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Biden Declares: He’s Not Your Uncle Joe

So, Biden’s in the primary. Plenty of other people are chewing up his record, which is terrible, so I’ll pass on that. Just remember that he’s the representative for fucking over poor people and minorities.

I want to address something else: Uncle Joe.

See, the thing is that Joe seems like a great friend, and an even better family guy. I believe that’s true, I’ve seen Biden and this comes across as genuine. Minus being overly handsy, Biden just has a really friendly vibe to him.

He’d be a great friend, and a better father or uncle.

But he’s not your father or uncle (well, unless he is, which is not my expected blog demo) and he never will be.

People have weird relationships with politicians. I remember back in 2000, the poll that showed people wanted to have a drink with Bush, and not with Gore.

Great, except “drinking buddy” isn’t your relationship with the President or anyone important enough to be nominee for president.

Don’t have fantasy relationships with politicians.

A politician is someone with power, and your relationship with one is as someone they can either help or fuck up, whom they don’t care about personally.

What matters is not how they act towards friends and family, but how they act towards people they don’t care about.

How they’re going to act towards you.

Biden has a clear record. If he doesn’t know you, and you aren’t rich, he doesn’t care about you. If you’re poor, owe money, or a cop ever thinks you might have done something wrong, he wants you hurt, badly.

That’s his record.

If you’re rich, of course, Biden’s a good candidate if the only people you care about are you and your rich friends.

But Biden capability of being a great friend and family member doesn’t apply to you unless you are actually his friend or family member.

What’s his (or any other politician’s) record toward people like you?

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  1. Biden is a non-issue. I have read eight MSM news articles about him (CNN, NBC, CBS, etc) since he announced. Two sort of damned him with faint praise, and the other six were negative.

  2. alyosha

    To me, Biden is somewhat a Democratic version of George W Bush – an affable doof, not quite as dumb nor as entitled as Bush, but nearly as clueless. A dumbed down, more friendly Hillary Clinton, politically. Hillary had her ties to Wall Street, Biden has his to corporations.

    Being friendly, like an uncle, is part of a politician’s job description, and Biden aces this requirement. It’s sad that for huge chunk of America that’s all that matters. He gets the votes of those with a five year old’s understanding of politics. Like Hillary Clinton, he is so much Yesterday’s Man.

  3. S Brennan

    I’d say the DNC’s strategy is working.

    By continually throwing circus clowns into the ring, the work to hide/airbrush Kamala’s record of prosecutorial misconduct and all her other abuses of office can continue without notice. Not to mention, Kamala Harris is now allowed to quietly meet with the big donors with little public scrutiny.

    While most are playing a sap, it seems to me Biden must have figured a way to make a little green for playing the fool.

  4. Bill Hicks

    Biden is actually the one Democrat whose election would be more dangerous than Trump being re-elected. He’ll once again raise the mask disguising the truly evil nature of the empire while giving us four more years of Obama-like compromise on steroids, because that’s who he really is. Then, when he’s completely worn out at the age of 82 and with anger rising to levels that would make what’s happening now look like Kumbaya, he’ll be thrashed by a true right wing demagogue, and that will be that for what’s little remains of American “democracy.”

  5. someofparts

    That makes sense. The concern I’m hearing is that when the crowded field cuts Bernie’s lead, the superdelegates pick someone else on the second vote. If they picked Biden there would be riots, but if they picked Harris it might float. I wonder if it would work against Trump?

  6. different clue


    Such a brokered-convention superdelegate-driven outcome would work to Trump’s advantage.
    Sanders would support the Catfood Democrat Nominee out of political pragmatism and out of a misplaced belief that Trump is the MOST EEvil President we have ever had.

    But millions of Bitter Berners ( and maybe some Bitter Warrenists and Bitter Gabbardists and Wild and Crazy Gravelists) will demonstrate that they are NOT Bernie’s “followers” by NOT following Bernie’s lead in supporting whatever slimy hairball the Catfood Democrat Convention vomits up.

    Will they vote for Trump? Not likely. Will they vote for Candidate Catfood? Certainly not. And that will work to Trump’s advantage.

    And as to the Uncle Joe shtick, he knows that while the Upper Class minority-members expect government to serve their interests; the Lower Class majority-members usually just want to feel that government cares about them and knows they exist. They say that ” in politics, sincerity is everything. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

  7. ponderer

    Anyone who see’s politicians as humans are fools. How many times could Biden get away with his shtick if he were your dentist or plumber? At least tradesmen have something riding on your well being, Politicians have nothing.

