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The Flying Trees

2017 May 29
by Ian Welsh

A long, long time ago, when the world was young, the gods had children.

Gods can fly, but their children cannot.

So the elder Goddess of Joy created the flying trees.

The trees, themselves, didn’t fly–except when young, when every spring they would fly for weeks, looking for perfect soil and the laughter of children, but any child who ate one of their fruit could fly, for three days.

And the trees spread across the world; their seeds spread and were fertilized by the laughter of the children of the Gods.

Gods are not as we, and their children are children for an Age.

But eventually the children of the Gods grew up, and left their nursery.

The trees remained in their millions. They no longer spread, for they could not without the laughter of divine children, but also they were immortal and never died. So when, some Ages later, the Gods, feeling the cradle needed someone to nurture, created humanity, breathing in life and the most dangerous of gifts, free will, humans grew up among the flying trees and for their children, too, the fruit allowed flight.

For Ages it remained so, the delight of childhood, the freedom of flight.

Then someone, who is not known, discovered that flying suits could be made from the wood of flying trees. And that adults could use them to fly.

The Gods thundered and sent oracles, and the Goddess of Joy wept, but nothing stopped the mortals, and the Gods kept to their law of respect for human free will.

So the trees were cut down, and because no more could grow, in time there were no more flying trees.

Some time after that, a long time, there were also no flying suits, as they were destroyed in accident, or fire, or from simple wear and tear. Wars were fought over the remaining suits, scraps were used for repairs, great prayers were sent to the gods, but nothing availed. Finally no adults soared the skies.

And so, today, neither children nor adults fly, and the Gods, clustered about a sorrowful Joy, have turned their faces from the world.

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5 Responses
  1. The Stephen Miller Band permalink
    May 29, 2017

    Prosperity Is Like The Lovely Lemon Tree

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my more than half a century now, it’s this. It’s at the heart of it all.

    Prosperity equals theft of the future until there is no future, or at least not a future that makes living a worthwhile endeavor.

    One day Prosperity left without a word. It took away the sun.
    And in the dark it left behind, I knew what it had done.
    It’d left me for another, it’s a common tale but true.
    A sadder man but wiser now I sing these words to you.

    In my case, I left it (Prosperity), or the chasing of it, not for another but out of principle despite the wrath of Leviathan that’s turned mother, father, brother & sister and almost ALL heretofore Loved Ones against me with vengeful fury & wrath. You know you’re doing the right thing when Leviathan responds with such tempestuous terror through its unwitting minions.

  2. V. Arnold permalink
    May 29, 2017

    When the magic dies, so does everything else…

  3. May 29, 2017

    We have a future, but right now the past is sitting in the way. And people do not believe in the future, until it hits them in the face. This is coming, but is not yet here.

  4. May 29, 2017

    Earth abides.

  5. different clue permalink
    May 30, 2017

    There is a concept gaining ground and some evidence emerging . . . expressed as Wood Wide Web.

    That trees in forests are physically connected over considerable distances by mycorhizal networks underground.

    Many links findable google. Here is one.

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