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Americans Have Found the Enemy, and It Is They

I want to return to this once more.

If you’ve watched videos of the protestors who got past security in Congress you know they weren’t exactly the A-Team. It’s true they had a little bit of inside help, and that the cops clearly didn’t want to seriously oppose them. Even so, it wasn’t a super-sharp operation.

Yet, they did get in, and if a few of them had automatic weapons in bags, they could have killed a lot of Congress members. It is fortunate for Congress that’s not why they were there.

The conclusion I draw from this, though I’m no military man, is that an organized attack could easily take Congress and kill or take hostage almost all its members.

Even if the Capitol cops made an effort to fight back, I don’t think they’d stand a chance against people who knew what they were doing.

The defense is essentially intelligence: If you know an attack is coming, well, the Capitol cops have plenty of backup they can get onsite. That was, apparently, offered before the protest/attack and refused.

So, anyway, anyone with decent op-security can eliminate most of the legislative branch any time they want. Good to know.

(America continues to amaze. With the largest military and police budgets in the world, they persist in the legacy of 9-11, when they couldn’t get any armed planes into the sky, despite having the world’s largest air force.)

The next thing to note, AGAIN, is that the people who did this appear to have genuinely thought they were saving democracy. Had that been the case, they’d be heroes. What they are, instead, is suckers. The people who convinced them are the primary criminals here, not the schmucks who believed them — who are now likely to get a hammer dropped on them, as a cop has now died.

Next, note the following:

I have seen polls where about 70 percent of Republicans think the election was stolen. So what happens next is the creation of a myth:

There was an election, it was stolen. We tried to intervene, mostly peacefully, and we lost.

Trump has now backed down fully, and his partisans appear to be furious. They feel used, but that will turn into a “stabbed in the back” narrative.

In other words, the ideological justification for a coup will be in place: “They stole the election, and mostly peaceful efforts didn’t work, and the patriots who tried it are martyrs.”

Now this doesn’t automatically mean a coup, or revolution, or anything, but understand absolutely clearly that what has happened is a consequence of the swamp of American politics and governance. You have a massively polarized electorate and a media system which repeatedly lies to people or lets them believe lies. Slamming the barn door isn’t going to work, because what will happen is a complete distrust of remaining media.

This distrust is rational in its own way. It’s not like the “liberal” media doesn’t lie all the time, about consequential things too, like Iraq or whether Russia is putting bounties on American soldiers. They just lie about different things, in service of a different set of elites.

Once you lose trust, as in the case of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, it’s hard to get it back — even when you’re telling the truth. There’s no reason to trust the New York Times, say, or CNN, or MSNBC. They might be telling the truth, but they’re serial liars.

Add to this the fact that the US has spent 40 to 50 years dealing with economic decline for a plurality to a majority of the population, especially the young, and you have a classic recipe for bad times, including the possibility of insurrection, coups, civil wars, and so on.

There’s no way to be certain what will happen, but we can recognize that the necessary conditions are in place for very bad events.

The US has no real enemies who can harm it, except Americans. It has been that way ever since the Revolution; it’s a simple matter of geography (and these, days, insane over-armament.)

The enemy is inside the house, and he’s you.

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Trump Has Proven the US Is Ripe for a Right-wing Coup


Open Thread


  1. nihil obstet

    The media and people I know think that the solution is to impeach Trump. There’s no recognition of the conditions you cite that made the storming of Congress possible and in fact rather admirable. The impeachment would provide a nice narrative end and would head off any further reformation of the use of power.

  2. Mike Mc

    Media loves to fixate on middle-aged and older white guys in these things, but disaffected single white dudes 18-35 with a high school education are the breeding ground for violent anti-government movements around the world.

    Doesn’t matter whether left or right. Yeah, they’re suckers but when they look at their immediate future, they don’t see much. Their female peers are more educated and employed, less likely to stick around the rural areas and small towns waiting for these guys to prove up.

    Watch them closely. Lots of Proud Boy/Oath Keeper talk about being back Jan. 19th & 20th. You thought 2020 sucked…

  3. Thomas Golladay

    Truth doesn’t matter at this point. Confirmation Biases abound. Each of you must make a choice and accept the consequences of said choice.

    Otherwise sit the fence, and let the idiots kill each other over a dying country pass its sell-by date.

    If you do decide smartly to sit the fence, get a water purifier and prepare for mass disruptions to the supply chains far worse than what we are seeing so far.

  4. Neil Peart

    Even if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    Is there a doctor in the house? Geddy ate some bad Canadian rock bass.

  5. Thomas Golladay

    @Neil Peart

    Precisely. Ask yourself is this cause worth dying for? Is it worth your property? Your personal freedom?

    If you answer no to all three or one of them, step back and rethink your priorities. Also expand your skill sets so you never get put in such a situation to start with and can simply bail out. Majority of the Jews that died in the holocaust, died because they got attached to possessions and lacked the skills to rough it. Had they the skills to rough it in the forests and move off grid, they would have survived if they abandoned their comforts.

    I have the survival skills necessary to simply abandon my area with my pregnant wife and kids if need be and live off grid. Do you? Or are you going to be backed into a corner and have to choose death or submission?

  6. Neil Peart

    @Thomas Golladay

    I’ve actually already passed on, but I appreciate your candor. It’s obvious you care greatly about the more vulnerable among us. I’d expect nothing less from a doctor. Thank you.

  7. Eric Anderson

    “The enemy is inside the house, and he’s you.”

    Guilty. But, not as charged.

  8. Z

    I hope Trump pardons all of them. He’s the president and he invited them down on a MAGA protest mission and then he and Speed Fiend Giuliani, who was inflaming the crowd with calls of “trial by combat“, incited them to storm Capitol Hill. So they did. They did as they were told to do. By the president! It never would have happened otherwise.

    They get themselves a good lawyer and a fair judge and they might even be found innocent in court.

    D: My clients did as they were told to by the U.S. President and his spokesperson Rudy Giuliani.

    P: But they defied the orders of the cops.

    D: But who has more authority, the president or the cops?

    P: The law has the final authority. That’s what has the final say.

    D: But the president has the power to kill U.S. citizens without trial, there’s been precedent for that, so doesn’t that ultimately make the president’s power supreme?


  9. Stirling S Newberry

    We are now in the position of a nation that knows that it has allowed criminal activity from the top. We are not the first to have done so. What to do is quite simple:

    1. Get a very small list of people who will be punished.
    2. Draft a list of things that won’t be allowed in the future.
    3. Everyone else shows up for work.

  10. Thomas Golladay

    Neil Peart,

    I am a Critical Care Paramedic with additional protocols due to the Pandemic stopping my Medical Studies.

    It is what it is.

  11. nobody

    Very few countries have enough of a security presence at their legislatures to defend them against attacks by well-trained insurgents. Defending against these kinds of attacks is entirely a matter of breaking insurgent plots up before the insurgents can get to the buildings.

    The ease of the takeover shows every indication stemming from the US security establishment looking the other way because its loyalties lie with the Republican Party instead of to even the sham form of democracy that the United States practices. The writing has been on the wall on this point since at least the Comey memo, when the FBI decided to intervene in the 2016 election on behalf of Trump.

    It seems likely that there will be more antidemocratic political interventions by the security establishment going forwards. They have been emboldened and they cannot be reigned in without large-scale prosecutions and/or a purge of Republicans from their ranks. Neither option is within the Overton window.

    There will be major violence in America, and possibly a Rwandan-style genocide against Democrats. It is a matter of when, not if.

  12. Synchronicity?

    I had to force uninstall node from my computer, and it went ahead and did it’s thing. However, it sent me the warning “I sure hope you know what you are doing” while it was running.

    I did this while listening to Jeffrey Prather, some intel military guy. In his latest program, from today, he’s apparently claiming that the conflict between black hats and white hats will go kinetic, which he has been hoping would not happen.

    I agree with him that the Washington ‘riot’ had false flag elements. I’ve seen the video of the woman that was shot, and it looked completely deliberate. An execution.

    He made the claim that POTUS is not in Washington. Does anybody know if this is true?

  13. S Brennan

    So much spin, so little truth.

