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Charlie Hebdo and the Moral Moment

Everyone has to prove their moral rectitude by acting as horrified as possible and saying things like “there was no excuse”.


There are worse things happening around the world every day.  Mass murders, rape, torture, starvation.  A lot of these things are the result of government policy and affect far more people, systematically.

We don’t run around screaming “no excuse” about most of that, we get on with our lives: eating well, having sex, doing our jobs.

(And do we all remember when the US was targeting journalists in Iraq?  Hmmmm?)

There is no excuse for much of what happens in the world, including much graver crimes like, oh, the Iraq war, or jailing non-violent drug offenders, or systematic racism, or shoveling money to the rich causing inequality which has been proven to have devastating effects on people’s health and happiness (and which thus, for the statistically impaired, kills far more people.)

All of these things are far more serious than the Charlie Hebdo attack.  (Moral Moment disclaimer: yes, they were horrible and inexcusable.)

These moments are used to rally us around shit that is not as important as systematic injustice: more people are dying or suffering because of government policies and wars; because of corporate malfeasance, than are dying because of Jihadists in Europe, who kill hardly anyone in comparison. (If you don’t believe this, you don’t understand basic statistics.)

These moments distract people from what matters; from the people who will really kill them or impoverish them or enact policies which will see them raped or tortured: the rulers of their own countries.

As for the Charlie Hebdo attackers, while nothing excuses what they did, note that without the Iraq war (a far more inexcusable act which killed and is still killing far more people), they would probably never have been radicalized and the Charlie cartoonists would still be publishing cartoon sodomy.

(That’s a reason; and a probable cause, not an excuse. But half the people who read this won’t be able to understand the distinction.)

If you want peace, work for Justice.  – Paul VI

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The Effect of the Charlie Hebdo Attacks Will Be Less Freedom


  1. Everythings Jake

    2 things:

    1/ The murders we have perpetrated in the Middle East are no less fueled by belief in ideology than these. Our unshakeable belief that it is our manifest destiny to spread free market capitalism everywhere (aka assist our corporations with the rape and conquest of countries).

    2/ While Bill Maher bleats, Juan Cole’s assessment that the attack’s purpose is to force an overreaction against the Muslim community to drive up low recruitment numbers is one of the more jarringly interesting things no one will ever hear told in the mainstream media.

  2. cripes

    Yes, yes and yes.
    Mentioned to co-worker discussing this that fallu*g*ah was the biggest terrierist attack of the 21st century and he just kind of took it in…maybe he’s thinking about it. I’m never happy about people being hurt, anywhere, but think we must approach anything in MSM with maximum scrutiny. There is no such thing as news events outside of propaganda, hasn’t been for decades. Only question is: can we establish any reliable facts? I start from the premise all is suspect.

    Still I wonder what to make of it, in light of so many other staged events. For the 9-‘lven doubters, well, just think of gladio…

    What do you think of this link?

    Supposedly this is the key moment in video.
    Watch the slo-mo.
    I don’t see a drop of liquid anywhere?

  3. adrena

    The Jihadists keep the western war machine going. Anti-muslim hysteria is very profitable.

  4. markfromireland

    What do you think of this link?

    I think it’s crap it’s perfectly possible for there to be no exit wound in a head shooting.
    It’s also entirely possible to be headshot and not to jerk or spasm as a result particularly if there was a lot of yaw as the bullet entered. Doesn’t make you any the less dead, or the person who shot you any the less a killer – or in this case a murderer.


  5. adrena

    If you want peace, work for Justice. – John Paul VI

    -Work toward achieving economic equality
    -Include the topics “Understanding Cultures” and “Promoting Cultural Integration” in the school curriculum. This is to reduce fear of “The Other”, a common human trait.
    -Encourage moderate Islamists living in the west to root out the extremists among them.
    -Ask Muslim countries to do more than to offer condolences to France.
    Take an example from Iran

    Feel free to add to the list.

  6. markfromireland

    Well as Stalin remarked Ian, once the numbers get large enough they become statistics and nothing more. Stalin was a very astute observer of humanity.


  7. adrena

    Damn, I don’t understand why the links don’t work.

