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Corbyn Loses No Confidence Vote 172-40 but Vows to Stay

Picture of Jeremy Corbyn

Picture of Jeremy Corbyn

I hope to hell he means it.

So, the MPs have enough votes to trigger another leadership contest. Most likely, Corbyn would win it, though if they put up just one candidate against him the rebels might win.

Of course, if Corbyn wins, mandatory re-selection of all MPs must be enacted immediately. He can’t run a Labour party in which 80 percent of the MPs won’t work with him.

I wrote, right after Corbyn was elected, the following:

So, you voted for Corbyn. You’re a Labour party member, old or new. What MUST you do to have Corbyn’s back?

Because, be clear, he will fail without you. He will lose. He and his few allies within the Labour party cannot win this fight alone. He will be destroyed by lack of cooperation, scandals, and engineered crises. The vast majority of all media coverage will be negative, etc.

If Labour wants a left-wing leader like Corbyn, they must re-elect him and get rid of the MPs. That will probably cause the MPs to form their own party; so be it.

No one who had Corbyn’s politics would not have faced the same coup, no one. This isn’t about Jeremy, it is about Labour’s refusal to follow left-wing politics.

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  1. It gives the Tories time to put it together. They want to plaster the Labourites.

  2. Hugh

    Discredited political classes, fractured parties, united only in their defense of an elitist, kleptocratic status quo and contemptuous rejection of even moderate reforms and reformers. Meanwhile over in the UK….

  3. edmondo

    Bernie Sanders must be thanking his lucky stars that he lost. He would have faced the same kind of rejection/rebellion had he been the nominee.

  4. Kfish

    How on earth are there this many wannabe Tories in the UK’s Labour party? It’s making the Australian Labour Party look like a well-disciplined unit!

    More generally, is party discipline a virtue found more often on the right wing?

  5. jump

    shit,that was fast.
    Where’s the money trail?

  6. Tom

    Well he better actually fight back and not take it in the ass like Bernie did. And I mean fight, take the battle against the rebels unlike the War vote last year and fucking mean it.

    Otherwise he should step aside for someone who will fight.

  7. Some Guy

    Well said, Hugh.

    The Brits brought in Mark Carney as Central Bank governor, maybe if they can get Corbyn out, Labour can recruit Michael Ignatieff to come in as leader, I can’t think of a better candidate for them.

    It sure is a long way down, isn’t it?

  8. Lef

    Good post, and great posts overall. I read your blog because you think.

  9. V. Arnold

    Doesn’t the Chilcott Report come out in 2 weeks?
    That should give Corbyn plenty of ammunition against the Blairites, no?
    The no confidence vote has no standing, so it’s irrelevant.
    Check out this;

  10. Paul

    Those Labour members I know – myself included – are ready for this fight. I hope he stays, though the pressure must be enormous.

    With our first past the post system we don’t need two neoliberal parties to choose between. We need to get the neoliberals out of Labour and give the country some choice – which ever way they choose both short and long term.

  11. fenris23

    You seem downright prescient today. Because this “crisis” looks awfully engineered to me.

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