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The pictures on the sidebar are mostly from Flickr.

The raven on a branch is by Gavatron.

The two ravens in flight are by Sergey Yeliseev.  I had originally thought I might use Hugin and Mugin, Odin’s ravens thought and memory, as the site’s themes. The raven pictures are a nod at that.

The red sunset is by Salvadhor.  A bloody sunset seems appropriate to much of what I write, unfortunately.

The picture of a plate is of a man consulting with the Oracle at Delphi. This was (and is) my author’s logo at Firedoglake.


The picture of Clio, Euterpe and Thalia (muses of history, music and comedy/idyllic poetry) a painting by Eustache Le Sueur, the photo is by erikarivera1019.

The Sepia White Rose is by Donna62.

The Black and Red Rose is by Twoblueday.

The Purple Rose with Raindrops is by louisacatlover.

The Black Angel is by Sy Parrish.  Many beautiful angels are to be found in graveyards, and on Flickr.  Sadly the others I saw were not sized correctly for the sidebar, and I’m somewhat graphics impaired.