    The title of the article in al arabiya is ” ‘Iran saved Baghdad from falling to ISIS,’ says Iraqi MP”

  8. markfromireland

    @ adrena January 10, 2015

    I think this was the link you intended? Yours doesn’t seem to work:

    ‘Iran saved Baghdad from falling to ISIS,’ says Iraqi MP – Al Arabiya News

    It is worth considering the source – “Hadi al-Ameri, a former minister who commands the Badr militia” that would be the Hadi al-Ameri who returned from exile in Iran along with Abdul Aziz al-Hakim and who has had a major part in running the Iranian trained, armed, and funded Badr Brigades/Badr Organisation ever since.

    The al-Arabiya story is just one of many reporting a chorus from ISCI politicians and ISCI death squad leaders such as al-Ameri talking up the importance of Iranian interventions against ISIS.

    I’m not not denying that there’s been Iranian intervention and I’m not denying that such intervention(s) are important. But nevertheless sometimes you need to consider the source which in this case is somebody who has a vested interest in talking up Iranian involvement and its importance.


  9. adrena


    Thanks for the info

    Notwithstanding the dubious affiliations, I don’t see anything wrong with an ISCI politician talking up Iranian involvement and its importance.

    I’m prepared to disregard the negatives in order to celebrate the hugely positive outcome.

  10. Ian Welsh

    MFI, your comment “what do you think of this link” doesn’t have one. I checked the comment itself from admin, but it’s not a case of malformed html.

  11. markfromireland

    Sorry I phrased it clumsily Ian the “what do you think of this link” was me quoting from cripes’ comment

    Cripes linked to a video that purports to show how the murder of the Ahmed Merabet did not take place. My response was to explain why I thought video at the cripes’ link is crap.


  12. adrena

    On second thought, now that I’ve read more about the Badr militia, I can see where you’re coming from.

    Saving Baghdad from ISIS, is about preventing Sunnis from inflicting sectarian violence on the Shia: The Shia want to maintain the upper hand in administering violence to the Sunni population in Iraq.

  13. markfromireland

    @ adrena January 10, 2015

    What hugely positive outcome would that be adrena? There was never much likelihood that ISIS would attack Baghdad and even less that such an attach would succeed.

    The death squads commanded by al-Ameri saw to that when they transformed Baghdad from a multi-sect city albeit one with a Sunni majority into one from which most of the Sunni fled in terror for their lives. The Shi’i millitias that now control the place may not be very good at high speed open country manoeuvre warfare of the type that so far has provided ISIS with it’s victories but they are very good at house to house street to street fighting and have proved it repeatedly. The core of ISIS are the very people that Shi’i militias such Badr, JAM, and the Promised Day Brigades, have defeated repeatedly.


  14. DMC

    If you want peace, work for Justice. – John Paul VI

    I’m betting that’s either Paul VI or one of the 2 John Pauls (though it sounds like John XXIII).

    There, my inner compulsive pedant is mollified.

  15. markfromireland

    @ DMC January 10, 2015 It’s Paul VI in 1972.

    But it is precisely from this place that the invitation we give to celebrate Peace resounds as an invitation to practise Justice: “Justice will bring about Peace” (Cf: Is 32:17). We repeat this today in a more incisive and dynamic formula: “If you want Peace, work for Justice”.

    The full thing is here Message V Day of Peace 1972


  16. Ian Welsh

    Thanks MFI, corrected and link added into post.

  17. markfromireland

    Many thanks Ian.


  18. Andre

    Opus Iustitia Pax, Peace the work of justice!

  19. cripes

    @markfromireland — “the video is crap”? funny, it’s the same one the MSM has broadcast. It doesn’t “purport” anything, it just zooms in, slo-mo and repeats the scene so viewers can judge for themselves. Bullet yaw at point blank range. Not likely. No exit wound from ak-47 at point blank range? Clearly seen is discharge onto pavement. so, is that a miss, or a through shot with no spatter? Are you seeing what you’re told or seeing what you’re seeing?

  20. Twelve killed in france by terrorists invokes total outrage which fills the media for days. Three dozen innocents participating in a wedding party killed by an American air strike deserves, at most, a passing mention on a back page. As Ian discussed earlerr, some lives matter, some don’t, and as he points out here while some murderous acts are horrific and shock the concience, some are just the daily business of war.

  21. cripes

    Ian is right about one thing: I didn’t see half the outrage when 2,200 slaughtered in gaza months ago with help from our gov. (disclaimer: i deplore violence, pointing out hypocrisy here) also strange is the number of western-bred, well-funded and well-laundered”islammists” filling the ranks of isil. Considering 70% of terrierist cases in US are funded and organized by po-lice operatives, is france so different? Whatever did happen in paris, it’s prudent to ask who is pulling strings, supplying gear and who benefits. After 50 years of false flags, gladio’s twenty-year trail of staged slaughters, skepticism of the official narrative is hardly irresponsible.