  8. bob mcmanus

    Appears I underestimated Sanders. The mainstream Democrats are pulling out everything they have to stop what I had always believed to be a totally quixotic hopeless campaign. That means on the ground Sanders must have looked viable, more dangerous than the Ocasio-Cortez group.

    Well what Bernie has fifty ? years of organizing experience, why wouldn’t I think him capable? And his grassroots machine will have a war on their hands.

    Biden thinks the corporate machine can still overpower the people. He wants to stop Sanders *and* all the ideas and methods of the insurgency.

    And yeah, it’s mostly distraction, clearing the field for Harris. If Bernie can break even with her in California, and survive the nightmare of the Southern Black Mafia (“Blacks didn’t vote for Sanders, which proves Bernie hates black people” or something, the story about losing in the South is as important as the actual delegates…naw, he can’t survive that.

    Gonna be Harris.

  9. Hugh

    Uncle Joe is for the working man. Mayor Pete is for generational change. Sheesh, isn’t this enough for you rubes. Next, you’ll want the sun, moon, and actual concrete positions on the issues. What is the matter with you? You need to be more realistic, more pragmatic. Get with the program. Vote for whom the Democrats tell you to.

    And Uncle Joe does have character. He saw Trump was a danger to the country and was the first to jump into the race to confront him after 19 other candidates already had. There’s a name for that and it’s called leadership.

  10. someofparts

    Joe was on The View this morning. Spotted it as I was changing channels to watch Home Improvement reruns instead.

  11. different clue

    Obama first came to office at a golden New Deal Moment. Obama’s job was to destroy that New Deal Moment and prevent any reNew Deal Action till the moment passed and the window slammed back shut.

    He had One Job. Just One Job. And he did that job very well.

    The Catfood Democrats want to get another Catfood Democrat nominated and then elected to be in position to destroy and prevent the next golden New Deal Moment. President Catfood’s One Job will be to prevent any reNew Deal Action if the window opens again.

    The Deplorables sense this even if they don’t know this. They would give a nominee Bernie a respectful hearing even if they then voted against him regardless. They will simply lift their leg and urinate on any Catfood Democrat who ends up running. What about the Bitter Berners? Would they vote for Candidate Catfood? If they all felt they were treated very very fairly and the DemParty offered them Candidate Fancy Feast, some of them might consider voting for Candidate Fancy Feast. But if they felt they were treated unfairly, and/or if they were offered a Candidate Purina Cat Chow; I don’t think any of them would vote for Candidate Cat Chow. I know I won’t.

    As we discuss the two different groups of DemPrez nominee-wannabes, perhaps we could invent some shorthand phrases to know who we are referring to without having to type all the names over and over and over again. In that spirit, I will refer to Sanders, Gabbard, Warren and Gravel as the Fab Four. And I will refer to all the rest of them as the Catfood Cluster.

    If the Dems run a bowl of Catfood, Trump will probably win again. And the nastier the Catfood, the more Trump will win by. If a golden New Deal Moment re-happens during Trump’s second term, the Catfood Democrats will conspire their hardest to help the Republicans destroy that reNew Deal Opportunity.

    If the Fab Four can keep all their organizations together and functioning and rigidly separated from the Catfood DemParty ( no shared personnel, no cross-shared intelligence/funding/mailing lists or anything else, etc.) then the Fab Four Movement might be in shape to be able to run and win various offices while building their strength and biding their time till they can cross paths with a golden New Deal Moment just before another Presidential Election. But to be able to do that, they have to avoid and prevent becoming tainted and besmirched with any trace of Catfood Clintonite Contamination.

  12. someofparts

    Okay, all the usual suspects in the press are crowing that Biden raised more than all the other candidates in his first 24 hours from small donations.

    I did a search to see if the news was at any site I trusted for honest analysis and found nothing. So far it is only the big corporate media running the story.

    I don’t even begin to trust a report that tells me Biden has more small donors than Sanders. So what’s up? How can they fake something like that?

    I plan to follow the story until I can find some explanation that makes sense. If anyone else here finds the real backstory, please share it.

  13. someofparts

    Found it.

