The simple history of the pre-Civil War era in the US is that the slave states wanted the non slave states to return escaped slaves to them. The free states did not want to do that, and it eventually led to war.

There is something similar going on in the US today. Anti-abortion/Anti-Trans states are making it illegal for people to go to other states for abortions or trans related medical care. Part of the mechanic of that was punishing people who helped slaves.

And here we are today:

A law to protect providers and patients in Washington from out-of-state lawsuits for providing reproductive and gender-affirming care passed out of the state’s Senate Monday and now heads to Gov. Jay Inslee’s desk for his signature.

The so-called Shield Law will prohibit out-of-state subpoenas and criminal investigations that seek information related to abortion and reproductive healthcare services. It will also make it so the governor cannot extradite any person for out-of-state charges related to reproductive healthcare services and will protect healthcare service providers from harassment for providing protected services.

The next step will be to refuse to allow police to execute out of state subpoenas for laws relating to abortion and trans-care. In other words, to protect those fleeing to free states. This is a direct violation of the Constitution as I understand it and indicates the union is no longer working.

This is related to the current jurisdiction shopping where anti-abortion forces are using rulings by local justices in Republican to enact nationwide bans on abortificants, again imposing red-state law on blue states (though they would say this is turnaround.)

The step after that is either succession or war.

Honestly, If it doesn’t divide the country in half (as in separate the coasts) I’d consider allowing succession (though I suppose a bi-coastal “blue” America could ship thru Canada.)

Take this seriously. It doesn’t have to lead to war, but it is a very bad sign.

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