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Fundraising Update: Two-thirds of the way to 2 Significant Articles a week

In the last two days, we’ve raised $2,000 in one time donations, and $105 in recurring donations (which count triple).

Thank you.  I am humbled.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure if we’d raise more than a few hundred dollars.

The first tier is $3000, we’ve raised $2,315, so we’re quite close.  we’re about a third of the way to the second tier at 6K, which would be a post every weekday, at least.


I’ve also put up a new piece on the four principles of prosperity, if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet.


The Four Principles of Prosperity


Increasing the Minimum Wage


  1. Adam

    Not seeing CAD donation buttons here:

    Will be happy to donate in USD, but I (and presumably you) would prefer to use CAD.


  2. Ian Welsh

    They Canadian $ buttons are near the bottom, above the address and unsubscribe.

  3. Texas Nate

    Wish I could give more! Hope we can make it to daily Ian! Again I’ll double my subscription fee for moderated comments (no name calling).

  4. How do I email you?

  5. Jeff W

    Montanamaven: Look on the About page.

    I just gave, Ian—an amount not at all commensurate with the enjoyment and insight I get from your blog. Thanks for your posts and for the opportunity to show our appreciation!

  6. The Tragically Flip

    Donating. First time actually. Some small corner of the indy netroots needs to survive.

  7. Douglas McElroy

    Glad to donate – I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to support you directly before (I think I gave to the Agonist on a few occasions). I’ve been following you since BOP news – probably ten years or more. As someone else said, my donation level is not commensurate with what I get from your writing. I wanted to get something on the books, but I’ll be looking to see if something more fits in the budget (I subscribed).

    There are only a few who can write with the sort of depth and breadth that you do. I know that long-form blogging is a bit out of vogue now, but it has always been my preference as a consumer. Early on I looked for those who could synthesize and integrate information from a wide variety of sources and disciplines to give holistic analysis. It’s what I would do if I had the time and (more importantly) the capacity. Unfortunately, my brain seems to be wired as a bit of a dilettante – interested in many things, but not able to retain the depth of detail that I would like.

    You don’t have that limitation, and I appreciate your work. If I could only recommend one person to read to my friends, it would be you – provided I thought they were a good match in terms of temperament (I fall pretty solidly on the more ‘idealistic’ end of the social/political spectrum and am quite liberal).

    Anyway, thanks for what you do!

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