    “But are donations an adequate proxy for donors? No, because a donor with $2700 to spend (the Federal maximum for one election) could write one check (for $2700), or they could “debundle” their contribution by writing 100 checks (each for $27). In the latter case, the “donations under $200” figure would be artificially inflated, for public relations purposes.”

    from Lambert Strether at Naked Capitalism

    I guess the good news is that the dreadful toad really doesn’t have a big base made up of actual humans.

  14. Z

    The corporate corrupt dem party’s strategy is clear: have the owner-funders’ finance a multitude of candidates to tap into as many identity-driven voters as possible, preferably from big states with big delegate counts, to prevent Sanders from winning the dem nomination outright. Then they’ll use the super delegates to choose the corporate-subservient candidate they want under the guise that they are the best candidate to beat Trump. If they choose Harris, who is a more intelligent Palin, then they’ll try to back down any resistance with charges of racism and mysogonism. They are well-versed in these tactics.

    I hate the democratic party more than the republican party. It is institutionally more corrupt … thanks big corporate lapdawg clinton!!!!!! … and more intellectually insulting because they act like they are trying to directly help you and they are directly f’ing you behind your back. The reps say that they are trying to help you indirectly by helping the rich.

    The rep voters basically overthrew their party’s funders’ wishes. The dem voters will have a lot harder time. Especially when you have so many selfish egotistical idiots that still are proud of voting into office that scumbag conman Obama.

    I think the democratic party is risking violence if they follow through with this strategy and basically rob Sanders of the nomination. Things have gone too far and the dem party, much more than the republicans at this point, is standing directly in the way of the will of the American people. I think enough people are getting desperate enough, feeling hopeless and disempowered enough, to fight at this point and nothing breeds contempt more than hypocrisy. They are placing themselves right in the cross hairs of a ton of anger. They’ve earned that anger.


  15. Rd

    all uncle joe needs, is aunt jamie for a running mate, E. warren or some one like her, and we have walter mondale v2.0

    oh, the elites, they can\’t see much past their own noses, even if at that.

  16. Herman

    The thing is that many people vote based on things like whether they find a politician to be affable. I have a friend whose sole reason for voting for Obama was that he came across as a nice guy and a family man. He knew next to nothing about Obama’s actual policies. He hates Bernie because he is a “commie” even though my friend is a working-class guy who would probably do better under a Sanders than an Obama. In addition to his affability I think Biden’s biggest asset is that he is associated with Obama who is actually still fairly popular with a lot of people.

    Lately I have come to the conclusion that I seriously overestimated how rational people are. That is not to say that people are totally irrational, so Biden’s record might hurt him. Also, Biden’s #MeToo problems can definitely sink him. I stink at political predictions (I thought Clinton would beat Trump) but I think Kamala Harris is the most likely winner of the primary out of the centrist Democrats. As usually, everything comes down to who turns out to vote and in what numbers.

  17. Tom

    Texas Anti-BDS laws have been struck down by the Court.

    Expect this openly Gay Judge to be declared an Antisemite, and tarred. But now a Speech Pathologist can return to work helping developmentally disabled children learn.

  18. StewartM

    Ah, affable Uncle Joe who’s so bipartisan-y with the Repugs. Who says the Republicans don’t have someone to run against Trump in 2020?

  19. someofparts

    Later in this process when some of the contenders start to drop out, wouldn’t they recommend who their supporters should get behind instead? I’d like to think they would leave it open, but I’m guessing it doesn’t work that way.

    If it got down to Bernie/Biden, I figure support for Sanders would come from Warren, Williamson, Gravel, Gabbard? Support for Biden would come from Harris, Booker, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, O’Rourke?

  20. human beings are rationalizing animals, not rational animals, and choosing a chieftain is very much an emotional process

    i am a progressive, with the bernie donations from last time to prove it – and i followed bernie’s advice to vote for hillary when the time came – that’s what felt right to me

    possibly bernie could make it this time – we’ll see – my best guess as nominee is kamala harris and she might even beat trump

    as yogi berra could have said ‘you never know when something surprising might happen’

    and as the firesign theatre said ‘THIS is the future – you got to LIVE it or LIVE WITH it’ – they did not add the inevitable corollary ‘and at a time to be determined, get out of the way’

  21. Ché Pasa

    The sorting will now have to begin in earnest. I have the feeling (no certain knowledge) that Biden is not the choice of the Party apparat for all the reasons mentioned here and then some.


    He is a comfort for those who want/need a restoration of everything good, right, decent and wholesome. Never mind the truth of things. That’s not what these people want at all.

