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There’s a hardly a “progressive” alive who isn’t a moron or a sellout

2011 December 12
by Ian Welsh

Seriously, listening to all the progressives either supporting the payroll tax rebate extension (an attack on Social Security) or saying that Cameron should have signed on to a forced austerity pact, I am reminded how mind  numbingly stupid and partisan these people are.  Scum.  Evil. Stupid. I could have a small amount of respect for them if they were getting millions in order to sell out the people they say they care about, but many of them do it for free and the most of the rest do it for peanuts.

There is not an institution in existence, of any importance, which will not have to be torn down.  Unions, corporations, schools, the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, they all have to go.  All of them.

The oligarchs have made peaceful change impossible and the people have refused to take the few chances they had (many European countries had far left parties.  Why weren’t they voted for?)

There will be war, there will be revolution.  And there will be Terror.  Hundreds of millions will die.

We had our chances.  I spent 15 years of my life trying to explain how to save the old system, how to make it work.  Others have spent decades.  We failed.  The oligarchs and the people, at every step, refused to do what was necessary.  At every step small minded greed and selfishness won.

So it was.

Unwilling to give up anything to make our civilization actually work, many will now lose everything.

So shall it be.

We shall reap as we have sowed, and we shall know ourselves by our fruits.

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  1. groo permalink
    December 18, 2011

    I basically agree.
    The contemporary essence of Darwinism is the Triad: variation-selection-reproduction, e.g. presented by Susan Blackmore
    The point I wanted to make, is, that Lovelock, in a very overarching manner tried to emphasize the aspect, that there is a FEEDBACK involved.
    Quite similar to first-order versus second-order cybernetics.
    Organisms shape their environment. Not only on a species-level- but as sort of a superorganism.
    The environmental changes of the organismic totality, so to say, creates an equilibrium of the second order.
    Lovelock, as far as I understand him, was/is very much aware of this factor.

    The tricky new thing is ‘Kulissenschieberei’. Sorry for that German Idiom.
    I Created it myself and try to -ahem- propagate it. Open source.

    To rudimentarily translate:
    ‘Moving the stages’.
    Latter day evolution is mainly engaged in that: Moving the stages.

    Concerning this, I suspect, we are in a new phase.

    This vast additional complexity poses problems, which possibly finally kill us, because there is a race between complexity and our reigning in of this complexity.
    Think chaos.

    Mythical ‘Gaja’ has in it the hidden idea of some equilibrium, which is not.
    Quite similar -strangeley enough- to economic equilibrium hypotheses.

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