    So much denial, so little self reflection.

    So much selfishness, so little consideration.

    At last, the past four years of obvious, unmistakable and unrelenting bullying by the US’s cabal of elitist Rs, neoDs, media/3-letter agencies and their sycophants will end in a couple of weeks and the final dissolution of FDRs grand reformation of the Democratic Party can proceed to the polite applause of “liberals”, “progressives” & “lefties alike.

    Those, who are about to be sacrificed atop the “liberals”, “progressives” & “lefties” bonfire of vanities…we salute you!

  14. Willy

    So the next time a megalomaniacal narcissist comes round we’ll know what to do. Handy tip #1 for next time: Don’t let a buncha piled up furniture stop you at the door.

    Now what concerns me, is that these capitol invaders were all conservatives mostly looking to prevent “socialism”. I’m concerned since you know, most of us here are open to at least a little socialism. Should our own insurrection force have a stylish leader like that horned painted Qanon shaman dude? (…but smarter) I get the feeling he might be sharing a prison bunk with a huge BLM guy, minus the horns, as demanded by some PTB wanting to send a message to the other seditionists out there. Fun times ahead for our horned friend. We’ll need to be smarter than that.

    Would it be possible to redirect all that antisocialist authoritarian Trump-lover angst in a more intelligent direction?

    Me, I’d be happy if social problems were solved the old-fashioned way, with actual small gov. libertarians on the one side and actual bigger gov. progressives on the other, duking it out with actual facts-based logic and debate rules. Kinda the way we did back in high school. Would that be too hard?

  15. different clue


    If the Republicans decide to stage Rwandacausts against Democrats all over the country, the Democrats sure do make it easy by supporting Gun Control in their own hearts and lives and in the legal systems where they have control.

    If they are really afraid of Rwandacausts in their future, they can put aside their Gun Control Culture and abandon their Non-Violent Ethical Sub-Humanism. They can embrace gun culture and gun rights and legislate for gun rights freedom in all the Democrat Majority areas. They can then learn all they can about co-ordinated multi-person sustained violence-processing activity.

    They can also learn about fortification and home fortification, area denial methods and technologies, and etc. Poisons, bombs, etc. Maybe learn how to take the micro-wave elements out of microwave ovens and figure out how to turn these into amateur home-made aimable energy-weapons, etc. Maybe there are infrasound, ultrasound, etc. technologies which are amateurly weaponisable.

    If Democrats are really afraid of upcoming Republican Rwandacausts.

  16. Z

    MAGA Commander-In-Chief Trump,

    The core reason they stormed Capitol Hill was because they feared if they didn’t they’d be executed by you for treason.


  17. Z

    Remember Capitol Hill!


  18. Thomas Golladay

    From a few days ago, but the reckoning is coming. Democrats who insist on throwing fuel on the fire because they suffered a mild riot that inconvenienced them and not small business owners whose businesses were destroyed by BLM protests they incited, are hypocritical.

    But again truth no longer matters. So be it. The world will be safer if the US implodes. Let the Establishment Assholes and their Useful Idiots kill each other. When the last two mutually knife each other to death, clear the corpses and start over with more rational people you can have an adult conversation with.

  19. anon

    I just think the reason was idiotic. I would have no problems if Americans stormed the Capitol because 350,000 Americans have died of COVID and we still don’t have UBI and Medicare 4 All. People should be justifiably upset that they’ve only gotten two stimulus checks. Now that’s a good reason for going after these politicians.

  20. Hugh

    The tragedy of our time is that we know what many of the problems are and even what to do about them, and then we don’t do it. I got into blogging because of my reaction to the Iraq War. There were people who knew the region, the culture, divisions. There were people who understood the strategic and political reasons for going to war. There were people who knew how to wage a successful war. And there were those who knew what we could and could not do in its aftermath. And we, or the Bush Administration, or our political-military establishment didn’t listen to any of them. So we got lied into a war fought in an amazingly unstrategic way, followed by a brainless occupation. Sure if we had had any sense we would not have gone there at all, but it was more than that. It was knowing what not to do at every step and doing it anyway. That was not the first example in our history of what I call no-think, but it was a text book case of it.

    But now it’s like standard operating procedure. These are the public health measures you take during a pandemic? OK, let’s just forget about them or only do some of them, partially, in a fragmented fashion, or totally ignored so as to render them useless. Economic consequences? Too little, too late sounds about right. Vaccines? Wait, you actually have to organize their distribution? Who knew? Got a Capitol to protect? Let’s split it up between about 20 different agencies and put a remarkably unaware cop coasting to retirement in charge. I mean what could go wrong?

    Practically every day we get a new instance. But as bad as it is in the US, it’s not like the rest of the world is doing things right. Europe is a series of fracture lines and the EU’s second biggest economy just opted out of it. China is falling back into same imperial mistakes it’s made over the last 25 centuries. And climate change and overpopulation continue to hang over us all.

  21. bruce wilder

    maybe madness is “we have met the enemy and he is us”, maybe madness is letting narrative become completely untethered from either the bounds of actual reality or the necessity of consequences.

  22. bruce wilder

    a sensible comment from Hugh. I must lie down now.

  23. Thomas Golladay


    The funny thing about the capital is four guys were posting their plan to storm it on Twitter for weeks and posted pictures of the entire perimeter and even complete details of its layout.

    The Mayor refused offers of unarmed National Guard to boost security.

    Draw your own conclusions from that. The Establishment wants populist movements crushed and corporate power upheld. Only this time they got a small taste of what most Americans suffer every day.

  24. NR

    The attack yesterday was absolutely not a false flag, that’s just yet more right-wing bullshit.

  25. Five people people died in the Capitol riots yesterday, possibly five, one from a gunshot wound, and three from “medical emergencies”.

    In other words, in this riot, more fat old, out-of-shape white people died from the exertion of climbing up the Capitol steps than from any contact with the police.

    anon nails it ~ it was idiotic. Stupid. A boondoggle, a waste of time and energy.

    I too would have no problems if Americans stormed the Capitol because 350,000 Americans have died of COVID and we still don’t have UBI and Medicare 4 All. People are justifiably upset that they’ve only gotten two stimulus checks. This was just theater, stupid theater at that.

    And now there’s word a cop has died? That’s smart, piss off the cops … lol

  26. Craig Morris

    Insightful piece as always. I very much appreciate that Ian doesn’t go the our-democracy-is-in-peril-chest-thumping-virtue-signaling route that many are taking. The thing that astounds me is how ill advised the whole show-up-at-the-capitol move was. What did they realistically expect to achieve? What they did achieve was giving the Biden presidency a legitimacy that they said they were there to protest.

  27. Stirling S Newberry

    The Speaker of the House demanded that the head of the Capital Police step down. He did so. This is a matter of survival.

  28. bruce wilder

    The Mayor refused offers of unarmed National Guard to boost security.

    I am pretty sure the actual fact is that the mayor requested and received a contingent of National Guard unarmed to use in crowd control — a fairly routine bit of preparation for rallies and demonstrations, which are routine in DC.

    I have observed that Golladay’s take often entails one or two bizarro factoids that are exactly opposite to reality. I am not talking about interpretations at variance with the slant taken by, say, CNN, which has become itself extremely careless of objectivity or accuracy. I have been noticing instances of getting facts, not interpretation, exactly wrong to support his preferred narrative. It is disturbing.

  29. Ché Pasa

    Re: Josh Hawley

    How the would-be mighty fall edition. From It-Boy to Pariah in just a little over 90 seconds. Wow.

  30. Ten Bears

    I too have noticed a pronounced predilection to prevarication.

    Machine-like, tho, in its language, as if it were a Turing, an automaton.

  31. Stirling S Newberry

    The has been exposed to the reality in the flyoverlands. Their shocked, shocked.

  32. Ché Pasa

    Well…. don’t know for sure, but maybe the reason why Trump came up from the WH bunker long enough to tell his beloved fans that they would pay for the little dust up at the Capitol was because somebody told him that several of the Capitol Police were in critical condition and one was about to die — and did die — from his injuries. Caused by his fans.