  22. markfromireland

    I’ve seen plenty of people shot cripes and I think that that video is crap. I’ve also explained why I think it’s crap.

    It starts by making an allegation and then it shows a shooting again and again and again with the word bullshit being repeated every time the shooting is shown then it shows the shooting in slow motion with a statement that ‘proves’ no such shooting took place.
    It’s crap.

    You believe crap if you want to I’m not interested in crap from a site that seemingly promotes crap and nothing but crap.

    (For the rest of us – just take a look at their marquee on the front page to see what I mean.

    You’ll find it here:

    Now apart from the enjoyably retro design which took me back a couple of decades to some of the worst angelfire monstrosities. I mildly enjoyed the portentuous crap that the planet is “transcending into a 4th energy density”, the “secret moonbases and secret martian bases” crap was also moderately amusing. But I don’t think I’ll buy the anti-radiation from your cellphone crap that they’re flogging nor will I buy this crap.


  23. markfromireland

    @ Bill H January 10, 2015 What did you expect? A presumed bubble of immunity got punctured such events invariably scare the shite out of the chattering classes. This was a man bites dog story the mass deaths caused by business as usual aren’t worth even a passing mention.


  24. JustPlainDave

    Having reviewed the video frame by frame, it looks to me from the geometry of the shot to be a miss, at minimum missing the central part of the cranium and I think probably a complete miss. In order not to over-penetrate with 7.62 X 39 at that range, a regular issue round would have to misfire in some way (I guess it’s maybe possible some sort of weapons malfunction might bleed enough pressure off to slow the round sufficiently, but I’m having difficulty thinking of what the malfunction would plausibly be – and, in any case, that would fail to explain the level of impact debris from the sidewalk).

    Unrelatedly, I find quite magnetic levels of irony in the quotation from Paul VI. My inner historian is bemused.

  25. Other than you forgot Gay love, Flag burning, and Abortion, as distractions, yeah absof*ckinlutely.

  26. cripes

    justplaindave examines the video and draws his conclusions based on his observations. I agree it looks like a total miss, but didn’t say it in order to learn what an objective person saw.

    markfromireland won’t consider anything he sees because he doesn’t like the website hosting it, which I have never seen and don’t endorse. Fallacy of credibilty doesn’t really apply to a video. Oooh, and it’s retro! Cover my eyes!

    I think some things can’t be thunk, and some thinks must be thunk to keep thinking like we thunk.

  27. Which while are important, are less so, than my foot on fire, as, example.

  28. EGrise

    I agree with JPD, that looks like a near-miss. But to MFI’s point (I think) bullets are apt to do all sorts of weird things and don’t always act as one would expect. For all we know fragments of the sidewalk actually killed the victim. An autopsy report of the police officer would be useful, but I can’t find any information online as yet.

    What’s more interesting to me is the worldview of someone like an Alex Jones or this Day fellow who believes all sorts of weird fringe stuff but fundamentally cannot/will not believe anything reported here in consensus reality; *everything* becomes a deception or “another false flag event.” What do they hope to accomplish by this?

  29. ks

    (That’s a reason; and a probable cause, not an excuse. But half the people who read this won’t be able to understand the distinction.)

    Good on you Ian for giving them more credit than they deserve but, we both know they understand the distinction. They just don’t want to face it. Hence the torrent of hostile defensiveness, diversions and denials your posts like these usually receive from them.

  30. cripes

    Well, yes, that’s the thing. There is much opportunity for intemperate, wild-eyed speculation. I don’t know the answers, but I know better than to believe the television because it’s turned on.

    On the other hand, if our alternative is to believe “consensus reality” as presented to us by western intelligence agencies, well, that’s a fool’s errand.

    In 1946 “Irgun and Haganah terrorists, disguised as Arabs, set off seven large demolition bombs in the basement of the King David Hotel, which was the base for the British Secretariat and the military command in British-occupied Palestine. Ninety-one people were killed, most of them staff of the secretariat.”

    Pat Buchanan, who is no hero of mine, reminds us that zion*sts celebrate the attack to this day:
    “Rubbing our noses in our own cravenness, “Bibi” Netanyahu took time out, a week ago, from his daily appearances on American television denouncing terrorism to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the terror attack on the King David Hotel by Menachem Begin’s Irgun, an attack that killed 92 people, among them British nurses.