    No, I suspect someone else is the designated candidate to oppose Trump. It may not be one of the current crop, btw. Stranger things have happened and could again.

    Of the ones so far announced, none strike me as The One. All have something to offer, though much of it doesn’t please me — no matter which side of an issue they may or may not be on.

  22. different clue


    Catfood Joe’s record might hurt Catfood Joe very much with the several million people who have unrepayable student debt and who have no recourse to bankruptcy thanks to the Biden Bankruptcy Deform Act. The fact that Biden was a principal engineer of that Act just has to be weaponised and disseminated to those several million ex-student student-loan debtors so they can re-disseminate it amongst themselves and Heighten the Hatred.

    And also watch this video and disseminate it widely among millions of Millenials. It is already self-weaponizing. All it needs is dissemination.

  23. bruce wilder

    In our top-down politics, where “the narrative” is a means of manipulation and a disinterested and poorly informed electorate is groomed to focus the tiny portion of the attention they do have for politics on the trivial and the irrelevant, a swarm of candidates (>20 by my count) seems like a design for cognitive overload and maximizing distraction. I wonder, if you are a devotee to the Bernays – Luntz corridor of narrative power, what are the attractions of such a large field?

    I agree with the other commenters that Biden is almost certain to function as a placeholder during the early days and his best days as a candidate were over from the moment he officially became one. The Democrats are set to begin holding “debates” in June; Biden is dumb enough to think “Gulliver among the Lilliputians” is a good look for him. A point of mild interest is whether they put Sanders and Biden together on stage, or separate them, and if separation of the “headliners” gets the nod, who gets to play among the Lilliputians with the respective polling Giants? Giving Elizabeth Warren a chance to nail him to a cross of credit-card and student loan debt would be sweet, but does anyone with power at the DNC want fireworks? (They would if any of them were genuinely smart, but big “if”.)

    I think most (other 😉 people vote at random. All the narratives try to get people to invest emotionally in their “choice” but that’s just b.s. to further the manipulative power of the narratives themselves. Still, one has to ask, who are the sponsors or principals, who is the agent and where is the constituency for each of these candidates? Is the constituency in the electorate? In the donor class? In the Media? What’s the objective of the manipulation? Who is being manipulated to benefit whom?

    I suppose the whole “system” of Presidential politics may be just one big self-licking ice cream cone with no more object to the whole process than just to keep the game going.

    The candidates are ultimately less interesting to me than any even faint signs that the system might get upended.

  24. someofparts

    “Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name
    But what’s puzzling you
    Is the nature of my game”

  25. someofparts

    Election horserace notwithstanding, none of the fine things Sanders and AOC are inspiring us to hope for will come true without a big, growing support network that persists outside of the election cycles.

    There was a big Sanders meetup in a park nearby today. I found out about it too late to go, but I’ll be watching now and make sure to be there for the next one. Whatever emerges from me and my like-minded neighbors coming together like this, I don’t think the benefits from it will end with the election. The way all of this is lifting my spirits is astonishing.

  26. Z

    “He’d be a great friend, and a better father or uncle.”

    I don’t know about that. I’m not so sure he did a great job of raising Hunter, who was involved in the Ukrainian Burisma deal. Teaching your kid the art of the grift and that daddy will risk damaging international relations with a country, and hurt the Ukranian people by withholding billions of dollars of aid, in order to protect his boy is not setting a great example IMO. Not to mention all the other crap he has done in his political career to enrich himself at the expense of less powerful masses.

    But hey, what a wonderful smile. That means the most …

    With fathers like that, who needs a grabby, amphetamine-fueled uncle.


  27. Stirling S Newberry

    September 1, 1939
    WH Auden

    I sit in one of the dives
    On Fifty-second Street
    Uncertain and afraid
    As the clever hopes expire
    Of a low dishonest decade:
    Waves of anger and fear
    Circulate over the bright
    And darkened lands of the earth,
    Obsessing our private lives;
    The unmentionable odour of death
    Offends the September night.

    Accurate scholarship can
    Unearth the whole offence
    From Luther until now
    That has driven a culture mad,
    Find what occurred at Linz,
    What huge imago made
    A psychopathic god:
    I and the public know
    What all schoolchildren learn,
    Those to whom evil is done
    Do evil in return.

    Exiled Thucydides knew
    All that a speech can say
    About Democracy,
    And what dictators do,
    The elderly rubbish they talk
    To an apathetic grave;
    Analysed all in his book,
    The enlightenment driven away,
    The habit-forming pain,
    Mismanagement and grief:
    We must suffer them all again.

