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Happy New Year

I hope my readers had a good holiday season, and that your 2014 is better than 2013 was for you.  Unless you were heavily invested in the stock market, or German, 2013 was a generally lousy year for most people in the Western world.

In the new year I’ll be making some decisions about how much, and what, to blog in 2014.  The last few months of 2013 saw some major pieces on ideology, global warming and the history of our devolution to the semi-permanent crisis we’re in and the response to those articles was excellent, but they are a great deal of work.

On a personal level, 2013 was mostly about improving my health, and it’s quite a bit better than it was this time last year, so I’m grateful for that.

Take care of yourselves, and may the Fates be kind.



Women in combat


The Death Bet


  1. Adams

    Hope you continue sharing your insights on morality, the human condition and the good life well lived. Also on other more mundane, less meta- matters like the economy, state-sponsored murder and torture, and the decline of the American Empire. Almost makes up for the loss of MANAS, which I still mourn when going over old issues. (Clarification for the age impaired, this is very high praise.)

    Looking forward to the publication of your book, or acquisition of the samizdat version.


  2. nihil obstet

    Hope you have a Happy New Year, characterized by very good health. I do appreciate your posts. Thank you for undertaking the work.

  3. alyosha

    Best wishes, Ian. Glad to read about your improving health.

  4. Celsius 233

    HNY Ian; thanks for your efforts/work. Your threads of the last few months have been especially fruitful.
    On a philosophical note, I see nothing that gives me optimism for our collective future.
    On a personal note, life is good and wishing you the best as well.

  5. someofparts

    Best new year wishes to you as well. Glad to hear your health is better. Hope the improvement continues in 2014. Thanks as well for all your good work on this website. I’ll be at the front of the line to get your book and will continue to read everything you post. Now excuse me while I go google MANAS.

  6. Thank you, Ian, for your New Year wishes and for your many wonderful, thought-provoking posts. Cent’anni a tutti quanti!

  7. S Brennan

    Best Wishes Ian, thank you for your hard work!

  8. Jeff W

    Best wishes for the new year in 2014, Ian! I really appreciate your amazing insights and all your hard work. Thanks!

  9. kj1313

    Thanks for everything you do Ian and glad to hear about your improved health.

  10. Formerly T-Bear

    Appreciate your efforts in the year ended and anticipate what may appear in the year ahead. Let no one claim you have not ended the year with the world a somewhat better place than it was upon entering that year. Few indeed are those who can do so. All the best……….

  11. David

    Living in a Rich Society was the best thing I’ve had the pleasure of reading all year. Thank you for taking time to write, I’ve learned a lot from you and am looking forward to what you have in store for 2014. Happy new year :]

  12. markfromireland

    Coming late to this party :-).

    Great news about your health. I wish you a year of continued improvements. Healthy, wealthy, and wise. Well two out of three ain’t bad and you’ve got a whole year in which to get rich :-).


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