National Space Weather Strategy and its accompanying Action Plan—both released by the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) in Oct. 2015—and the “Space Weather Research and Forecasting Act”—approved by a Senate committee in April 2016—represent the two main efforts to coordinate and codify the federal government’s space weather research and preparedness activities. For both space weather and EMPs, the “Critical Infrastructure Protection Act”—which the House passed in Nov. 2015 and a Senate committee approved with some differences in May 2016—and several provisions in other bills which recently became law comprise Congress’ primary recent efforts to enhance preparedness to both phenomena.”

    Did somebody whisper into Congress’ ear about not just threats from direct hits of solar flares, but also galactic traumas, which (according to LaViolette) are even more dangerous, even if rarer???

    After all, LaViolette (and others) have predicted that the particle bombardments are preceded by (light speed) gamma ray bombardment, and galactic origin gamma ray bombardments were detected in 1997:

    “Verification (1997): Astrophysicists detected a strong gamma ray pulse arriving from a galaxy billions of light years away having a redshift of 3.4 (see Prediction No. 13 below). Mainstream media, such as Sky & Telescope magazine, suggested that this gamma ray pulse may be accompanied by a volley of high energy cosmic ray particles travelling at very close to the speed of light along a rectilinear trajectory and that the gamma ray pulse is produced by the radial outward movement of this volley. In effect, they were restating the same Galactic superwave idea that LaViolette had proposed 14 years earlier in the face of stiff resistance from mainstream astronomers.”

    A couple more references


    I conclude with a sure-fire prediction: Either via Trump or galactic superwave impact, 2017 will be a very interesting year!

  3. markfromireland

    Happy New Year Ian to you and yours.

  4. realitychecker

    Wishing a happy and more enlightened year to all.

  5. markfromireland

    Before the New Year thread gets too old and because some temptations are irresistible here is “2017 the trailer” for the edification and delight of all the gloomsters that frequent the site:

  6. White Buffalo Calf Woman

    I’m “happy”, for now. At least it’s not Killery. But, yes, I’m already growing very discouraged…except for Bolton and his mustache. That was funny.

    Such theater!

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