We have raised approximately $4,940. This includes ongoing subscriptions (multiplied by three).

As $5,000 is the goal for writing ten non-fiction book reviews on books I consider important to understand the world, we’ll certainly reach that.

The next goal is $8,000 for an additional six reviews.

If we make $11,000, I’ll write a booklet about how readers can improve their thinking about the state and future of the world. Most people are very bad system thinkers, especially when prejudices are engaged, so I’ll try to distill and teach what I’ve learned over the past, well, almost 30 years, and which allowed me to predict that the next President after Obama would be a right-wing authoritarian populist, or the month and year of the financial collapse, as well as various other events, past and to come.


I fund-raise not just to determine these goals, however, but to determine, in general, how much time I should put into writing for my blog. Simply put, the more people give, the more I can justify writing. If people won’t give, it tells me I should spend my time doing other things. (If I were wealthier, I could ignore such survival concerns. I’m not, so I can’t.)

Finally, if you are in financial straits yourself, with difficulty paying for rent, food, or healthcare, please don’t give. Take care of yourself, with my best wishes and hope that your future is better than your present.


Oh, also, if you prefer to donate with Crypto, options are at the bottom of the donation page.