    So let’s get on with a smooth and peaceful transition, m’kay?

    Sheesh, big problem. A lot of Rs and Trump were treating it like a lark, big fun at the expense of the politically correct weaklings , blah, blah even though someone had already died, well four had died, but oh well. However, when it’s a cop who’s died from injuries sustained in the riot (hit on the head with a fire extinguisher?), guess what? No longer fun. It can be charged as murder, and everyone involved in inciting and/or participating in the riot could be charged with murder, not just whoever did it. That includes Trump and his (still) many sycophants. And I assume someone told him and them. The 180 he did won’t be enough to save him — or them — but prosecutorial discretion and all that will probably keep them out of too much prison time.

    This is the kind of bad shit that some were warning would come if he wasn’t stopped, and he wasn’t and it came. Now what? The Dems in Congress are pathetic, I’m sorry. They are locked in behaviors of a different era and they simply can’t handle something like this. Threatening impeachment? Come on. Yelling at Pence to do something? No, not gonna happen. The faction of the ruling class they serve is bewildered and terrified. Whoever thought things would get to this point? Who could have known?

    A lot of us did. And said so. And so it’s here, and no one knows what to do, and the wheels are spinning.

    Reconciliation? Healing?

    Sure. Why not?

  33. Z

    Donald Trump made a guest appearance on this board last night just like Larry Summers did a few weeks back but his post is unfortunately gone now. Too bad, it was pretty damn funny. I suppose he hightailed it off this site just like he’s conceding and hightailing it out of the White House in twelve days and apparently leaving his MAGA POWs high and dry.

    The ragtag MAGA Army was primarily cosplaying for some Facebook photos and never expected that they’d take Capitol Hill two days ago and sadly didn’t even know what to do once they got in but to take incriminating selfies. None of them were outwardly armed that I saw though I’d imagine some were packing concealed heat.

    Give them credit though, I bet they won some votes in Congress for the $2K. They showed Congress that they weren’t as isolated from the people they do wrong to as much as they thought they were and there are people who are willing to die to get to them. Make fun of MAGA and say what you will but some of those protestors were quite willing to be shot which put the Capitol Hill police into a tight spot and caused it all to play out the way it did.

    Again, I hope Trump shows some uncharacteristic courage and pardons every one of them. They were just following orders from the MAGA Commander-In-Chief and goaded into a patriotic fervor by General Giuliani with his cries of “trail by combat” to charge Capitol Hill. And they succeeded! They took Capitol Hill. Who would have predicted that?

    Trump still has twelve days left in office so there should be enough time to squeeze in pardons and a medal ceremony for these mostly hapless heroes.


  34. GlassHammer

    Could this have happened if those that did it stuck to the media diet we had before social media?

    I suspect the answer is “No”, I think you really need to swim in political rhetoric and have it routinely reinforced by peers.

    To be clear, I am not blaming this on social media, I am just thinking about its role in this.

    I am also thinking about Robert Putnam’s book “Bowling Alone” and how online groups have filled the void left by real life community.

  35. Eric Anderson

    Hugh says: “And climate change and overpopulation continue to hang over us all.”

    I love how this always seems to get appended to the bottom of the lists of problems we all share. When, in fact, overpopulation sits right at the center of every single one of our woes.

    Rats in a cage begin to cannibalize when population pressure exceeds a certain capacity. And here we are, performing the most profound natural experiment mankind has ever undertaken — just pouring air into the balloon how much we can fit in before it pops.

    Did I mention there is no back-up balloon?

    WTF does everyone expect?

  36. Z

    Our rulers are trying to ruin Hawley over this and lay the responsibility for the citizens’ taking of Capitol Hill on him. I believe it is completely understandable that he didn’t foresee his actions of making an election challenge and waving at some protestors would play a role in this haphazard insurrection to take Capitol Hill, which was something that never happened before. The responsibility for it primarily lies with Trump and Giuliani.


  37. Stirling S Newberry

    DeVos works for corruption. She knows working corruption. Hence, she’s out of here.

    Ditto Chao.

  38. anon y'mouse

    we have a total reinforcement of Goodthink/Wrongthink.

    Dems go onto social media to trumpet that this is the result of Putin, much like the penultimate election’s results, which is an acceptable conspiracy theory that they have double-quadruple-millionth timed reaffirmed over the past four years.

    but social media/internet “brainwashed” citizens are engaging in Wrongthink to believe the last one is fishy.

    then the former will be joined by the Repubs in censoring the internet of its wrongthink. what is next, reeducation camps?
    even the supposed “real” Left is falling down on this.

  39. kråke

    The US has always been at war with itself. Slavery and genocide, it turns out, are rotten capstones.

  40. Hugh

    I think Trump may have finally learned his lesson after inciting the Capitol Hill riot. Why here’s a new tweet from him just coming in . . . . .

    “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!”

    OK, maybe not. Apparently it’s fine to riot and attack the Capitol if you are a great Trump-supporting American Patriot.

  41. CDP

    Americans are intoxicated by many myths, among them the notion of martial prowess. They take credit for the Red Army’s victory in WW2, if pressed it’d be hard for them to identify a military victory other than Grenada in the last 100 years; and as was apparent to all 2 days ago, they couldn’t defend their seat of government from an unarmed mob. Of course there are a lot of curious aspects to the last event, but I don’t think its worth wallowing in the conspiratorial. If anything the lessons of “Im-bastille day” are in the open. That is, the elites don’t have anything to fear from the mob.

    Sure it was a grand spectacle to see the rabble terrify the blue-check brigade on twitter, and even the anchors on Fox news. But that is a mob that went to start a revolution and left their guns at home, because DC doesn’t allow for open carry. While they probably demonstrated the most agency any Americans have shown since Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s, they also demonstrated that they are American(‘t)s and as such “legal fetishists”, with no understanding of power other than that of the structures which they are subject to.

    Certainly they think the election was stolen, and they are polarized, and they have a long list of grievances as all Americans should. But they can’t conceive of destroying this system that is actively murdering them. They want to rescue it the way a scorned wife would supplicate herself to an philandering husband to save a failed marriage. In many ways I pity these Magas. They did their best, and all they achieved was proving that they are pathetic.

    Fortunately for the world, while the Republic didn’t die on January 6, neither was it saved. And decay and eventual collapse will come for us. Hopefully the Chinese and Russians will handle it more adroitly than we did our “victory” 30 years ago. After all, we are the dilapidated mall of nations; but a nuclear armed mall nonetheless.

  42. Thomas Golladay

    bruce wilder ,

    I was referring specifically to Capitol Building security. Your ability to parse my writing is lacking.

    The Guard offered thousands of troops to help in security. The mayor turned it down for a few hundred to do traffic control far from the building. Trump had to order troops in.

    Bear in mind, people were posting attacking the Capitol on twitter for weeks. Tucker Carlson even pointed out Fox News was able to find these posts in seconds. They’re a news agency with nowhere near the computing and surveillance powers of the Intelligence Agencies or the FBI.

    But whatever, carry on.

  43. Jason

    “While they probably demonstrated the most agency any Americans have shown since Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s”

    Excellent! I’m enjoying the faux personalities here as well, so long as they don’t get out of hand. The humor helps take the edge off. Thank you to Ian and everyone for providing such an intelligent board.

  44. Lefty


    Define military victory. TPTB have enriched themselves at the expense of the majority of the population for decades. That may not seem like a victory to you, but rest assured TPTB don’t feel like losers. Things have generally gone according to their plans. Counting wins and losses is for the hoi polloi. New realities are being created while people continue to try to understand, and inevitably argue about, the past. In this sense, TPTB are always victorious.

  45. Hugh

    Because DC is Federal, the authority to deploy National Guard in its boundaries is supposed to come from Donald Trump. He didn’t sign off on it. The authorization eventually came after delays from Pence, and instead of the Secretary of Defense contacting the Governor of Maryland to bring in the Guard, it was the Secretary of the Army.

    Trumpers are doing everything in their power not to own their attack on the Capitol. As if they had a right to riot unless they were stopped by overwhelming force, and then glossing over that their Führer was blocking that force.