    This was not a terrorist act, Bibi explained, because Irgun telephoned a 15-minute warning to the hotel before the bombs went off. Right. And those children in that basement in Qana should not have ignored the Israeli leaflets warning them to clear out of southern Lebanon.

    Our Israeli friends appear to be playing us for fools.” Indeed.

    Considering the potential for staged attacks implicating ay-rabs to gain political advantage after the French parliament voted overwhelmingly to recognize the state of Palestine is only responsible inquiry.

    Beware consensus reality.

  31. V. Arnold

    Bullet yaw is a common fact, especially at close range. Some calibers are also known to yaw on impact. Bullets, depending on many factors, do not always exit a barrel fully stabilized. This can take tens of meters before full stabilization.
    This is my experience as a long time target and competitive shooter. I have hand loaded many thousands of rounds of rifle and pistol ammunition.
    My money goes with MFI…

  32. Lisa FOS

    MFI: Hit the nail on the head again. ISIS, at its current level of skill, is showing its limitations (from a purely technical military point of view). While adept as high speed 3G warfare stuff, the ‘sticky’ urban environment has ground them to a halt basically.

    I agree that they had zero chance of taking Bahgdad. Though if they had been smarter some slashing fast attacks on targets of high propaganda value might have been possible, like the US Embassy, before pulling out. Hitting the airport would have been another, seemingly logical, move, the fact that they didn’t do that causes me to raise an eyebrow.

    The question is whether they will follow the hinting and ‘herding’ they are being given by the US, Turkey, SA, Israel, etc. Which is to get back to taking over Syria? They seem to have hit their Iraq limits, but they are being given clear incentives to get back to attacking Syria (such as Israel clearing the Golan for AQ and them).

    Going back to the overall western/SA/Turkey/Israel ‘strategy’ they all would be very happy if IS gets back to Syria and then Lebanon. The only real area of disagreement between them is over the northern Kurds, which Turkey and SA would love to be exterminated. The southern Kurds are a total ‘no go’ area given US and Israeli involvement there. But internal politics means the US can’t really, though it would prefer to, allow that to happen.

    So if the Turks can come to the party and give up their Kurdish wet dreams, and IS takes the hint and goes full stream at Syria, then the money, weapon, logistic, medical, etc spiggots will open up for them in a real big way.

    I see a start of the propaganda move for US/Israeli/Turkish bombing of Syria happening again to clear the way for IS, this time over ‘nuclear’ weapons, this ballon just being flown recently (in that mouthpice Der Speigal). When Kerry starts jumping up and down over it then we will know it is a goer.

    So the strategic and tactical balance has shifted against IS now. They blew a chance for some more big actual and propaganda wins and are now being squeezed into compliance by the ‘allies from hell’. Then again, they have shown quite a capacity for surprise so the ‘allies’ might not want to congratulate themselves too quickly.

  33. Lisa FOS

    One thing these ‘geniuses’ in the respective ‘deep states’ haven’t really thought through; what will Russia do? If Putin was prepared in 2013 to force a showdown between the USN and the Russian Navy over the then planned Syrian bombing, what will he do over a new one coming up? There is a sensible logic for Russia to ‘fight over there’, rather than closer to home.

    While Russia has zero love for SA and would love to give the US a real black eye, there is the Turkish dimension for them to consider. Strategically prising Turkey from the west would be a win of enormous proportions. But, Turkey would have to come to the party in a major way, such as giving Russia a naval base, before he could abandon Syria.

    So that is the ‘elephant in the room’ at the moment.

  34. aliena

    As the French say: si ma tante en avaient on l’appellerait mon oncle… (if my aunt had balls, I’d call her uncle). That’s basically what you are saying when you write that without the Iraq war, they would probably never have been radicalized.

    If you suppose many things, all may be possible. You are shifting the blame again.
    But Wahhabism doesn’t need war to be an abject and violent form of Islam.

    And after ranking lives, you keep ranking events. You do not justify the intolerable with the unspeakable. What kind of person do that?

  35. JustPlainDave

    V. Arnold, what you say is true, but with this particular cartridge at this range, I don’t see these being significant factors – ballistically, this is a pretty retro bullet. Quite beyond that, even if the danged thing somehow turned a tight right angle on leaving the muzzle, that’s still one hell of a lot of scrubbed off energy for cranial structures to contain. Everything I’ve ever covered in terminal ballistics says significant pressure fractures to the skull for cartridges of this power at this range – and yaw/precession would only boost inter-cranial pressures and increase over-penetration.

