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April 17th US Covid Data

Our benefactor notes that the long tail looks like it will take a long time. (More on that in another post.)

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The Transition to Capitalism


Is America Going to Have a Covid-19 Apocalypse?

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  1. Shevek

    Seroprevalence in Santa Clara County. Home.

    Protect the elderly and sick.
    Randomized Testing
    End Neoliberal or NeoTributary economics without relying on an authoritarian State.
    Prove existence and extent of immunity
    Prepare health systems for future waves , other pandemics, and other natural disasters…hurricane and wildfire season are coming.

    Be skeptical of Munchausen Syndrome by (neo)-Liberal or Reactionary traditionalism.
    These will not lead to progressive futures.

    Thanks Ian for your posts. They are very much appreciated.

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