    And all this is happening as 4,085 Americans died yesterday, –dwarfing the 2,997 who died on 9-11,– because Trump just couldn’t be bothered to do his job. But because Trump, it barely gets a mention.

  46. CDP

    Lefty, you’ll find no disagreement with me here. The losing enterprise of war, or rather the non-winning perpetual enterprise of war has been a boon to the carrion eaters.

    But I think TPTB drank mightily past the point of intoxication when they won the Cold War and ended history; unfortunately reality is always sobering. Sure, they can still clip a 2.73% dividend yield with their Raytheon stock; but only because the Fed did with “money” what the Skull and Bones boys do during initiation, made an elephant walk of it. And again reality, in this case in the form of the pandemic, can’t be overcome.

    America thought broke its first historical maxim by seemingly making war a profitable enterprise (albeit by accounting gimmicks). It defied history again, by not being able to spend its way to victory (as you pointed out because victory wasn’t the point). And now the exceptional men that run the exceptional nation, run afoul of the inevitable a third time, trying to cure a disease by printing money.

    This isn’t to argue for sound money, or against mmt, or any such thing. Rather that you are correct in pointing out that TPTB have profited from war. But without actual victory, that profit is illusory.

  47. Thomas Golladay

    Pelosi’s laptop stolen. A different take on Mayor Muriel’s decision on security. Both sides are throwing gasoline on the fire, and the system is breaking down.

    The only difference is Trump Supporters are calling out the rioters and telling them they did wrong and even tried to stop the vandalizers till they gained enough critical mass to push in. The Democrats let BLM burn down neighborhoods, destroying people’s livelihoods and did not condemn it. The Capitol wasn’t burnt, a little messy, but whatever. The Congressmen got a small taste of the growing anger of the People in a system that is failing to serve them.

    When the Usurper Biden gets in, he will ramp up the security state, go back to war in Afghanistan, show BLM they were useful idiots he no longer needs, and all hell will break loose.

    Get water filters, the twilight of America has begun.

  48. S Brennan

    Oh, the hypocrisy of it all…

    For example:

    1] a. The 2016 election required an investigation that lasted 3.5 years. [With a comment approval rating north of 95%]. Millions spent with 0.0 evidence being produced..unless you count the bullshit story of $20,000 spent on “divisive” ads as a big swinger in the election…

    1] b. The 2020 election required an investigation that lasted…oops…no investigation allowed. [With a comment approval rating north of 95%]. Numerical impossibilities everywhere anyone cared to look…but ah..get over it..we need to move forward!

    2] a. NeoD organized protests of the 2016 election followed Hillary’s loss. Four solid years of protests sanctioned by neoDs, media, 3-letter agencies and even health agencies during SARS II. Violence that led to at least 27 deaths [conservatively estimated] and millions upon millions in damages. Some arrested, almost all released without charges [With a comment approval rating north of 95%].

    2] b. But when Trump protests an unarmed woman who was no threat is blindly shot in the neck [to a comment approval rating north of 95%] and Cop is injured, returns to his office where he dies hours later and Trump calls for a murder investigation. And no one here can see any asymmetry.

    3] a. NeoD’s claim that Trump is responsible for every single SARS II death, see [Hugh/Willey/10-Fluffy-Feathers comments for those DNC talking points]. To this day no prophylactic or early treatment is offered/allowed by NHI/CDC/AMA* even though we know from SARS I that many effective treatment were available*. Compounds such as Ivermectin, which has an incredibly strong correlation to resistance and disease reduction of SARS II /SARS I…[where it has been allowed to be used]. And finally, hydroxychloroquine**. Before the election, Trump’s efforts to secure a vaccine were laughed at, his claim that it would be ready by the end of 2020 was mocked, media and their followers here who comment talked about how dangerous the vaccine would be [With a comment approval rating north of 95%].

    [and this needs special mention] Ian talked about how much worse it was in the USA without noting that destination air travel in the USA is almost the rest of the world combined…and twice that, after China shut incoming and internal air traffic. The single biggest factor in the worldwide spread of the disease and the entire nation [including FOX] and not one “thought leader” could think to mention it. Trump’s efforts to shutdown air travel were universally denigrated by neoD’s [With a comment approval rating north of 95%].

    3] b. Once Biden was elected, the following week, the vaccine was announced by people who had only two weeks before claimed late spring, early summer as the release date, officials who derided Trump’s vaccine efforts shoved their way to the front of the line depriving 1st responders and elderly their chance at an early vaccine. Disgusting, particularly Alexandria Cortez’s abuse of power in shoving more deserving people aside. Based on her age group she should be one of the last…but hey, she has always been a privileged child and that her commie talk is for guileless plebeians. While neoD’s had derided Trump’s efforts to shutdown air travel, first for being racist, or ridiculous, then later when it was clear it was the right thing to do, the neoD’s morphed their story to “it wasn’t effective enough”.

    The hypocrisy of the last four years culminating in the current commentary reeks and shows a complete lack of self-awareness and presumes that people lack the mental capacity to remember what somebody said; something people with a misplaced sense of superiority often do.

    *[Indeed, I predicted here and in an email that Ian was on that SARS II would decline during the late spring and summer sunlight and return in the fall based on research of seasonal vitamin D levels in people.] This pattern demonstrates that the virus is vulnerable to effect EARLY TREATMENT. Thanks to the neoDs mantra of “politics is job #1” tens/hundreds of thousands have died and still will die until Biden’s “Task Force” discovers these dirt cheap treatments. It’ll be very-dark-humor to watch the media fawn over a group of individuals who led the nation’s single largest murdering spree for political advantage.

    **The AMA, they took many useful compounds off their banned list late 30 Oct, Friday afternoon before the election including…wait for it..hydroxychloroquine. Gotta chuckle at that, the utter hypocrisy.

  49. Thomas Golladay


    The order to bring the Guard in was signed by Trump after overruling the Generals who didn’t like the optics. Pence has no authority to call in the Guard unless Trump is incapacitated, he can only command the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate and request aid. Mayor Muriel stood down large units of police as well because she didn’t like the optics it would present.

  50. Z

    Any guesses on Speed Queen Nancy P’s laptop password?


    the first name and last four digits of her Adderall enabling doctor’s office phone number





  51. js

    I might support a failed coup attempt for the right reasons too: because 300k people have died just to maintain the system in it’s full brutality, to stop millions being evicted and ending up homeless, for immediate urgent climate action or even just demanding immediate implementation of the weak GND version now. One will never get that from the right. This is just more proof if any was needed.

    In fact dealing with the right wing’s manufactured crisis all the time, like this, an entirely manufactured crisis, makes it even more impossible to deal with Real problems and crisis. And it’s not like we were dealing with them anyway. But it drains all energy from them. This constant “look over there”, constant manufactured crisis by the right.

  52. Donald Trump

    Z’s comments get left up and mine are taken down? See, I told you Leslie, I told you, he’s treating me differently, everybody knows it, he’s treating me differently, and you don’t even see it, it’s right in front of you Leslie, and you don’t even see it. What this Ian is doing is anti-American, it’s anti-American, and we can’t have it, we can’t, and we won’t have it, we won’t, not on my watch.

    Replies: donniedondon@pusgrab.melania

  53. somecomputerguy

    I do have some relevant military experience, and your observation is correct, but not complete.

    Every and any institution you care to name is vulnerable to such violence; the White House, the Supreme Court, and the your local police department.

    Not a single one of these is equipped to resist a company (let’s say 100 or so people) of competently trained infantry, because almost nothing in a civilized society is.

    The difference between an infantry company and a police department, is that an infantry company has trained to fight as a group. That means that means that if two people are shooting, a third person is reloading. You will never see a competent infantry company just keep shooting until all of their ammunition is gone, when there is nothing to shoot at, as police do all the time.

    Our institutions are as vulnerable to organized violence as we are to individual violence. We are all always vulnerable, all the time. In a free society that vulnerability is explicit.
    All freedom of action is subject to violent abuse.

    No one should have to spend half their life training as a cage fighter just to live their lives, and no one should want to. Vulnerability to violence isn’t weakness, it is heroism, and a basic prerequisite for a free society.
    Conversely, using violence isn’t heroic, its trivial.