    Into this neutral air
    Where blind skyscrapers use
    Their full height to proclaim
    The strength of Collective Man,
    Each language pours its vain
    Competitive excuse:
    But who can live for long
    In an euphoric dream;
    Out of the mirror they stare,
    Imperialism’s face
    And the international wrong.

    Faces along the bar
    Cling to their average day:
    The lights must never go out,
    The music must always play,
    All the conventions conspire
    To make this fort assume
    The furniture of home;
    Lest we should see where we are,
    Lost in a haunted wood,
    Children afraid of the night
    Who have never been happy or good.

    The windiest militant trash
    Important Persons shout
    Is not so crude as our wish:
    What mad Nijinsky wrote
    About Diaghilev
    Is true of the normal heart;
    For the error bred in the bone
    Of each woman and each man
    Craves what it cannot have,
    Not universal love
    But to be loved alone.

    From the conservative dark
    Into the ethical life
    The dense commuters come,
    Repeating their morning vow;
    “I will be true to the wife,
    I’ll concentrate more on my work,”
    And helpless governors wake
    To resume their compulsory game:
    Who can release them now,
    Who can reach the deaf,
    Who can speak for the dumb?

    All I have is a voice
    To undo the folded lie,
    The romantic lie in the brain
    Of the sensual man-in-the-street
    And the lie of Authority
    Whose buildings grope the sky:
    There is no such thing as the State
    And no one exists alone;
    Hunger allows no choice
    To the citizen or the police;
    We must love one another or die.

    Defenceless under the night
    Our world in stupor lies;
    Yet, dotted everywhere,
    Ironic points of light
    Flash out wherever the Just
    Exchange their messages:
    May I, composed like them
    Of Eros and of dust,
    Beleaguered by the same
    Negation and despair,
    Show an affirming flame.

  28. Z

    When daddy’s always there for you …

    Hunter separated from his wife, Kathleen in 2015 and the couple filed for divorce late last year. The divorce proceedings carry some explosive allegations. In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Kathleen alleges that Hunter has been “spending extravagantly on his own interests,” which, she says, include drugs, alcohol, strip clubs, gifts for other women and prostitutes.

    The documents also state that the family has “shocking and overwhelming” debts including tax debt, maxed-out credit cards, and double mortgages on multiple properties.

  29. The sorting will now have to begin in earnest. I have the feeling (no certain knowledge) that Biden is not the choice of the Party apparat for all the reasons mentioned here and then some.


    He is a comfort for those who want/need a restoration of everything good, right, decent and wholesome. Never mind the truth of things. That’s not what these people want at all.

    *ritual declaration that Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate, supports bad policies, has a bad history, etc, etc*

    It’s a failure of the imagination of some people around here to imagine that politicians like Biden could not have actual supporters who are enthusiastic about him as a candidate. I mean, I don’t like Biden, but I think that any political analysis that can more easily accommodate how someone could be a Trump supporter than how someone could be a Biden supporter is deeply flawed.

  30. Anon

    If Joe Biden is the Dems ultimate pick to run against Trump then the fix is in. If they\’re running him then they don\’t want to win, and the idea that there is only one political party in America – a Republican party with two wings – gains full legitimacy, once and for all.

  31. bruce wilder

    Mandos: . . . any political analysis that can more easily accommodate how someone could be a Trump supporter than how someone could be a Biden supporter is deeply flawed.

    Is it? Trump actually has a sizeable base of electoral support. Biden has run for President before and there was never much evidence in those instances of an appreciable base of electoral support, so there are certainly reasons to doubt Biden has a latent base of electoral support now that he can properly call his own.

    Ché Pasa’s comment,

    He is a comfort for those who want/need a restoration of everything good, right, decent and wholesome. Never mind the truth of things.

    seemed to me a witty acknowledgement that there are a fairly large number of people identified with the Democratic Party whose characteristic complaint against Trump is that he is “not normal” and who have a very unrealistic view of the policy priorities and record of the Democratic establishment in office.

    There is a split in the Democratic Party, between those who want to restore an imagined status quo ante on the one hand and, on the other hand, those who want the Party to represent the interests of and deliver policy favorable to what we used to call the working class.