  36. cripes

    There is a dubious tendency to accept the official story about internet-radicalized izlamists, etc. simply emerging from nowhere to stage these attacks in Quebec, Sydney, Paris etc, that is hard to swallow. I think it doesn’t go far enough to say “without Iraq, there would be no” (charlie hebdo, ad infinitums); perhaps the causation is more direct than that:

    “The implications of yet another case of Western-radicalized terrorists, first exported to fight NATO’s proxy war in Syria, then imported and well-known to Western intelligence agencies, being able to carry out a highly organized, well-executed attack, is that the attack itself was sanctioned and engineered by Western intelligence agencies themselves,. This mirrors almost verbatim the type of operations NATO intelligence carried out during the Cold War with similar networks of radicalized militants used both as foreign mercenaries and domestic provocateurs. Toward the end of the Cold War, one of these militant groups was literally Al Qaeda – a proxy mercenary front armed, funded, and employed by the West to this very day.”

    Paris Shooters Just Returned from NATO’s Proxy War in Syria

  37. V. Arnold

    @ JustPlainDave
    January 11, 2015

    I’ve not watched the video, nor am I going to; I’ve pretty much had my fill of graphic and violent death thanks to a bloodthirsty media.
    The 7.62×39 round is copper jacketed lead, cored with a steel penetrator. It is widely known for its penetration abilities.
    As I haven’t watched the video I cannot really analyze the situation, but, with MFI’s experience in combat theaters, I’ll defer to his analysis.

  38. Formerly T-Bear

    Oh Joy! Just what the world needs more of – violence porn – slow-moed, dissected frame by frame, repeated endlessly. I also refuse to watch what will doubtlessly become another theory of some conspiracy. Instead, I think I shall just wait until all the reports are in, it shouldn’t take that much time to ascertain the facts as far as they can be known and only then try to find some interpretation or conclusion that fits those facts then available. All else is trash in, trash …, and life is too short for that.

    A quick word about other popular conspiracy theories. In Dallas there were three shots fired, three wounds inflicted and one spent bullet was never found. An easy list can be made for all possible narratives from those facts. In NY at WTC, video clearly shows the initial collapse of a fire engulfed floor, the volume expelled from broken windows in a uniform pattern. That initial collapse was effectively that of free fall. The mass that had previously been supported was significantly greater than what engineering tests ever envisioned occurring. The conclusions drawn to support any conspiracy theory are bereft of facts. This goes for #7 WTC as well. Video clearly shows a crack in the visible face before the collapse began indicating some manner of structural failure preceding collapse. A fierce fuel fed fire had raged for hours beforehand and had spread to distant parts of the structure by the time of collapse. A recording contemporaneous of fire department communications indicated noises were being heard issuing from the building and the officer was declining to send his men into the structure sometime in the early afternoon that day. Those conspiracy theories are complete BS, particularly those ignoring a physical character of steel in that it begins loosing its strength against deformation at about 500ºF. At the Pentagon, most security cameras were most likely of low-definition, low speed variety operating intermittently. It is most unlikely any would be operating at the moment before the plane flew into the building but one happened to capture some ambiguous image. The conjectures that were made from the partial information contained enter into fiction. About the only conjecture derived from these theories worth considering is that the planes were operated through some external control devise but that evidence is long gone and any tracks of electromagnetic nature disappeared into the æther long ago. Any time information is incomplete does not automatically mean there is no rational explanation to be uncovered. Please sell your conspiracy theories elsewhere, thanks.

  39. cripes

    Nothing to see here, move along.
    That terra suspects seem to emanate from nato-backed jeehadist trainees is just coinkidink.
    And gladio didn’t stage numerous attacks, bombing train stations, “carried out by the
    Italian stay-behind army and right wing terrorists on orders of the CIA in order
    to discredit the Italian Communist Party (PCI).”
    And the CIA doesn’t manage the news through their friends in the press and do script rewrites for hollywood.
    That would be paranoia.