    If we want to be safe, we should make sure everyone has what they need, and we should understand that they and we have a right to that–it is not charity, it is what they could come and take by force if they had to.

  54. anon

    This incident could come back to bite Hawley when he runs for reelection or the presidency, but I don’t think it will hurt him significantly if he stays with his populist messaging. That would include siding with Sanders and progressives to provide $2000 stimulus checks. As the poll Ian posted shows, the majority of Republicans side with Hawley. If he supports policies that provide tangible relief to Americans, he can also win over a significant number of Independents and a small number of Democrats.

  55. Hugh

    Thomas, the Maryland National Guard could not be deployed because the chain of command needed a Trump sign-off. This did not happen. So people at the White House went outside the chain of command to Pence and again to the Secretary of the Army. All this caused delays.

    My question is why Trumpers can’t man up and own this. Instead you come up with fairy tales and excuses for why it isn’t Trump’s fault for fomenting a riot and an insurrection and why it wasn’t his fault that he did nothing to stop it. Why are you such cowards when it comes to taking responsibility? Your guys committed murder yesterday and hundreds of Federal crimes that carry serious time. But all you can do is point the finger everywhere else but at that person in the mirror. You are cowards.

  56. Video of shooting looks squirrely.

    I don’t have time to mess with this, but it looks like the shooter of Ashlie Babbit was aiming at chest level when he fired, but Ashlie had climbed onto something, and was a foot and a half into the air. Thus, the bullet should have hit her in the torso.

    There is slowed down video at . The muzzle flash is at 1:38. At 1:39, you can make out Ashli’e knee. The camera is panning to the right, probably from the same height (I assume the videographer is looking through a sighting device, but maybe not. )

    You have to wonder, also, about the motivation of the shooter (assuming he really shot her), since there were armed SWAT people literally starting about 2 or 3 feet behind her. Maybe the shooter didn’t see them.

  57. Ten Bears

    Not only pronounced predilections to prevarications but advocates for cop-killing.

    No surprise there. That thin blue line ain’t nothing but a new Confederate Flag.

    One of the dead civilians was trampled to death. By her own kind.

    But hey! Let’s talk about that national security state, aeh? You felling safe? Not too long a bunch of cavemen armed only with razors hijacked airplanes in (((the most heavy guarded airspace in the recorded history of the know universe))). Hell’s Belles just two days ago a bunch of cavemen armed with only sticks and bottles of piss over-ran the capital, put the the vice-president and entire congress at mortal risk, could well have ended the country right there (word is they were out to lynch the vp). I guess where I’m going with this is that much ballyhooed national security state don’t look so secure to me.

    Now if you’ll pardon me there’s a spot of dust on my AR …

  58. different clue

    @Donald Trump,

    Yes, but is it anti-Canadian?

  59. BlizzardOfOzzz

    Hugh, what would you like us to say about the mostly-peaceful protestors with legitimate grievances? Meanwhile, do you have anything to say about the regime thugs that you support, who murdered 2 patriotic citizens while they were petitioning for redress of grievances?

  60. Hugh

    BOO 85 years ago:

    “What would you like us to say about the mostly-peaceful protestors with legitimate grievances at at that Nuremberg rally of great German Patriots?”

    If you want to see a modern day fascist, BOO, all you need to do is to look in a mirror.

  61. S Brennan

    10-fluffy feathers;

    Please ID the person that you claim “advocates for cop-killing”. And I would ask Ian to forward your information to the FBI.

    BTW 10-F-F, you do have a rather long history of telling lies here, nevertheless, we should take your accusation seriously as it’s a violation of US law to incite murder.

    That said, should this be an attempt to file a false criminal complaint on your part that could be considered criminal as well, however, in our current political environment only those who do not support neoDs have to worry about criminal prosecution. So since you follow neoD dictata, to the letter, making a false criminal complaint is probably okay for you, perhaps, even

  62. Ten Bears

    I was trying to be polite: you are a liar SB, Tulsi, and a cop-killer.

    Go yap up someone else’s tree, pig bitch.

  63. Hugh

    Trump incited a mob that resulted in the murder of a policeman. He is just as guilty of it as a mob boss ordering a hit. So are those with megaphones inciting the crowd.

  64. Ché Pasa

    I’ve seen mention today of the “Silent 25th” — essentially cutting Trump out of the government loop without going through the formality of — ahem — dealing with non-functional Constitutional Remedies. “There’s no time,” after all. Supposedly, Pence is and has been since Wednesday, in charge of the Government. I have my doubts. I suspect, instead, that agency and department heads and sub-heads are essentially on their own to do whatever…

    Meanwhile, Nancy is going ahead with her process fetish — Impeachment Part 2. Purely symbolic, and even she knows that. But for her and much of the rest of the Gerontocracy, it’s what you do, what you’re supposed to, the way you combat the Bad, Evil, Rs. Been that way since Reagan, or maybe Nixon.

    Process will not save us. Nor will it save them.

    The System is rotten, we know that, and this amateur assault on the Seat of Government, supposedly a failure, may be more consequential than any of us knows.

    They shat in an office and tracked the brown stuff all over the place, after all. Shat! I’m sure they peed, too. (They couldn’t find the restrooms, and if they did, they couldn’t open the digital locks.)

    While Ashli might not become a martyr, the woman who was trampled to death under her “Don’t Tread on Me” flag in the Rotunda just might. The Cause, after all, needs its Horst Wessel.

    Antifa Did It!

    As for “antifa”, I have little doubt they were involved. Some were in bloc, as they say, but see, so were the Proud Bois, and others were partly in, partly out of bloc, and anyone who’s any contact with Anti-Fascists and Black Bloc knows that the first to suggest/act on violence is the cop. And there are lots of provocateurs. No doubt there were on Wednesday, too. What happened might not have been organized, but it wasn’t entirely spontaneous, either. I bet there were few or no genuine Anti-Fascist activists among the multitude, however.

    Congress is not going to be the same. I saw this happen on the state level, the fear of the public, the closing off and closing up, the security theater, the implication that The People are intrinsically a threat. Congress thought they had a sufficiently protective security bubble over them. They found out they don’t. That bubble was popped.

    So. From here we are guaranteed to see a wider and wider gulf between those who govern us and the People. As government withdraws, the warlords will come to the fore. And many Americans will welcome them.

  65. Hugh

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report covering December 2020 is out. This is the first report that gives us a view for the whole of 2020. It showed that for Total Nonfarm Jobs (that is public and private sector combined) 328,000 jobs were lost seasonally unadjusted (as in what really happened) between November and December, compared to 248,000 lost Nov-Dec 2019. In 2019 (the last non-Covid year), January to December, 5.05 million total nonfarm jobs (not seasonally adjusted) were created. In 2020, 6.376 million jobs were lost. If we use 2019, a not very good year for jobs, as baseline, this would make a public-private covid jobs shortfall of at least 11.426 million.

    For the private sector alone, 135,000 jobs seasonally unadjusted were lost in Nov-Dec. 5.529 million were lost during the course of the year (Jan-Dec) as opposed to 4.417 million gained last year. So the shortfall (the sum of these two) for private sector jobs in 2020 was 9.946 million.

    These numbers are from the larger establishment or business survey. Employment from the smaller household survey showed 590,000 fewer employed November to December. Over 2020, Jan-Dec, the number of employed declined by 7.381 million. In 2019, it increased by 3.54 million, giving a 2020 covid employment shortfall of 10.921 million.

  66. BlizzardOfOzzz

    Hugh, what is it with your Nazi fixation? Come clean, are you part-Jewish? You must be mad that the system you profess to hate is obviously so terrified by our guys, while they are so patronizing of yours.

  67. Willy

    Josh Hawley is actually an antifa double agent, owned by the plutocrats, ultimately owned by Qanon with that painted horned guy as their prophet.

    Some say follow the money. I say follow your gut. That everybody else’s gut tells them things different should only be absolute proof that they’re all wrong.