    The former group includes the Democratic Party establishment which has as its business model delivering policy for big-ticket donors while delivering culture politics symbolism to their electorate. That Party establishment has delivered free trade globalization and financialization, which has been bad for the working class and merely middle class generally, but particularly hard on the Rust Belt regions where the Party formerly had a crucial and reliable base of support in Presidential politics. The Democratic Party’s core electoral base are urban professionals mostly in the relatively prosperous and populous coastal cities for whom Democratic Party cultural politics are cordial and for whom the economic policy’s sharp edge is blunted because the beneficiaries of financialization and globalization are disproportionately located there.

    “Never mind the truth of things” has become a mantra for the Democratic Party establishment. It is inherent in the tension between the interests of the donor class and interests of the middle and working classes the Democratic Party traditionally purported to represent. It is inherent in the necessary pretense that policy is not what it has been, or has not had the consequences it has had. And, it is apparent in the passionate insistence that Trump’s crucial margin of support can be entirely and satisfactorily explained by “racism” or other evil intent (collusion with Russia), which functions also as denial that Democratic Party policy has been harmful and even cruel to large swaths of the country, harmful to whole regions and socio-economic classes.

    I caught a bit of the Sunday morning political talk shows and the attacks on Biden were all about Anita Hill, reinforcing the symbolic cultural politics. This is in-fighting in the establishment, much of which is probably hoping for Kamala Harris, some of which is waxing enthusiastic about Mayor Pete.

    I, personally, am hoping to see the engine of Democratic Party establishment politics — the unholy alliance of billionaires, self-satisfied “liberal” professionals, feckless media pundits, a cadre of political operatives skilled in manipulation by propaganda, and aged corruptly irresponsible politicians — break down. Probably I will be sadly disappointed. In the meantime, there is some entertainment value in watching the struggle to fail repeated.

  32. different clue

    @ bruce wilder,

    Perhaps the reNew Deal Democrats or the Fab Four or whatever we decide to call the 4 Decent-Person candidates can pour the sugar into the Catfood Democrats’ gas tank which stops and destroys the Catfood Democrats’ engine.

    But that depends on how many millions of reNew Deal seekers join the Decent Fours’ campaigns and how many remain after the campaigns are done, and how strong a movement they become and
    how effectively they can weaponize themselves and eachother to wipe out and exterminate the Catfood Democrat Establishment and then take over its abandoned fortresses and ammo dumps to re-engineer for reNew Deal-seeking purpose.

  33. Willy

    *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    We’re in a battle for the soul of America. It’s time to remember who we are. We’re Americans: tough, resilient, but always full of hope. We treat each other with dignity. Let’s rebuild the middle class—and this time, we’ll make sure everyone comes along – black, white, Latino, Asian. Everyone. Let’s fight back against the incredible abuses of power we’re seeing. Let’s dig deep and remember that our best days still lie ahead.

    This is what Joe believes.
    *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    So I believe in “Every man on pot, every chicken a king”. But I’m at least cognizant enough to know that I don’t have the means to make these things happen. This “Lets Go Joe!” bullshit seems pretty vague, pretty disingenuous to me.

    You don’t see aging NFL players campaigning for “More Gronk!” just because he wants more playing time. Gronkowski knows that fans know that he’s cant deliver what they want anymore. So he doesn’t even try.

    But our current political system is such that it lets candidates be self delusional, to lie, even cheat and steal, without consequences.

    The metrics are too nebulous, too complex you say? Poppycock! (always wanted to type that) For his re-election, do you think Trump will redux his “Lock her up!” “Drain the swamp!” “Build the wall!” slogans which his focus group handlers provided for him? Hell no. Those Missions done been Accomplished already (or hopefully forgotten). His focus group people will just come up with three more slogans for the minions to hang their changey hopes on. That whole thing seems awfully messed up.

  34. different clue

    Here is an article from the Naked Capitalism blogsite about what Biden represents and to whom.

    Here is a teaser paragraph from it, to help in deciding whether to click on the link or not.

    “His constituency is real. It is not illuminating to think of them just as centrists, arguing for the gentlest sprinkling of sugar over the top of America’s poison. It’s better to think of them as zombies: the product of three decades of self-serving, triangulating brainwashing. They are the Democrats who had their eyelids propped open and were forced to watch the Clinton era, year after year after year. It is not so much that they do not, deep down, harbor a vague wish for a better world; it is that, like stray dogs dining exclusively on garbage, life has taught them that this is the best that they will ever get.”

    And here is a big scary photograph of the candidate from that same article.

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