We’ve raised approximately $4,200.

I’ve recently been revising my book “The Creation of Reality” and it occurred to me that I’d like to release some chapters as part of this fundraiser. The book is written, just not completely edited, so rewards will be released during the fundraiser as the goals are reached.

The first five chapters at $6,200:

1. Introduction (why this matters);

2. Why do our societies make so many miserable?

3. The Social Facts Which Rule Us (Why and how the reality we created bends us to its will.)

4. Being Aware (Until you understand how reality is being created you can’t change it in beneficial ways.)

5. Human Alone (How are our personal reality is created)

Some of these chapters are short, thus five of them rather than the three in the other two tranches.

Chapters six through eight at $8,350.

6. Identity and Identification (how we expand our bodies beyond our physical selves)

7. The Ritual (how we create identification)

8. Interaction ritual (how daily life creates identification and personality)

Chapters nine thru eleven at $10,500

9.The Ritual Masters (How rituals create different types and classes of people)

10. The Ideologues (How identity is tied into story, ideology and meaning)

11. Reign of the Ideologues (How ideology is used to create civilizations and the payoffs for ideologues)

The book has 42 chapters, so this is about a quarter of it and includes about half of the fundamental principles.

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