  68. Hugh

    The thing to remember about Trump is there is no bottom. He lost an election because he was a lousy President. It didn’t stop him for a second. He started scores of baseless lawsuits whose only purpose was to inflame the situation and keep himself in the spotlight. Did that stop him? Of course not. With thousands dying every day from covid, he did nothing and simply ignored it. Did that stop him? Nope. Then he went on to try to extort the Georgia Secretary of State to cook the election results in his favor. And we have it on tape. Did that stop him? No way. He invites his most rabid supporters to Washington, incites them into a mob to attack the Capitol and Congress members, and tries to block deployment of National Guard to stop them. Will this stop him? Of course not. He has 12 days left. He has lots of time to pardon himself, his family, and all his crooked cronies. He has lots of time to do something really stupid and destructive. It’s why White House staff are disconnecting him from the levers of power or simply ignoring his orders. It’s why they went to Pence to get the authorization for the release of the National Guard. It’s why Pelosi is pushing impeachment. Everyone is looking for a way to keep Trump occupied until the 20th. Everyone knows that Trump is unfit, mentally unbalanced, even his enablers and sycophants. And an impeachment gets to put Republicans on the record on whether they still support this crazed insurrectionist or not.

  69. S Brennan

    10-fluffy-feathers…again and again you lie, get caught and lie some more…so damned predictable.

    Oh…and I love watching you resort to misogynistic insults…yes, you are a true “liberal”…[and DC if you are reading this, when I use liberal in quotation marks, I am being satirical*].

    10-f-f, I literally laugh at your open display of misogyny. Tell me, is that where your “academic career” fell down, your inability to hide your blatant bigotry? Hah..hah. Did you tell too many sexist jokes at faculty meetings…didn’t you know to hide your true feelings…hee..hee, looks like somebody had a self-control problem..huh? Too funny…really.

    *A true liberal has my respect, but people who call themselves liberal today are largely closed-minded, neoD party careerists who want to signal their virtue while privately engaging in the same selfish behavior that they decry in others. Don’t believe me, just look at their tax returns, nothing but “business deductions” for yachts, club memberships, vacations, 2nd/3rd homes**.

    **Which interestingly, Trump took away from them..wanna see Chuck Schumer foaming at the mouth, watch him talk about having his/his donors favorite tax deduction taken away. I look for a “Tax Reform Bill” out of him in the 1st 100 days that returns the loophole that finally returned some tax burden to the 1 %.

  70. Arthur

    I have said it before and I will say it again: What we are seeing is the very beginning of the break up of the United States. Of course, how that will play out and the length of time it will take is anyone’s guess. If history is a gauge empire breakup takes a bit of time. The more I watch the unfolding opinions on this situation the more confused I become. Depending on the spokesperson/writer it can be viewed as the most terrible threat to humanity in forever or insane comic opera. Check out the far right ravings of the Catholic website Lifesite and one will learn that four years of darkness await us, complete with persecution, imprisonment, and mass executions of the faithful. Sam Kriss has a hilarious article much closer to reality. In any event, here we are now.

    If as some democrats say the republicans are planning mass violence it’s commonsense for democrats to prepare to defend themselves. Of course, many are, but too many are relying on those tried and true responses of call your congressmen and carry a picket sign. If the threat is so real that seems like a tepid response. I say one could reasonably do both. Well, to each his own.

    Finally, there is no talking to the Trumpers and there never will be. Education won’t work because this group of folks has rejected education for the last. . .well, forever. For all his faults I’m glad Biden won, if only for the brief break he might give the country. But make no mistake, a brief break is all we will get. The lines are drawn, I’m afraid. The country, which never really was that united, will not even be able to fall back on the mythology of a UNITED States.

  71. Hugh

    “there is no talking to the Trumpers”

    Well, we need to try, but when they make up stuff and recite it as absolute truth or repeat some conspiracy theory that would embarrass a Flat Earther, the best thing to do is just make fun of them. They hate their fascist cant to be called fascist, or to be treated like the idiots they are acting.

  72. Thomas Golladay

    The purges have begun and as usual are counter-productive. You back people into a corner, you make their choice for them.

    My mother who backed Biden even believes he will actually do stuff to help, never mind he had a filibuster proof Congress for several months in 08 and neither he or Obama did anything. Reagan had a Democratic Congress and he bitch slapped them in line with his goals, so Obama has no excuse for his inaction. Biden will do nothing substantive, he will pour gasoline on the fire, and people will be shocked, shocked I say at his inaction and fecklessness.

  73. VietnamVet

    The US government stopped working. Donald J Trump, the Pandemic and Depression floored it. Multi-nationals got what they paid for. Identity politics turned into a color revolution. On January 6, 2021 the first shots were fired in the second civil war. DC will commence putting up concrete blast barriers turning the capital into Baghdad on the Potomac.

    Capitol Police were unprepared because this is a war between brothers and sisters. It is not us against others. This is not the for-profit war on Islam. The police were unprepared to fight themselves. Likewise, the protestors were unprepared to seize the Capitol. The woman killed climbing the barricade was a 14-year Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. The endless wars have come home to roost.

    Neither of the political parties recognize the grievances of working Americans (the precariat gig economy) nor that this is now a multi-polar world. There is absolutely no sign that either political party sees reality. There is no movement to restore the rule of law for all and government by and for the people not corporations. Instead, politicians will maintain the status quo to keep getting reimbursed. Donald Trump will be silenced but to no effect. Without a 21st century New Deal and a functional public health system to control coronavirus and end the depression, a charismatic authoritarian will replace him and will succeed next time.

  74. Eric Anderson

    Another take:

    Trump was railing, in real time, on Pence on twitter.
    Pence was one of the first ones Secret Service suddenly grabbed and got out of there while he was about to seal Trump’s fate. There also seem to be insider reports of trump being basically unhinged, and unreachable, by staff during same time frame.
    Then boom, general evac, and shortly after goons entering with zip ties.

    I think he was going to let it go, but an insider dropped the dime on his ‘unreachability’ during the crisis. Theoretical plan failed, Trump then goes out and tries to placate the crowd and the troops show up. He set it up for maximum awkwardness like he always does, and then was going to sit back and see what fell out of it that he could use to his maximum benefit. All the while, drawing a tighter and tighter circle of brownshirts to him.

    He’s a classic bully. They don’t long range plan well b/c they’ve never needed to in their past. Bullies are opportunists. They rough you up and opportunistically steal what falls out of your pockets.I suspect he’ll be working to benefit from what fell out of his shakedown for some time to come.

  75. Hugh

    Trump loses an election and starts an insurrection. The Trumper reaction? It’s Biden’s fault.

    I don’t know of anyone here who has any illusions about Biden. But Trump has been pouring gasoline on every fire he could find or start for four years so it is beyond lame that a Trumper is suddenly worried about Biden pouring gasoline anywhere.

  76. Frank GStmaly

    The fact that the capital was undefended was due to a lack of serious intelligence gathering, & the fact that the DC mayor and most of the Feds did not want a repeat of last summers engagements. Acting on intelligence is supposed to be an executive branch thing, but really when has trump ever put any effort into anything. The real issue is a few politicians knew all of this and just let it play out. Ask Gaius Julius Caesar if politics is not a blood sport. There’s at least 3 levels of chess being played out here. Trump gone ‘cause the oligarchs have had enough of him. Biden isn’t going to rock their boat. Oh, least I forget of the 127 people arrested so far all have a $100k income or more. Not exactly the downtrodden we are talking about here. COSbois playing combat. To be clear 75 million votes for trump out if a population of 350 million, is 21% of the population. If only have 1/2 agreeing to ongoing GOP stupidity that’s 1 in 10. Not much of a fearsome horde.

    Indeed we are a country that can’t get anything done, at all. This doesn’t bode well. But if it can’t be monetized then it never will in this incarnation. No one, has in history, ever given the poor and working classes anything. It’s only when the middle class has that final bit taken away does really change occur. I say simply, & regret there will be blood.

  77. GlassHammer

    “the best thing to do is just make fun of them” – Hugh

    How much consideration do you give insults from people you hate and/or distrust?
    Probably little to none I would wager. Well they think that way too.

