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Britain Stops Making Vaccine Available (But the Rich Will Still Get It)

So, here we go:

Now, I want to point out again, that at Davos, where the rich and powerful meet to decide the fate of the world, everyone has to be vaccinated, and has to be tested and if they aren’t or they test positive, their badges are deactivated.

In other words, the rich get vaccinated. Current vaccines are pretty shitty, because they haven’t been keeping up with the mutation speed, but they’re still better than nothing, and do reduce the seriousness of cases.

But that’s not really the point: the point is that for the rich the cost of vaccine (Modern is raising it from $26 to $110 to $130 in the US) is meaningless to our lords and masters: they don’t even notice $120: they spend more, much more, for lunch. But to ordinary people such a price can be the difference between eating or paying the rent. If it has to go, it goes.

One policy for the rich, who can afford bespoke medicine, and another for the plebes.

This is also terrible public health policy. While the vaccines don’t prevent spread, they do reduce viral load in infected individuals, and thus reduce the odds people around them will get infected. Mass vaccination (note that it is voluntary) is a good thing.

Leaving aside the whole “death” thing, there has been so much disabling due to Covid that the Bank of England, hardly touchy-feely compassionate sorts have noticed it with alarm, so even if you, like our lords and masters, are functionally a psychopath, this is going to continue to cause disaster in the economy.

But then labor shortages and supply chain problems have been used as an excuse to raise prices much higher than cost increases, so from the point of view of the ruling class, who is this their problem? They’re getting richer; they make sure the people around them are tested and vaccinated and most of them can work from home and even before Covid lived inside carefully vetted bubbles. And if they do get sick, they’ll get the best care, far better than you will.

So, really, Covid continues to be win-win-win for the ruling class and who cares if it’s a mass death, mass disabling event of the sheep they rule over?

WIN! From WIN to WIN. That’s what it’s like to be in the ruling class. Even a pandemic that kills millions is just another profit opportunity.

Too bad you aren’t a member.

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  1. mago

    “Too bad you aren’t a member.”
    Yeah, too bad you’re just a number, a cipher, disposable and deplorable.
    But everybody dies and everyone pays the price for their actions.
    Cause and effect, karma and so forth in the relative world. . .

  2. BlizzardOfOzzz

    I can’t be a member of the Satan-worshipping pedophile club? What is even the point in living, then.

  3. Soredemos


    Yes, everybody dies, good or bad, so I don’t see that fact as being paying the price.

    Absent hell or karma literally being real, which I see no reason to believe so I don’t, I think the reality is that plenty of horrible people will in fact simply get away with it.

    (adding that hell wouldn’t be balanced justice even if were real. It would just be psychopathic and vindictive)

  4. Astrid

    The effectiveness of MRNA booster shots as “better than nothing” is highly debatable. There have been several papers that indicate mortality goes up on second booster and after. Yes, could be sample pool issues, but there are undeniable side effects from MRNA shots combined with undeniable decline in effectiveness, so these studies may indicate that the detriments now exceed the benefits. And keep in mind that these studies are already probably more than a year olds days, so the decline goes even further now.

    I think that like blockchain, MRNA was a dead end method in search of $$$$ use. Previous efforts to use it as a vaccine never got approved because they increases all cause mortality over placebo. Then that there never was an vaccine against coronavirus or any other airborne virus before Covid. I am a bit more optimistic about nasal vaccines since they might actually be immunizing and sterilizing, should they be universally adapted, but ultimately we’re just going to hope for a miracle like the 1918 flu where after the 3rd wave it just disappeared.

    Covid vaccines are and always were just something for the ruling elite to pretend to solve Covid, after they looted the commons to the tune of trillions, so they can force us back into public spaces to get infected again and again. That we have an elite who think they won’t be harmed by this situation is perhaps the scariest takeaway from the whole situation.

  5. anon y'mouse

    karma and divine justice are things we made up to feel better that they are and have gotten away with it for tens of thousands of years, and will continue to get away with it at our expense.

    in fact, the very fact that we do all die in the end is another strong justification for them: “better get mine while the getting is good. we’re only here for a short while.”

    forgive me for trampling anyone’s religious beliefs, but they are just beliefs and we don’t have any evidence whatsoever that there’s any kind of post-death retribution for evil, and extremely little evidence of pre-death retribution because power makes its own rules. meanwhile, lots of rewards pre-death for using the rest of the world like toilet tissue. the only downside is that most humans thing you’re an asshole. and they already don’t give two shits about that.

  6. NR

    There have been several papers that indicate mortality goes up on second booster and after.

    I’d be curious to see these papers you’re referring to, because recent research indicates the opposite is true.

    As compared with a third dose, a fourth dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, administered during the Omicron era, was associated with reduced risk of death from all causes in residents of LTCFs and in the oldest old during the first two months, after which the protection became slightly lower. These findings suggest that a fourth dose may prevent premature mortality in the oldest and frailest even after the emergence of the Omicron variant, although the timing of vaccination seems to be important with respect to the slight waning observed after two months.