  40. H.A. Hellyer د. إتش @hahellyer
    If Muslims worldwide have to apologise for #CharlieHebdo, do Muslims worldwide have to be congratulated for #LassanaBathily? Just checking.
    12:15 PM – 10 Jan 2015

  41. JustPlainDave

    V. Arnold, my well informed view is that Mark is mistaken in this instance because of the particular specifics in this situation. I agree that terminal ballistics is more variable than people imagine – if one wants to speak of what would happen with a bullet from a modern military round, from a distance, being driven out of a shorter barrel, I would find it much more plausible. However, this round, this range, this weapon, this body structure, from this aspect – one is just not going to see failure to over-penetrate. There’s too much energy in the system here. The only way it would happen is if the energy carried by the bullet was somehow significantly lower than normal.

    Quite apart from all this, one can clearly see the spall kicked up from the round hitting the sidewalk. Either: a) the round missed the guy (my view), or b) it over-penetrated. A reconstruction that says there was no over-penetration: 1) requires non-standard conditions (e.g., low power round, weapons malfunction / misfire, etc.), and 2) discards signature that doesn’t fit. That’s not good analytical practice.

  42. JustPlainDave

    And just to be clear, the above does not lead into another chorus of “false flag”. Anytime you see a commentator pulling out that particular trope, it’s a sign they’re integrating with world view not analyzing.

  43. cripes

    Precisely. That the video appears to demonstrate a miss or near-miss is ballistic evidence, nothing more. That the MSM has trumpeted this as a gory execution without examining it further doesn’t inspire trust. The representations of known liars in the french or us government should be regarded accordingly. We’ll see.

  44. adrena


    The implications of yet another case of Western-radicalized terrorists, first exported to fight NATO’s proxy war in Syria, then imported and well-known to Western intelligence agencies, being able to carry out a highly organized, well-executed attack, is that the attack itself was sanctioned and engineered by Western intelligence agencies themselves,.

    Reminds me of this

  45. cripes

    Maybe the prudent thing is to ask the right questions.
    Like, where did they get the guns, their training, cars, money, intelligence about all-staff meeting at publishing company? What did french or other intelligence services know about their movements prior to all this. How did they identify masked attackers not in custody so quickly. What was a professional assassin thinking leaving his ID at scene of crime?

  46. adrena

    Unfortunately, asking the right questions is often suppressed.

  47. cripes

    Thanks, adrena. In this affair, if this case isn’t an investigation of a conspiracy, then what is it? Every time I see/hear someone wailing about mean, old conspiracy theories, I see a mind snapping shut. Or a hand shutting someone else up. Please add relevant questions as you will.

  48. jump

    Juan Cole put some background together on this.

  49. cripes

    Adrena’s link on Ukraine MH-17 lies deserves a read. one more brick in the wall of US terra lies. Keep that in mind whenever they say anything, ever.

  50. Lisa FOS

    Re MH-17,”The Empire Strikes Back”.

    Quoting a Correct!V (Soros backed) ‘expose’.

    In this they ramp up the propaganda even further, the story is from them that it was a Russian BUK team that shot down the plane, not just Russian equipment being used by ‘seperatists’. I leave it as an exercise to the readers here to pick the (very many) lies out (after laughing a lot).

    “The Russian military under Vladimir Putin is responsible for the downing of MH17. The Russian military destabilized east Ukraine; it provided the separatists with troops and the equipment needed to kill the passengers aboard MH17. The attack could halve (sic) been intentional or occurred in a moment of panic.”

    Looks like Ukraine is going to ramp up in 2015, or at least the US is trying to ramp it up.

    Some of the EU countries national Govts are now having cold feet, the EU ‘elites’ are all the way with LBJ. The German National Security (etc) state plus Merkal are all the way too, though many of the old and economic elites in Germany are having real second thoughts.

    So we are a seeng a (predicted) European fracturing, but Germany is still solid. Ukraine (Kiev) seems to be ramping up for more war, though how they will pay for it is a mystery. US equipment is starting to flow in, though it is debatable what impact that could have.

    Also I doubt Kiev has the forces left after their thumping to achieve much, hence their resort to continuing ‘terror’ attacks. If the US wants to get another real war going extra forces and equipment are going to have to come in from somewhere else, NATO or from an individual country (like Poland). If they tried another full scale attack with their current resources you’d expect the same result…massive losses for Kiev.

    Trying to read the tea leaves within the US policy elite my guess is that the US wants, at least, some more conflict/incident/etc to justify a further economic crack down on Russa (say kicking them out of SWIFT). Ideally they would want far more of course, but even they have to acknowledge some reality on the ground (sometime).

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