    If you wanted to bring them back into the fold then they would need to know there is a path to forgiveness and acceptance. You would need to let them know through actions. That said, you would need to earnestly want them back. If you force this while you still disdain them or pity them then it won’t work.

    It all hinges on two questions, “Did they screw up in a way I could see myself screwing up?” and “Could the screw up be fixed?”

    It’s hard as hell to get past the first question and sometimes you just can’t do it. But until you can get past it, the second question remains unanswerable and your ability to help is cut off.

    For the record I can’t move past those questions very often, in fact it’s pretty rare and it takes a long time when it does happen.

  78. different clue

    @Bruce Wilder,

    I don’t know if new commenter Thomas Golladay is a True Believer or a very skilled and very high concept troll. It is certainly brazenly slick of him to regret the general disregard for truth on all sides in hopes that we will not notice his own disregard for truth.

    But is he one of Trump’s millions-in-mid-psychotic-break? Does he believe in the Stolen Election Hoax as truly as the PKKKs believe in the Trump Russia Collusion Hoax?

    Sometimes he says things that seem designed to elicit a troll-feeding response. The Holocausted Jews of Europe could all have saved themselves if only they would have had what it takes to leave their homes and go live in the woods? Does he really believe that? That many Jews? That little woods? With a whole German Army ready to comb the woods or burn it down to get them all anyway?

    He has the ability to save himself and his family by going offgrid to live in the woods? Really?
    For years at a time?

    I think he is here to just wind us up.

  79. Thomas Golladay

    Well Twitter is done, youtube will survive as its diversified into its own production company so long as they produce non-woke stuff people will watch. Otherwise Rumble will take up the torch and regional companies will take up the foreign content on Youtube.

    There is no going back. Biden successfully stole the election with establishment GOP help so the Forever Wars can continue. Given the Revolutionaries who kicked Britain out of the 13 Colonies only composed less than a third of the population of the Colonies, 5 million armed Trump Supporters going to war will utterly cripple the Country. If all they do is hit transformers, this country can’t function.

    So be it. The world will be safer if the nation collapses.

  80. Thomas Golladay

    @different clue

    I don’t care what you think. And you don’t care what I think. Facts are still facts, Biden stole the election and the Establishment GOP helped him to do it by blocking Transparent Audits and preventing evidence from being shown in Court by saying they lack Standing to sue and overriding lower courts who let evidence to be shown, stopping the discovery process. Governors sent their Legislatures home and refused their request to re-convene. Counties refused Legislature Subpoenas to Audit the results and shredded ballots in violation of the law.

    You are a useful fool for the Establishment. You deserve them.

  81. Z

    Bullshit Alert! Bullshit Alert!

    Frank GStmaly with this gem …

    Oh, least I forget of the 127 people arrested so far all have a $100k income or more.

    Oh really, Frank? So, they already know the income information for all 127 people who have been arrested and that’s been divulged to the public? Wow! That’s interesting. So, when you get arrested these days, do they require you to supply your most recent W-2 so they can track the income demographics of the accused or do they just pull that straight off of the IRS website and then disclose it to the public?

    Jerry P. Carter of Maryville, AK was arrested Thursday afternoon for auto theft, age 39 and 2020 income of $35,236.49, and arraigned early Friday morning …


  82. ella

    Recent events are just another skirmish in Post-bellum Redemption. Plantation society and its aristocrats have morphed a bit into upper middle class white society, explaining the high income aspects of the rowdies that flew to DC and got rooms at the Willard. As in the 1880s and beyond, they borrowed the rough manners of the white lower classes to seize the power they believe they are, by ancestry and heritage, entitled to. How ironic that the attempted seizure of the national government happened on the day that a Negro and a Jew became Senators, and from one of the Confederate states. I recommend that you never forget the history which is not repeating but is definitely rhyming in recent days.

  83. js

    They should launch a full investigation of what happened. And launch a full investigation of white supremacists in the capitol police force and fire them all, and jail the active accomplices to the coup, and then they can do it nationwide, remove white supremacists from the police forces nationwide which they have been infiltrating.

    They need to clamp down on media but not in a way that imperils free speech at all, but within the capacities the federal government has to regulate t.v. and radio, bring back the fairness doctrine. Social media is more difficult, there is anti-trust is maybe about all.

    With the Dems we have? Yes, I know. They are going to roll over. It’s sometimes seems we need to redo Reconstruction.

  84. different clue

    @Thomas Golladay,

    Thank you for your interest in my comment. I am always happy to hear from you. Please let me know if you have any other concerns.

  85. Z

    It looks like “Nothing is going to fundamentally change” Biden is changing his tune a scant two days after the mostly cosplay insurrection:

    A very significant statement from Joe Biden: “We should be investing in deficit spending in order to generate economic growth.”

    He notes that borrowing rates are low and says there’s a need for an economic infusion now.

    See how that works? They put some much deserved fear in the politicians who piss all over us and now all of a sudden they’re feeling our pain, or at least pretending to.

    I hope Trump pardons everyone of those insurrectionists.

    How about a little “let’s look forward and not look back” for the people for a change …


  86. S Brennan

    I don’t always agree with b, [about 85% of the time I do], as a consequence, I have been banned [and recently un-banned], that said, his blog shows a differing opinion from what is almost universally acclaimed in this sea of propaganda we are forced to swim in. Worth a read.

  87. Hugh

    GlassHammer, Trumpers don’t respond to facts, logic, or evidence. With them, they start with their conclusions and make it up as they work their way backwards. Lies, rumors, conspiracy theories are repeated as if they were absolute truths no matter how many times they’ve been debunked, There is no way to get through to them except laughing at them. So I laugh. If I’m being told the equivalent that the Martians stole the election for Joe Biden, and everyone knows it, laughter is the best response. That it drives them nuts is icing on the cake.

  88. Willy

    It’s like with climate change denial. They know they can’t attack the one and only scientific argument, CO2 from humans, so they try to gum up the works with hundreds of plausibilities and conspiracy theories. Besides seeming dishonest to me, it seems desperate. And a little batshit crazy too.

    I try to get them to demonstrate absolute and conclusive proof from a reliable source. Not Dr. Steve Turley or some disgruntled layman claiming to have stayed in a hotel for scientists, once.

    Prove to us that China, Bill Gates, Hugo Chavez, Smartmatic, Pence, Pelosi, Soros, the Clintons, the Bushes, thousands of election representatives from every possible party, state judges and national judges like Diana Ross and the Supremes Court… are all in cahoots together and in such secret that a kraken wouldn’t possibly know where to be unleashed. Prove it with credibility.

    I do agree with calling them terrorists, even though there are scores of videos taken by the “protesters” themselves, where they openly talk of finding and killing Pence and Pelosi, wearing “CIVIL WAR” shirts, the rebirth of the confederacy and Nazism, destroying our Capitol, Qanon, and violent revolution… while erecting crosses and wearing horns. We must not hurt their feelings. Instead, I’d call them brainwashed yahoos with too much anti-socialist angst on their hands.

  89. NR

    Facts are still facts, Biden stole the election

    This is the exact opposite of facts, as has been proven to you over and over and over again, and yet you continue to insist on spreading lies. It’s really pathetic.

  90. S Brennan

    Above NR,

    One our election year political hacks says, that the election was beyond reproach [a first in American history !] and that factoid has “has been proven over and over and over again” even though this election, unlike the last election, which was investigated for almost four years, has never seen any adjudication other than it’s neoD beneficiaries stating that it was beyond question and that no investigation should be allowed.

    Stalin would be proud of NR and his crowd.

  91. Hugh

    Yes, NR, drink some of that SB kool-aid, and you’ll see the election was stolen. You’ll also see some very pretty shining sparkle ponies too.

  92. NR

    S Brennan,

    This election was adjudicated over 60 times. Try again.

  93. different clue

    Here is some newly released footage of the Unhappy Campers at the Capitol Site. They kind of don’t look like antifa-type people to me.

  94. Willy

    I challenge S Brennan.

    The next time he goes to a Trump rally/protest/revolution of any kind, that he wears a coat with a very conspicuous “FDR” printed on it, with a picture of FDR under it. Bonus points if he wears a cap with the text “Tulsi Gabbard” on it.