  7. Mel

    I’ve been reading Raúl Ilargi Meijer for a long time, at The Automatic Earth. From there, it doesn’t look so bad to find that They won’t let us have the vaccines.

  8. Willy

    Personally, I think God is a supreme being who got bored with creating perfect universes (typical for all-knowing supreme beings bored with being all-knowing all the damned time) and so created a free will universe. But unfortunately he made Satan just a bit too powerful and now Satan’s got God locked up in some kind of metaphysical box and has been posing as the Real God. That’d explain much methinks.

    I was cool with religion back when it was cool with me. And before it became such a mindless tool for the billionaires. Imagine if the billionaires were all Chinese and Saudi. Would our evangelicals still be so supplicative?

    Anyways… Diamond dies and at the memorial Silk proclaimed it was caused by the vaccinated spreading some kind of vaccine-virus to the willfully unvaccinated. And then Trump, also present at the memorial, also that self-proclaimed “creator of the vaccines”, didn’t bother with an explanation for why he’d create a vaccine virus to kill their beloved Diamond. One of God’s little mysteries I suppose.

    God, these people are messed up.

  9. Ché Pasa

    Let’s bring a bit of clarity to the situation: Our Rulers want us dead. OK? This shouldn’t even be debatable any more. Ian has pointed it out for years, so have some others, but we seem to keep dancing around the topic, hopeful i guess that someone who cares is working on a solution to one or another of the multiplicity of deadly crises we the rabble are facing.

    A potent vaccine will someday be found, right? Someone is working on it, right? We don’t know, and based on what little we do know the future probably won’t hold a potent vaccine — for us.

    Climate change will be tackled, stalled, maybe even reversed, right. There are many, many scientists working on it, right? Our EV future will ensure… something, right? Well, I kind of doubt it. Our progress in solving the Climate Change crisis stalled some time back. The scienctific community never had a solution, and they aren’t really working toward a solution — that we know of anyway. If they are, it’s not for us.

    And we can go right down the list. At no point will we find our Overlords doing the right thing on behalf of the masses. They aren’t and they won’t.

    They want us dead.

  10. Purple Library Guy

    Don’t be silly, Ché Pasa. First, our rulers don’t care whether we live or die–it’s all a question of which furnishes more profit. Second, scientists are not our rulers. They resist better than most parts of society.

  11. Astrid


    Can’t be bothered to dig up specific studies but here’s Singapore’s mortality by vaccination status. There is little difference between minimal vaccination and up to date vaccination. I trust Singapore government to keep honest records than anywhere in the West.

    Not interested in debating this so this is all you are going to get from me.

  12. NR


    That’s useful information, but it doesn’t show that mortality goes up with a second booster. And it does show that mortality with vaccination plus at least one booster is significantly lower than with no vaccination.

    So, it doesn’t really contradict anything from the study I shared.

  13. anon y'mouse

    factor x:

    health goes with wealth.

    wealth also has fellow travellers of more education and more professional certification. some professions may even be required to stay “updated” on vaccines (and vaxxines).

    these things all present major cofounders to all of these studies. the kind of person that is going to keep running out for boosters is not likely your “essential” front line employee barely working enough covid-risky hours to bother with it, and may have a fatal attitude because they already had it and believe they’ll catch it again.

    many multiple major confounders. we are entering again the territory of weekly updates to “studies” that prove that x cups of coffee cause or cure some alarming condition, based on asking “the average person” what they drink every day and extrapolating out.

  14. Forecasting Intelligence

    Well, I never got vaccinated (natural immunity works fine with me).

    As for the rich, lets see how many get adverse reactions in the years ahead from their mRNA jabs. They might regret getting jabbed for a virus with a 99% survival rate.

  15. Soredemos


    This isn’t the place to have this debate, but I’ll just say that instead of anything convoluted like that (how did an all-knowing and, implicitly, all-powerful being screw up and make something too powerful for it to control? How does that even work?), isn’t the far simpler explanation simply that a God doesn’t exist? After being raised church going and later having read extensively about religion over the years, it’s painfully obvious to me that that all ‘faiths’ are a purely human invention, sometimes cynically made to manipulate, but probably most often done originally for explanatory power and as an epic cope to provide comfort in the face of inevitable death. Humans have an amazing capacity to self-delude and spin extensive bullshit based on false premises.

    If their is a creator, a hypothesis for which there is no evidence and also no need, I see no real reason to think it ever directly intervenes. So in a way such a being would effectively not exist for practical purposes even if it technically, literally existed.

    @Forecasting Intelligence

    Please don’t downplay the danger of this virus. It has in fact outright killed a lot of people, as millions of corpses attest.

    And the even greater danger is long-covid, long covid. Long. Covid. A point Welsh especially has been hammering away at for years at this point. Not only will does covid leave you with a significant chance of becoming crippled with each infection, it shreds the immune system. Deaths from other causes are going to increase hugely in the coming years. Kids who get it multiple times are likely to die premature deaths.

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