    And please, when you post us your obligatory “selfie with a cop”, be sure we can see all your smiling friends and their MAGA hats, confederate flags and neo-Nazi Proud Boy paraphernalia.

    The rest of us need to know that we’re all in this together.

  95. js

    A lot of those people seem goofy.

    But was it really just cosplay?

    And then there is the reported pipe bombs.

  96. kj1313

    I love the lies coming out of Trumpers mouth stating antifa were the cause of this. The same Trumpists who for weeks were stating it out in the open that they were going to storm the Capitol building whether on Parler, 4chan, the Donald etc etc etc And the rw echo chamber will always lie to take the heat off from themselves if they’re put in a bad light. What’s even dumber are so many of them were livestreaming themselves committing the act because their brand is to be Trump loyalists for whatever social media clout and payday they get. Truly the dumbest timeline with the dumbest President.

  97. different clue

    I have stumble apond some interesting You Tube talk-segments by someone calling himself Beau of the Fifth Column. He sounds to be from somewhere in the Mid-South. He is an anti-Trump speaker with a smallish You Tube following. He keeps his voice down and seems calm.

    Here is a sample.

  98. Willy

    Beau seems the intelligent “show me” southerner who isn’t easily fooled. Dusty Smith from Mississippi is similar, though somewhat more backwoods. His analysis of the many obscure videos he finds from the world of the reactionary conservative is pretty common sensical.

  99. someofparts

    Arthur – Thanks for the Sam Kriss link. It’s on my blogroll now.

    diff clue & Willy – Don’t be too quick to assume the pleasant guy in the video is rural. He would blend right in at a backyard barbecue in the bluest of blue neighborhoods in Atlanta.

  100. Ché Pasa

    So among the cosplayers and Trump-fest revelers at the Capitol Dustup were real golpistas who had been openly planning for months to storm the Capitol, take hostages, and perhaps perform acts of “trial and execution” of members of Congress and even the Vice President of the United States of America (LLC) in order to get their way.

    They didn’t succeed. It may have been a “failure by strategy” however, in that the point may have been to show themselves and let it be known that they had every intention of ultimately prevailing.

    Given how sclerotic and nearly-nonfunction our governing class is, they might just, too.

    I note with interest that Nancy doesn’t seem to think the events of Wednesday are enough of an emergency to immediately introduce impeachment 2 resolutions. Monday is soon enough, no? And of course, nothing can be voted on before Wednesday next. And then of course the Senate will cavil and huffnpuff, and then, well, “We did what we could…” Process above all!


    For most of us, of course, life goes on, sputtering and coughing. For ever greater numbers of us, life does not go on, however. The list of folks we know who have died during the pandemic or who have had the disease is growing longer and longer. And it will keep growing whether there is a successful overthrow of the diseased and rotten government in DC or no.

    Apart from Power, raw and naked, what do the golpistas want?

  101. kråke


    Murder-LARPers has a better ring, no?

    And what do they want?

    That’s easy. They keep yelling it to anyone who will listen. A mobbed up New York Copperhead making brown people pay for being uppity.

  102. StewartM

    Z– a lot of the gear that was on display wasn’t cheap. Moreover, exit polling show that Trump won the over $100,000 a year vote and lost the vote of those making < $100,000 a year. A lot of those guys had money, or were being supported by people who did have lots of money.

    Here's a video of the guy with zipties to use as handcuffs dressed in full military gear at the Grand Hyatt. Do you think he's poor?

    There were also Republican officials and prominent party members from various states amongst the rioters. There was the son of a New York superior court judge present.

    Trailer park people, by contrast, don't even have the $ to travel to DC, let alone stay at ritzy hotels.

    The attack was as successful as it was, I think, as the defenses were deliberately made too weak to resist. If you want to assassinate a leader, as one saying goes, you don't have to corrupt his/her guard, just make sure it's not there at the key time. That almost happened; the rioters were minutes away from getting to the Chambers to take hostages, and possibly execute them.

    Let's compare the BLM protest this past summer in DC vs the Trump Coup attempt:


    1 block away from the White House
    No attempt to breach building
    5,000 National Guard mobilized
    289 arrests


    Broke into Capitol apparently plans to execute Congresscritters
    Offices vandalized and property stolen, one officer killed
    Pipe bombs planted
    Only 340 National Guardsmen on-hand (and late coming, due to the refusal of Trump's new stooge appointees in the Pentagon to release them)
    82 arrests

    And for those who think "this wasn't a coup", there's this scene of Trump's allies in the White House bunker watching on the Teevees the unfolding events:

    This was a coup attempt, pure and simple, and I see some here are still in "protect-Trump-at-all-costs" denial. It was to be their Reicshstag Fire.

    Nor are things over.

  103. Mark Level

    “Apart from Power, raw and naked, what do the golpistas want?”

    Easily answered, as they have repeatedly. They want a God-Emperor, a bloated white “strongman” who is always right about everything, never “Loses” (thus he couldn’t have lost the election to the empty suit Biden, that last point viz Joe one of the few points where they contact reality. Trump did Lose, but to a Nonentity, as his shtick got old.) Trump is the Great White Daddy they wish for, looting and lying endlessly, including from them, but he gets away with it because they identify with the Fuhrer, they vicariously feel they ARE Him, just as Germans screwed by losing WWI with their earlier, maybe less narcissistic if not noticeably less insane version did.

    Poor in the closet Ms. Lindsey gets trashed in the airport for belatedly jumping ship. Even Betsy deVos jumps ship days after Trump pardoned her brother’s mass-murdering minions.

    The Dems will do little or nothing like they always do, they might prosecute a few of the ringleaders or give them light plea deals, assuming that local prosecutors or the Putschist’s sympathizers in the FBI, local Police Departments etc. don’t deliberately fuck up any arrests or prosecutions in advance.

  104. Mark Level

    Apart from the obvious Trolls, TG & SB etc. who many others have called out, I continue to appreciate the comment board here for a generally intelligent take.

    The biggest red flag I see above comes from those saying give Hawley a 2nd chance as he has sided with Bernie on $2K checks.

    Let’s recall our history– the German Reich was taken over by National “Socialists”– the Socialist feint was quickly dropped to serve Capital, as right wingers always do. Also, pencil-neck Hawley throwing his little fist in the air just before the Capitol attack is a reminder about aspirational fascists, little men (a la Wilhelm Reich and others’ psychological observations) who want to picture themselves as powerful killing-machines. Charlie Kirk and plenty of other wannabes are seen on the right fringes playing the same overcompensation game.

    These people have no human decency, they are hungry ghosts who will do anything to feed the endless void inside them, just like Dear Leader Trump . . . btw, sorry for 2x bringing in the Nazis in commentary but at this time sadly it is evidently relevant. But as several commenters note above, America is no longer the competent machine that FDR, Truman et al ran in the 40s to 50s, much less the orderly, obedient “good Germans” who made up the Reich when it began. It is a failed state of disconnected alienated denizens of Social Media dominated by an increasingly small, insular and uncaring Ruling Class which has little idea of what pain the majority of the populace now feels.

    At least the good news is– if Joe and his Obama style Cold Warriors attempt to get the global War and Terror Machine up and running to attack the Chinese, Iranians or whomever, that will be a massive FAIL and will hasten the end of US Gov’t. 1.0 which we all see coming.

  105. Anon

    Spot on, Ian. You are correct is your assessment. I suspect that someone like Dimitri Orlovsky is having himself a smug and smirky time right now, but for us who have to live here and deal with what’s coming, there’s nothing funny or ironic about it. It sucks.

  106. different clue


    I used to read Dmitri Orlov before he paywalled himself. He did some good work at the time.
    I too feel confident that he is laughing and smirking.

    He is a Russian Nationalist. He may live long enough to see 500 million Chinese and 500 million Indians seek to move to Russia to escape the Global Hotting. And the parts of Russia which the Russian elites dream will turn into a tropical paradise will probably turn into a burn barrel instead. I hope Orlov lives long enough to see it. It would be amusing to see him laughing out the other side of his ass when that happens.

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